Shawn sat at his desk at the psych office staring open mouthed at the small computer screen that sat before him.
"What are you doing now Shawn?" Gus asked walking through the door way.
"I found something!" He yelled excitedly. Gus took a deep breath and sat on the sofa.
Shawn continued to read this strange thing. He had been walking when he found a small computer sitting in a trash bin.
Shawn's curiosity got the best of him and he slipped the old broken computer into his bag and ran straight over to the Psych office.
When he opened the computer a small box popped up and no matter what he did he couldn't close it.
'Enter name(s) here' It said.
Finally he wrote
'Shawn Spence
Burton Guster
Carlton Lassiter
Juliet O'hara'
He then clicked the bottom on the box that read
'Send to Hogwarts'
He didn't know who this 'Hogwarts' person was but he was hoping he would get a prize for completing the survey!
And he got a prize alright...
The surprise of his life! Along with Gus, Lassie and Jules.