The redhead knew that she would not win, how would she when she was to go against the great and mighty Pyrrha Nikos. That did not mean she would not put up a fight not when the sponsorship to Beacon academy was in the air.

It was her dream, ever since his father was killed by a roaming pack of Beowolves, to join the fight against the creatures of Grimm, and if she had to fight her way through thousands of hurdles, then she would, without hesitation.

This one was no exception, and so, she ran towards her foe

Her axe sliced the air, only to meet the shield the Amazon warrior carried, the shotgun shell did nothing to help her, as the opponent shoved the weapon away a few moments before the shot.

Her second axe did not help either, blocked by Pyrrha's own weapon, and shoved away again before shooting started.

She flew through the air, the shield the Amazon wielded having smashed against her, but she managed to stop herself before reaching the edge of the platform, a certain disqualification, and tried to block the swing by her opponent.

It was useless, the strength of Pyrrha was greater than hers, and she was unceremoniously pushed out of the platform.


So that was it huh, she could only hope that the headmaster of the academy would see talent in her, enough that it would drive him to offer her a place in the student body.

"How much do you want to be a huntress?"

And just then she knew, that she had made it in.


The faunus had to dodge the feathers of the Nevermore, after all, one single prick could turn into an infection that could kill him.

He was an eagle faunus, a really rare breed, as most tended to stay within the mammal realm.

He was special, and he knew it, but he was also less than his ancestors were, less human on one side of the family, less faunus on the other.

Once upon a time, his father's family had been one with the birds in the sky, their bones just like a bird's, their muscles just as strong, and their lungs just as capable. Now the only thing that allowed them to fly was their wingspan and a very strong air semblance, the two trademarks of their family, the two genes that remained undiluted.

He took out his carbine, shooting straight into the screeching mouth of the Nevermore, making it bleed a fair amount from the mouth, but not enough to kill it. Which was why he was going to stab it through the brain.

The Grimm was not expecting this, and reacted too late to snap at the faunus, too late to save itself the sensation of a blade running through it's mouth and into it's skull. Great, he would have to clean the carbine when he got home, and here he was thinking that perhaps he would get a nice, relaxing day.

"Impressive, I don't think I've ever seen a man take down a Nevermore like that," A voice greeted his landing, "Then again, I don't think bird faunus are common, do you?"


His sniper rifle went off, taking down a member of the White Fang with it.

"How many more of them are there?" he heard one of his squad mates ask. He did not answer.

He was protecting a cargo of dust from a small time company, his contract stated that he would either make sure the cargo arrived complete or he would receive no payment. He was not really eager to try and see whether that was true or not.

He was the epitome of a long ranged fighter, with a 20-20 vision that only faunus could best, and reflexes that rivalled even those possessed by feline faunus. It showed right now. Spitting bullets at a rate that few snipers could hope to match, every shot he took brought down one target, and if he was down there on the front-line, his spear would be smeared with blood.

He was not, however, one to look at the corpses he left behind, so fighting down there would leave him not only bloody, but with a very bitter taste in his mouth.

"That's the last of them!" he sighed and holstered his sniper, jumping from the roof as he did so.

"They're getting bolder," He commented, kicking over a body to see what had taken him down, "Soon stunners won't be enough"

"Hey, don't touch them, the less injury they have, the lighter the police are going to go on us."

So they set off again, and reached the warehouse where the cargo was to be dropped off.

"Interesting concept weapon, I don't think I've seen a sniper combined with a spear before, normally high recoil weapons like that are combined with scythes."

"Where's the boss man?" he asked, ignoring the statement about his weapon.

"In his office, but tell me, how would you like to join my school?"


His life was simple. Wake up in the morning, bring the chicken of the day, kill some of the Grimm that decided that his village was a good place to spend the night and the the inhabitants would make good food, take all the bones, sell the meat, refine his armor, and go back to his family in time for tea. Then he would have a fist fight with some idiot that started hitting on his sister, and go to the local clinic to get the pain medicine to make it through the night.

It was a routine, a boring one, but it kept everyone alive.

Now if only he could convince his parents to let him join a Huntsman academy. Don't get him wrong, it was nice living in a small village, where he was friendly with everyone except those that tried to hit on his sister, but his sister was starting to kick ass on her own, and would probably be joining in the daily hunt for Grimm.

He sat down to clean his weapon, a masterpiece, if he was allowed to say it himself.

A three barrelled SMG with a rotation system between them that fired fire natured dust at an incredible rate, with a raw damage output that could knock out an Ursa Mayor with only one clip, and could just as easily transform into a bladed tonfa, to deliver devastatingly hard blows to whoever he fought.

It was enhanced by his aura, of course. His semblance, combustion, made the weapon have a very high chance of explosions whenever he hit something, and his free hand was always ready to deliver another explosive punch to finish a battle.

"Ah, son, come here, professor Ozpin was telling me about his school, I suppose you are now old enough to join it"

And just like that, he could say from the bottom of his heart, that he loved his parents.