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On to the story…

Why are you doing this?" Asked North frustrated.

"Maybe I want what you have. To be believed in" Answered Pitch.

Jack takes this in. Pitch moves along the walls and shadows of the chamber and emerges from behind a column.

"Maybe I'm tired of hiding under beds" Continued Pitch.

"Maybe that's where you belong" Countered Bunnymund.

"Ya it is" Said Jack with a bitter taste in his mouth.

"Ah, go suck an egg, rabbit!" Said Pitch. Bunny looks down past the edge of the platform to find Pitch upside down, staring him in the face. Pitch disappears again.

"Hang on, is that...Jack Frost?" He notices something while in the shadows, rather he notices someone before he bursts into laughter. "Since when are you all so chummy?"

"We're not." Answered Jack.

"Oh good" Said Pitch in what sounded like sarcasm. Jack turns and sees Pitch standing in the middle of a column.

"A neutral party. Then I'm going to ignore you. But, you must be used to that by now" Said Pitch, he was giving low blows.

"Wow this guy is a total jerk" Says Flynn.

"Trust me, this is him on a good day" Said Jack as Pitch glared at Jack.

"Pitch! You shadow sneaking rat-bag! Come here!" Exclaims Bunny as he goes after Pitch, but he disappears and re-emerges on an opposite column. Tooth spots him, grabs one of Bunny's boomerangs and flies at Pitch in a rage...

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Yells Tooth in frustration.

Pitch looks at Tooth with a smile and before she can reach him, a huge Nightmare darts out of hiding and rears up at her. Tooth falls back. Baby Tooth hides in Jack's tunic.

"Whoa! Hey, easy, girl. Easy" Said Pitch soothingly. Pitch draws a wisp of black sand from Onyx's mane, twirls it in his palm, and turns toward Sandy.

"Look familiar, Sandman? Took me a while to perfect this little trick. Turning dreams into Nightmares" Grinned Pitch. Pitch notices the shocked Guardians.

"Don't be nervous, it only riles them up more. They smell fear you know" Said Pitch smugly

"What fear? Of you!? No one's been afraid of you since the Dark Ages!" Said Bunny inciting anger in Pitch. Pitch's eyes flash with anger. But then he smiles for whatever creepy reason.

"Oh, the Dark Ages" Said Pitch becoming nostalgic.


A parent and her two children, huddled around a campfire, scream as a shadow, resembling Pitch, washes over them. It makes its way up the side of a mountain to reveal Pitch, smiling as he stares up at the moon.

Everyone besides the Guardians felt a chill go down their spine at the sight.

"Everyone frightened. Miserable. Such happy times for me. Oh, the power I wielded!" Pitch now spoke over the running film, a voice over.


"But then the Man in the Moon chose you to replace my fear with your wonder and light!" Said Pitch aggravated with another voice over. North's sleigh flies in front of the moon. Tooth and her fairies flit by while SANDY's Dreamsand dances across the sky and Bunny leaps across rooftops.

"Lifting their hearts! And giving them hope!" Spat Pitch during his voice over. Pitch, thinner and weaker than he is now, slips back into the shadows after children run through him while playing in the streets, laughing as they go.

"Meanwhile, everyone wrote me off as just a bad dream! Oh, there's nothing to be afraid of! There's no such thing as the Boogeyman!" Said Pitch ending his voice over.

"You are a bad joke" Said Kristoff.


Pitch leans toward the Guardians, showing nothing but contempt.

"Well that's all about to change" Says Pitch.

A SOUND behind Pitch: one of the COLUMNS of the Palace begins to crack and crumble, as if decaying. Tooth is stunned...

"Oh look, it's happening already" Said Pitch.

"What is?" Asked Jack. Tooth's eyes widen in shock.


"Children are waking up and realizing the Tooth Fairy never came" Pitch spoke as the scene of the movie changed, creating another voice over scene. Children lifting pillows and finding their BABY TEETH still there.

"I mean such a little thing, but to a child..." Continued Pitch.

PULL OUT from the last VIGNETTE, all the way out of TOOTH'S WIDE-OPEN EYE, and BACK TO SCENE.

Jack, mystified, moves closer to Tooth as the palace continues to crumble.

"Oh my goodness…" Muttered Elsa as she watched the beautiful palace crumble. "What is happening?" Wondered Elsa, she had been so entranced by the movie that she was talking more than she realized.

"What's going on?" Asked Jack.

"They, they don't believe in me anymore" Said Tooth, you could feel the sadness in her.

"I think I know what's happening" Said Flynn as he continued watching, everyone was silent as they watched the movie, things were heating up.

"Didn't they tell you, Jack? It's great being a Guardian – but there's a catch. If enough kids stop believing, everything your friends protect - wonder, hopes and dreams - it all goes away. And little by little, so do they" Said Pitch with a dark grin.

Jack's realizes now the magnitude of Pitch's plan.

So does everyone else. "I was right…he is trying to get the children to stop believing in them so they can disappear" Said Flynn. Anna brought her hand up to her mouth in horror as she couldn't believe someone would do something like that.

"No Christmas, or Easter, or little fairies that come in the night. There will be nothing. But fear and darkness and me! It's your turn not to be believed in!" Said Pitch.

Gothel couldn't help but feel a smirk nearly escape on her lips before she caught herself, Rapunzel on the other hand was now worried how the story would go.

Bunny throws his boomerangs at Pitch, who quickly ducks out of the way as they fly around the chamber columns. Pitch then jumps onto the back of Onyx down into the depths of the Palace. The Guardians dive after him, followed by Jack.

Bunny grabs a set of egg bombs and launches them at Pitch, exploding seconds before Pitch hits the ground.


The Guardians land -

"He's gone" Said North.


Tooth, deflated, sits on the ground with an empty tooth box in her hands. Baby Tooth, resting on a nearby broken tooth box, looks to Tooth with concern. Jack walks up and crouches down alongside Tooth

"Okay, alright I admit it, you were right about Pitch" Said Bunnymund.

"This is one time I wish I was wrong. But he will pay" Said North.

"I'm sorry, about the fairies" Said Jack to Tooth.

"You should've seen them. They put up such a fight" Said Tooth, her bubbly self all but gone.

"Why would Pitch take the teeth?" Asked Jack.

"It's not the teeth he wanted. It's the memories inside them" Answered Tooth.

"What do you mean?" Asked Jack confused.

Tooth leads Jack across the pond, the water freezing under his feet as he walks.

"Jack your Ice power is so beautiful…" Compliments Anna as Jack smiles.

"Really Anna? We just found out Tooth might die and you think of the beauty of my magic" Teased Jack with a smile as Anna blushes.

"Ya Anna!" Tooth teased as well with a smile.

"It's just pretty…" Mumbled Anna with a minor blush before she hugged the closest thing to hide her face, which just so happened to be Kristoff who yelped in surprise, not expecting to feel her small body press up against his, she felt so soft and her small hands that wrapped around his torso the moment she glanced up to him, the small blush still donning her cheeks, Kristoff's heart skipped a beat. Everyone that saw this scene smiled, they were absolutely adorable, before Anna realized where she was, she quickly leaned back before laughing awkwardly which incited everyone to laugh.

"That's why we collect the teeth, Jack. They hold the most important memories of childhood" Said Tooth. Tooth directs him to a MURAL, which illustrates this.

"My fairies and I watch over them and when someone needs to remember what's important, we help them" Continued Tooth.

Jack takes a second to admire the immense beauty of the mural before him.

"We had everyone's here. Yours too" Said Tooth.

"My memories?" Asked Jack, surprised by this.

"From when you were young. Before you became Jack Frost"

"But, I wasn't anyone before I was Jack Frost" Said Jack, suddenly not so sure anymore, he could almost feel his heartbeat, alas impossible but this news was shocking.

"Of course you were. We were all someone before we were chosen" Explained Tooth.

"What?" Said Jack, he was yet again surprised.

"You should've seen Bunny" Said North as a chuckle escaped him.

"I want to see that!" Exclaimed Flynn as Bunny turned red.

"Not happenin mate!" Said Bunny

"I show you later" Whispered North rather loudly.

"Hey!" Protested Bunny. "You don't see me, showing everyone what you looked like before you became Santa" Said Bunny as North Laughed.

"Ahh but you see Bunny, I was cute…you on the other hand…ehhh…not so much" Teased North as Bunny's cheeks turned pink.

Everyone yet again laughed at Bunny's misfortune.

"Hey, I told you never to mention that!" Exclaimed Bunny.

Jack, confused, is trying to process all this.

"That night at the pond...I just, why I assumed...Are you saying, are you saying I had a life before that? With a home? And a family?" Asked Jack, suddenly feeling hopeful.

"You really don't remember?" Asked Tooth. Jack's expression says it all. Finally the key to all his questions.

"All these years, and the answers were right here. If I find my memories, then I'll know why I'm here" Said Jack, his mind working before he turned to Tooth with determination.

"You have to show me" Said Jack, using his control of the wind, lifts up off the ground and flies across the pond.

"I...I can't, Jack. Pitch has them" Revealed Tooth.

Jack floats down onto a rock, overlooking the Guardians.

"Then we have to get them back!" Said Jack. Suddenly, a patch of Tooth's feathers fall out, and disappears. The Guardians eyes fill with worry.

"Oh no!" Exclaimed Tooth in worry. Jack is stricken. He looks back - the ancient MURAL begins TO DISINTEGRATE—

"Oh no…" Muttered Elsa, she grabbed her knees before biting her lower lip.

"The children. We're too late" Continued Tooth.

"No! No! No such thing as too late!" Said North as he got an idea. "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Idea! HAHH!" Exclaimed North in joy. He's gleeful. The others look at each other as if he's nuts. "We will collect the teeth!" Continued North.

"What?" Asked Tooth with a shocked tone.

"We get teeth! Children keep believing in you!" Said North, confident.

"We're talking seven continents! Millions of kids!" Countered Tooth.

"Give me break! You know how many toys I deliver in one night?" Challenged North.

"And eggs I hide in one day?" Said Bunny, stepping up to the plate. North turns to Jack.

"Everything is always a competition" Sighed Anna as Kristoff nodded.

"Of course, you have to show your worth" Said Flynn.

"I will never understand a guy" Said Anna as Rapunzel nodded.

"I will never understand women" Said Kristoff as Flynn nodded.

"Complex math equations there" Said Flynn as Jack nodded.

"We are not that hard to understand" Defended Anna.

"Ya right, next she will be telling me birds are actually a secret Lizard race that want to take over the world" Said Flynn as Rapunzel raised an eyebrow.

"Oh please we aren't that hard to understand" Said Rapunzel.

"Please tell another joke" Laughed Jack. "Because that one was hilarious" As Anna pouted.

"And Jack, if you help us, we will get you your memories." Continued North.

Jack looks to Tooth, who gives him a reassuring smile. Sandy gives to enthusiastic thumbs up while Bunny groans. Jack looks back to North with a smile.

"I'm in" Said Jack.


We transition to the SHANGHAI SKYLINE as North BOOMS up out of a chimney, dashing along the rooftops.

"Quickly! Quickly!" Laughs North. North BOOMS down another chimney as Bunnymund races into view a rooftop away.

"Here we go, here we go..." Said Bunny. Jack zips into view, calling out to Bunny.

"Hop to it rabbit, I'm five teeth ahead!" Challenged Jack.

"Yeah right, look, I'd tell you to stay outta my way, but really what's the point - because you won't be able to keep up anyway" Said Bunny.

"Is that a challenge, cottontail?" Asked Jack.

"Oh, you don't wanna race a rabbit, mate" Said Bunny.

"I am sure you are a Kangaroo" Said Flynn.

"What did you say mate?" Asked Bunny as everyone suppressed laughter.

"Nothing" Said Flynn.

As we pan across the rooftops, BOOM! North bursts up out of a nearby chimney.

"A race? Is it a race?" Asked North.

North jumps into one chimney, then shoots out of another across the way.

"This is going to be..." Continued North. North disappears down yet another chimney only to emerge with a bang out the top of another.

"EPIC!" Yelled North. As North leaps out of frame, Tooth darts into view, in hummingbird overdrive, dazzled by the lights and traffic.

Baby Tooth struggles to keep up.

"Four bicuspids over there! An incisor two blocks east! Is that a molar? They're EVERYWHERE!" Yelled Tooth excitedly, overwhelmed, she jets off without paying attention and SUDDENLY - THOOMP - she smacks into a TOOTHPASTE BILLBOARD.

"Ow!" Says Tooth. Jack jumps up to the billboard to check on her.

"Ah, you okay?" Asked Jack.

"Fine...sorry, it's been a really long time since I've been out in the field" Revealed Tooth.

"How long is a long time?" Asked Jack.

"Ah, four hundred forty years...give or take" Answered Tooth. Tooth jerks to attention: suddenly her VIEW ZOOMS IN thru a LITTLE GIRL'S BEDROOM WINDOW: a tiny GLOW under her pillow marks a freshly planted TOOTH.

"Wow she is quite old" Said Flynn as Tooth turned towards him and smiled before asking.

"What was that?" But clearly anyone could hear her screaming bloody Mary, Flynn should definitely choose his next words carefully.

"I said you are probably the youngest lively person in the world, why? What did you hear?" Asked Flynn.

"Oh okay" Smiled Tooth with her death glare.

Tooth gasps and her eyes go wide - she FLIES to the window, excited. Jack reacts, looks to Baby Tooth: it's gonna be a long night.

"Hmm..." Hummed Jack.


Jack, cocksure, arrives outside an open window. His smile suddenly disappears when he sees a RABBIT HOLE open up in the bedroom floor and Bunny hops out.


Bunny, now holding the tooth in his paw, turns to Jack and laughs. Jack, not amused, zaps Bunny with burst of frost from his staff.

"Aaahhh!" Yells Bunny.


The Guardians fly over a Middle Eastern city in North's sleigh as the full moon lights up the night sky.


North pulls TWO teeth, one with each hand: TWINS.

"TWINS" Says North "Yipa!"


Bunny pulls out his hand from under a pillow revealing SEVERAL TEETH.

"Jackpot!" Exclaims Bunny.

Pull out wider to reveal HOCKEY TROPHIES, POSTERS and PARAPHERNALIA EVERYWHERE. Bunny grins.

"Looks like you're a bit of a brumby, hey mate" Said Bunny.


North stands at the side of a boy's bed.

"Is piece of pie!" Laughs North before he falls into a rabbit hole, finding himself face to face with Bunny. He growls. SANDMAN enters and takes the boy's tooth for himself.

"Ow!" Exclaims Bunny.

"That's my tooth! Sandy! Sandy!" North whispers loudly.


Jack parkours between two buildings and into a window.


Jack flies in through the window when suddenly, a rabbit hole appears. As Jack disappears through the rabbit hole, Bunny appears through an adjacent hole laughing to himself.


Tooth reaches under a pillow and pulls out a Tooth with a mouse attached to the other end. Baby Tooth tackles the mouse.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Take it easy there, champ! He's one of us! Part of the European division" Answers tooth before looking to the mouse.

"Ca va?" Asked Tooth. The mouse gestures back angrily.


North and the Guardians, riding North's sleigh, exit a wormhole. North laughs as they fly over the city.


Bunny pulls a note from under a pillow instead of a tooth.

"Huh?" Wonders Bunny out loud. The note shows an arrow, pointing toward the window. He looks up to the window: North holds up a tooth as he grins, then leaps off the ledge laughing.


Bunny lands on a rooftop, holding a tooth in his paw, and proud of himself. Then, Bunny hears the sound of ice and FROST-

"Crikey!" Yells Bunny frustrated

-and disappears from view. Bunny is now sliding down the side of a roof on a sheet of ice. Jack grabs the tooth from Bunny's paw as he slides past and holds it high in the air.

"Yes!" Yes says Jack with a laugh. Jack holds up the tooth, but within moments a hand snatches it. Jack looks to see Sandy waving `bye-bye' as he flies off on his Dreamsand cloud.

"No!" Protested Jack.

"Are you guys seriously stealing teeth from one another?" Asked Kristoff.

"It was fun in the moment" Said Jack.

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