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"We're home." Shirou called out as he closed the door to his home. He went to the kitchen to put the two tubs of vanilla and rocky road ice cream in the freezer. He had really cut it close getting to the store just before it closed.

Thankfully, he was close to the owner due to how often he visited the story otherwise he be force to endure "the silence treatment" which was honestly pretty cute, not to mention Jackie was rather quiet as it was, it was more along the line he'd just feel guilty that he broke his promise to get her some.


'Right them, my bad.' Shirou chuckled as he made his way to the fridge. He looked around and was surprise to see it was empty, taking his phone to check the time.

"Hmm, she should have been here a while ago, you don't think she ran into a ser-"

"Aaaahh, My baby girl is out there! She could be hurt! cold! hungry! or...OR?!...NOOOO, SHE DEAD! MY BABY IS DEAD! SH-!"

Shirou simply sighed. Namine was...a very dramatic, when it came to her daughter safety and health.

Any and every time something happens she tends to over exaggerate and freak out. A simple sneeze is the black plague return, forgotten jacket on cold days is like going out in a blizzard, a small cut is Shirou having to cough up some blood for a transfusion!

Thankful they usually didn't last long do to-



"(Inhale)... (Exhale)... I needed that." Namine said as her left cheek was bright red from her sister slapping her back to her sense. Her little girl would be ok, she had trained her herself after all so she didn't need to worry, right? of course not. She was eighteen, she was strong, she was smart, she was skilled, she was...she...was...






"Thanks again, Xion." Shirou said as he clenched his head from Namine shrieking about her daughter safety.

"Anytime" Xion reply with her monotone, she was a bit worried for niece, yes. But she knew she was strong enough to take care herself so there wasn't much to worry about. She had been trained by Namine for half of her life, give or take a few months; she had a great level of control over the power she inherited from her mother, as well as her own combat skills.

"She's a strong young women have faith in her skills. You've trained her as best as you could have, Namine." Xion said reassuring the sobbing Namine, who looking at baby photos of a white haired baby girl in a white doggie onesie with a hoodie of a sleeping dog face and long ear's.

'She was family, she' Were the thoughts that were keeping Xion from smacking Namine out of her break down, though she probably do the same if it was her daughter.

"Shirou I'll deal with Namine, you'd best prepare yourself when your guest arrive soon, and try not to die while we're gone. Oh, and do make sure Jackie doesn't eat too much ice cream, it'll spoil her dinner." With that she cut their link and went to deal with Namine when she got like this.

Which was basically having to sit and listen to her drone on and on about how her "baby" did this and that. Sigh, she was family.

"Okay, I'll be sure to- Wait!? What? What do mean by 'try not to die' Xion? Xion!?" Shirou said as he finished placing the tubs of ice cream in the freezer.

["Were you speaking with mother just now by any chance, Shirou." Shirou turned his attention to his shadow and watched as it stretched and raised until it reached his height (5'6), it was like a black silhouette of himself with bright golden eyes.

Before dissipating leaving behind a young white hair girl who looked to be 10, though the way she tends to act one would agree... sometimes. Her golden eyes turned electric green, she stood at 4'5 just barely reach his chest had a couple scar's on her face that though it did nothing to take away the look of innocent as she ate her cup of vanilla ice cream.

Jackie Dark, aka Jack the Ripper, London's legendary serial killer, was a little girl who coincidently was the lost daughter of Xion, the daughter of Darkness itself and no one would have suspected it…considering the fact she was dressed as maid. (Not a sexy maid outfit, just a plain Britain maid outfit. Sexy maid outfit is a Thursday.)

'At least it's better than what she had usually wears.' Shirou blush as memory of Jackie original outfit, which increased when he had remembered her lack of clothing when they had first met.

Unlike her cousin who was transported here from here home, Jackie was resurrected almost like a servant, with 'almost' being the key word; she didn't come back with any of her Noble Phantasm's, or clothing for that matter.

Once Jackie had gained some level of control over darkness, with the help of her mother. She was capable of creating clothing such as her original clothing. Shirou just had one thought when he saw what she used to wear: "She needed some pants!"

Jackie physical ability were that of a Servant should she had been one, her mentality was unchanged which was kinda difficult (more like annoying) to deal with. For a couple weeks she would attack him because of his contract with her mother.

She had seen him as someone who was 'hogging' their mother from them. Initially, he thought he would be patient with her and simply wait it out until she came around. The final straw was when she had tried to attack Taiga so he did something he never thought he'd ever do.

Jackie had crossed the line in trying to hurt Taiga, she had used up Shirou's patience. If she was going to act like a brat, then she was going to be treated like one. When she attempted another one of her daily assault on him, he didn't just do what he normally did like dodge until she got tired, bind her with chains, knock her out, or just tell Xion.

When she attempted to stab him in the neck with a kitchen knife, ahis kitchen knife he had grab her wrist, swept kicked her feet, bent her over his knee…

…and spanked her, he spanked her until her ass was glowing red.

Jackie had lived her whole life on the streets alone and had never had any real interaction with anyone, let alone a parent to teach her the constitutions for her actions. Once Shirou had finish with her spanking, he had gave her a fierce scalding on her behaviour and she had… just quietly stood there all throughout it, with wide eyes and a red face, no doubt from embarrassment at what had happened.

Since then, they grown pretty close after she had apologised for her behaviour, he apologised for having to get physical and decided to have ice cream as a way to start over, she had loved it!

"Yeah, your aunt is…not exactly pleased knowing your cousin is out with the possibility of being attacked by a Servant and Master, like the last time. Though your mother reassured her that she had nothing to worry about, but (sigh) you know how Namine tends to overreact." Shirou said chuckled getting nod of agreement she may have met their mother, aunt, and cousin for a little over half a year and while she can't return to her womb like they would have liked or be by their mother.

It wasn't bad being here, in a home,their home, by their family, and with their Shirou…and ice cream! Oh yes, especially their ice cream! Even still it was fulfilling to spend what little time they can be together with mother in their dreams.

"She had also said we be expecting a guest to be arriving, and soon." Shirou said his smile Jackie looked with curious, "You think it will be Lancer or the red one?" She asked

"Don't know, but we shou-, well, look like its Lancer and his Master, we'll be dealings with." Shirou felt Lancer and the connection he had with the person beside him enter his residence through the bound field.

"Better get dressed Jackie, cause it's going to get messy." Shirou said as the Xion Magic Crest appeared on his right shoulder as he activated the black circuits, his body was then shrouded in darkness from his chest to his feet. Before it can spread past his neck or to his arm's Namine's Magic Crest appeared on his left shoulder, a white shroud wrapped around his waist and his arm acted as sleeves that were connected by a black metal plate in the back and chain in the front with blue accents on the shoulder's with two diamonds, much like the one in Oblivion on both sleeves.

Shirou's Magic Crest flashed taking the form of Oathkeeper and Oblivion crossed together as well as their keychains, before thorny vines began to spread to his chest. Once it did both Shirou Crest and the holy shroud (or as Namine calls it, "The more the Holier than ya, Holy SUPER Shroud!") sent a pulse dispelling the darkness revealing a blue tight and sleeveless shirt with white accents which outlined of his chest and muscles, blue pants that had two dark blue straps on his thighs, and another two strapped around his shins separate from each other. He wears white metal plated shoes, which appear to be attached to his trousers. (For a better description go to my home page to see Shirou armor, or wiki Archer Emiya you'd find which costume it was design after.)

Making his way out the back with Jackie following behind her maid uniform turn into a cloud darkness before turning into her usually combat outfit, though she had gotten six new daggers do to them not having been brought back with and still in the possession of a magus. Though she didn't really care seeing as the Night Slayer daggers were their every first gifts from their mother made them far more precious.

'(sigh) Really wish she put on some pants.' were Shirou last thoughts as they made their way to the back.

[With Lancer and Master]

Bazett Fraga McRemitz was an Enforcer for the Mage's Association and the Master of Lancer for the Fifth Holy Grail War. She was a 23 years old Irishwoman. Bazett is a very demure woman who wears a black, two piece business suit with a red-violet necktie and black gloves. She had short, magenta hair and a mole just below her left eye.

She had originally planned on go to the church but couldn't find her way there, it wasn't for the lack of trying though. It was like someone put a bound field around it order to keep her away from the church. No matter how many time she called Kotomine for directions or if there was a bound field place around it.

She couldn't help but think she could hear and amusement in his voice about her situation, but that was probably just her imagination. After three days, she gave up and summoned Lancer with the earrings that had once belonged to him, to Cú Chulainn, the Hound of Culann and Ireland's Child of Light.

She was confident that with both her and Lancer's skills, they would be capable of taking on any Servant they come across. She had heard that there was a master at the local high school and sent Lancer to scout out the competition before the war officially started.

So far they had come across three of the six remaining Servant's, two master's, and learned that one servant has been defeated, and one had yet to be summoned and one that remain hidden which meant one unregistered master.

She had seen the battle Lancer had with Tohsaka's Servant. Before her could give Lancer the order to get serious they realized they had spot by a 'civilian' and would have to silence him, only for said 'civilian' to be an unknown magus, with the weird Keyblades? Was what he called them?

Sure, Executors were known for using black keys, but not literal key-shapedweapons. Not to mention key-shaped weapons that could be considered on the level of Noble Phantasms from what Lancer had told her, the presence of those blades were frightening from the way Lancer described them.

"It was as if Gae Bolg was scared of going against them."

How such things could go unnoticed Association is unclear they should have had something on that boy, but when asked there was nothing! Ever since the end of the Forth Grail War, the Mage Association resources have been stretch dealing with these Heartless that began to sprouting all over the world causing havoc.

If someone like a boy of that level was to become a master and summon a Servant, then she and Lancer would have dangerous competition. So here they were, standing face to face with the armoured teen and a young girl with six knifes!

'That girl, is she…a Servant!? Could he have already summoned a servant, or had he already have. Were they the Master and Servant that was at the church? If so she could be Assassin and had been the one that had attack Lancer back at the school. If so, then the Servant of Sword had yet to be summoned.' Bazett thought the white hair girl wasn't human as far as she could tell the girl was a servant, but something felt off about her.

"You know its rude entering someone home uninvited last I check I didn't invite you, what about you Jackie." Shirou said though he didn't take his eyes of the duo in front of them.

"No we did not, they are trespassing in our home" She said as her eyes turn gold and her voice gain an echo as dark substance that gave off a purple glow began to appear in various places on her body. (Seven deadly sin Meliodas power of darkness)

"Well then I'm going to have to ask the two of you to leave, or we can force you out." He summoned both Oblivion and Oathkeeper when Bazett and Lancer went into battle stances.

"I see, (sigh) it's always the hard way." Shirou whispered in announce enforcer, they never took the easy way and leave. Shirou could definitely tell the woman was one he definitely would have known if she was Executors, his team and him had ran into quite a few during their first couple around the world Shadows hunt.

'Wonder why they left us alone for so long?" Shirou shrugged it off, right now he and Jackie had more pressing matter at the moment. 'Jackie you take Lancer, I'll handle the Master.' Shirou thought using the link they shared as master and familiar. 'Are you sure, I thought you were interested going against one like Cu Chulainn?' Jackie replied.

'True, but the Master doesn't look like a pushover either. Plus we already know Lancer is Cu Chulainn and wielding Gas Blog, but the Master I can feel she hiding something.' He thought as he notice the metal cylinder Bazett had behind her before she placed it on the ground.

Shirou narrowed his eye's this woman, is dangerous.

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