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It was cold and cloudy night in Arendelle for Princess Anna, something was keeping her awake she couldn't seem to fall asleep, so she got up and thought about walking around the castle to try and clear her mind a bit, but instead, she thought against it and decided to go see if Elsa would open the door for her, but that has never happened before but tonight she was willing to give it a try even though it never works.

When she reached Elsa's door she knocked ever so slightly, hoping Elsa would hear it.

"Elsa please open the door i-i just wanna talk but I understand if you don't it's not like you ever let me in any way" Said Anna as she turned her back to walk away but heard a click in the door's lock and saw Elsa step out of the room.

Anna couldn't believe what was happening, her heart started to beat rapidly in her chest as she ran towards her sister, wanting to give her a warm hug but as she was running she wasn't going anywhere her legs where just going back and forth like running on ice with roller blades, immediately Anna knew that this was a dream and not the real deal because she started to see a vision of herself and Elsa when they were young but it looked like Elsa was making snow hills that she was apparently jumping on until a worried look on Elsa's face became apparent, Anna saw Elsa saying something but couldn't hear a thing, until Elsa slipped and fell, Elsa tried to get up as fast as she could and shot a blast of magic ice at her that hit Anna in the face.

"Argh! What was that" Anna asked herself, she was panting heavily as she shot up in her bed with a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. "I need some water" Anna thought while getting out of her queen size bed and out the door towards the castle's kitchen to get a drink of water, she passed her sister's room hoping that the door would open like in her dream, but when she passed the door she heard a click this time she knew it wasn't a dream as she went closer to the door and touched it everything became black.


Jack was flying through the sky towards the North Pole.

"I wonder how this will be. It is the first time the guardians have decided to get together for at least once a year so we don't become strangers towards each other" Jack thought, as he descended from the sky and into North's workshop, instantly gaining a view of his friends.

"Hey, what's up guys" Jack said, looking at everyone that he considered family which was 'North who is Santa Claus' for those who don't know, 'Tooth the Tooth Fairy', 'Bunny the Easter Bunny' and last but not least 'Sandy the Sandman'

"Hey Jack how are it's been such a long time what? Half a year?" Squealed Tooth, happily as she smiled at him.

"Ya it was half a year ago considering you have been around for what 420 years give or take it shouldn't have felt that long" Said Jack with a look of amusement on his face.

"I know it felt like...forever!" Said Tooth while exaggerating the last part and putting her face uncomfortably close to his.

"Ya" Jack said while moving his face away and walking towards bunny and giving him a sharp nod which he returned and continued walking on to North.

"North what are we going to do today?" Asked Jack.

"Well, I haven't gotten that far yet" Admitted North, while rubbing the back of his head.

"Ok so what do you guys think we should do for today?" Asked Jack, while looking at Tooth and then at Bunny.

"Why are you looking at me mate?" Asked Bunny.

"No reason" Said Jack with a sheepish look on his face.

"Oh no you don't, I know that look what is it, spit it out Jack" Said Bunny with a death glare itched to his face.

"Ok" Said Jack, giving in. "Well you look a tad bit orange…" Admitted Jack, hoping Bunny would get it, which he did. "Why you no-good-dirty-snow-making-guardian" Said Bunny, for those who do not know, here is what happened, Jack was strolling through town like he always used to until he heard a weird sound, being the amazing guardian he is, he went to check it out and burst out laughing after a couple of seconds, he saw Bunny busy talking to a carrot before eating it.

"Ha-ha, you should have seen your face" Jack said while wiping an invisible tear away from his eye, Bunny was glaring daggers at Jack, seriously if looks could kill Jack would be six feet under already.

"So what are we gonna do" Asked Jack looking around at his friends/family.

"Well I know what I am going to do" Said Bunny as he pulled up an invisible sleeve and lunged towards Jack but was caught by North in mid-air. "Slow down Bunny no need for violence" Said North.

"Easy for you to say mate" Said Bunny still angry at Jack.

"I have an idea" Said Tooth, as all eyes turned to her.

"I say we go visit Jamie, it has been a while since we saw him" Suggested Tooth, waiting for an answer. "Ok, why not" Said Jack while looking towards the others and getting collective nods from everyone in the room.

"So it's decided, we are heading to Jamie, I wonder how his been doing?" Wondered Jack.

"Well what are we waiting for!" Said North with quite a bit of enthusiasm as he took out the snow globe and threw it on the floor and it opened up, but something went wrong and it started to pull them in and the next thing the guardians saw was darkness that enveloped their vision.

When Jack opened his eyes he was amazed because he had never seen anything like this before. Looking around he saw bunny started to stir, and then next was North then Tooth but Sandy looked like he was still sound asleep. Jack started to get up but felt a bit nauseous because of the rough trip.

"Aw mate…what just happened?" Asked Bunny while rubbing his head "I don't know" Answered Jack "But this place is amazing"

Looking to his left and right it looked like it never ended, it just went on and on like it stretched out for an eternity, but looking up there seemed to be some type of floating roof with no support beams, it amazed everyone to no end but there was nothing else in there besides them.

"Wow this places is beautiful" Said Tooth while gawking at the sight of the mysterious world.

"Wow where is this place?" Asked North.

"Forget that how are we going to get out here, with us trapped in here pitch will go running around causing pain and misery" Said Bunny, reminding everyone the cruel reality that they were faced with.

"Oh no we have to get out of here North try and use your snow globe" Said Jack, naming the first idea that popped into his head. North was busy trying to take it out until they heard something.

"That won't be necessary" Said a voice. Looking around furiously trying to pinpoint the sound of where voice came from.

"You don't have look around so frantically, I will just step into the light" Said the mysterious voice, until a shadow started to form and turn into a person that looked around 17 years old with brown eyes and short brown hair, he was about as tall as Jack maybe taller in everyday clothing brown pants with a black shirt and Nike sneakers on and a leather jacket.

"Hi my name is Ricardo" Said the person now identified as Ricardo.

"Ok ahh...Ricardo...well we would like to know how to get out" Asked North while pointing at the ground, meaning the place they seemed to be trapped in.

"Well you don't have to worry because I control everything in here" Said Ricardo. "That's great than you can let us out" Said North with a new bounce in his step. "Well I would but why would I bring you here if I was just going to let you go again?" Asked Ricardo.

"Wait wait wait, how exactly did you get us here mate?" Asked Bunny with a look of disbelief plastered on his face, how could this normal looking kid get them here…where ever here is.

"Well you see my father made machine that could create empty space that you could mould to your desire, any place even your own universe or as you can see pull someone out of their universe, don't ask me how, quantum physics isn't my strong side" Said Ricardo.

"Wait wait wait" Repeated Bunny "You brought us here why? We need to get out of here or a really bad guy will try and hurt people without us there to stop him" Said Jack.

"Well it is rather simple and just look behind you" Said Ricardo as he pointed to the back. When the guardians turned around they were shocked but became angry really fast.

"What is he doing here?" Snarled Bunny as chains appeared and bound Pitch down. "See full proof" Grinned Ricardo.

"And well I have brought more actually" Said Ricardo "Hello Skynie I need you here" Said Ricardo.

"Who the heck is-" Said Jack but got interrupted as woman's voice ran through-out the place "Hello Ricardo what can I do for you today?" Asked a woman now known as Skynie.

"Well Skynie could you please bring our other guests" Asked Ricardo.

"Just wait a moment" At that moment the room started to spin uncontrollably but nobody felt any movement until a few people started to appear. "Ahhh where am i!?" Asked Anna in a frantic voice.

"Could you keep quiet you are going to damage my ears" Said a frustrated guy with blond hair.

"That is no way that you speak to a lady" Said a guy with sideburns that was a bit long but it suited him.

"Look bud i don't care!" Said the guy with a blond hair, he really didn't care what they thought of him.

"Kristoff you're being mean" Said Anna not noticing the company in front of them. "Ahem!" said Ricardo clearing his voice. "Hey it's you! Where did you go?" Asked Anna.

"Oh me I went to welcome my other guests" Said Ricardo gesturing towards the guardians. "Hello" Said Anna looking at the guardians, kinda freaked out by their appearances.

"Hello who are you?" Asked Tooth. "My name is Tooth"

"Oh I am Princess Anna of Arendelle but you can call me Anna and that is my sister Elsa" Said Anna looking around for her sister but couldn't seem to find her so Anna started to panic.

"Anna I am right here" Said Elsa in a quiet voice walking out from behind Ricardo and staying there. "Elsa aren't you gonna come stand here?" Asked Anna.

"No I am fine here" Said Elsa looking at Anna "But why don't you just come her-" Anna asked again but was interrupted by Elsa "I said no Anna" Elsa said in a soft voice but it meant what it said.

At that moment there was a bit of awkward silence until Ricardo spoke up

"Anyway so you all are probably wondering what you are doing here" Said Ricardo.

"Ya darn right we are!" Stated Bunny.

"Well ok in my universe you guys are all characters of a movie…well an animation movie" Said Ricardo while looking at the shocked look on their faces...well maybe only the shocked looks on the guardians faces and the confused look on the rest.

"What! You mean there are people out there that know everything about us" Asked Jack a bit shocked. "Yep they have an entire encyclopaedia on a few of you here" Said Ricardo with a smile.

"Wait what is a movie" Asked Elsa her attention was gained when she heard that guy with the white hair say that there are people out there that know everything about them.

"What you don't know what a movie?" Asked Jack with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Ok I am going to have to explain this first and yes the Frozen cast has no idea what a movie is they are from a world that is a little bit back in time, but let me tell you I would love to go there and stay in a time zone like that…not permanently though…I like the internet to much" Ricardo said while looking at the confused look on the Frozen cast.

"Well you see a movie is something that was made up like a story but it was put in moving pictures here is a example Skynie could you please start 'Avatar by James Cameron'." Said Ricardo.

"Of course" Came a female voice from out of nowhere.

"At that moment a giant theatre appeared and a pair of comfortable chairs and the sky dimmed.

"Ok pay close attention, although it will look funny to you guys because that is what my world looks like" Said Ricardo. "You're world?" Asked Kristoff. "Yes my world is the original, where all of creation started, well as far as we know" Said Ricardo as a video started playing and sat down while the others followed suit.

40 minutes later

"Oh I see now so they show my whole life and the people around me" Said Anna before nodding. "I see what you mean by funny looking, your world sure has some funny looking people in it" Ricardo looked to her before quickly responding. "No, we do not look like that, that was a made up story that was acted out, the blue people are just really well done graphic designs set in motion, the smaller people in the movie is what my world looks like" Said Ricardo referring to the humans. "Ohh" Said Anna as she finally understood along with everyone else confused.

"Yes that is what a movie is" Said Jack.

"Yes now that the example is over we can get down to business" Said Ricardo "And guess what movie we are going to watch first" Asked Ricardo.

"I don't know" Said Tooth.

"Well you are going to watch- wait before I forget you guys don't have to worry about the villains in your world just sit back and watch, the movie is Rise of the Guardians" Said Ricardo while calling out for Skynie and asking for her to start the movie.

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