Chapter 2

"Gramps, I'm home!" Yugi calls as he walks through the door, "And I brought my friends!"

They all walk in behind him, but I'm not sure.

'Will I be able to fit in?' I think, looking at them all, 'I mean, they've been together for a while now. Do I stand a chance?'

My thoughts get inturupted by someone saying, "Alora, com'mon. We're waiting on you."

I take a deep breath, and walk through the door.

"You are right Yugi," someone says, "She is a nice person."

I look around at who could have said that, and i see a man who, for some reason, looks pretty transparent standing next to Yugi.

"Who are you?" I ask, walking up to the man. When I get close enough though, I gasp.

',' I think, 'It's Pharaoh Atem!'

"Wait, you can see me?" he asks me, and Yugi looks at me also.

"You can see him?" Yugi asks, and I nod to both of them.

"Um, yeah," I say, looking down as a light blush paints my cheeks, "I've been able to see spirits for years now."

"Really?" I hear another person ask, and I look behind me.

"Hey Gramps," Yugi says, "This is Alora. She's new to Domino City."

I smile sheepishly, and say, "It's so nice to meet you Mr. Motou."

"Likewise," Mr. Motou says, "And you can call me Gramps just like everyone else does."

I smile again, and turn back to Yugi.

"So, um, how long has he...been like this?" I ask, motioning to the Pharaoh.

"Oh," Yugi says, turning to Atem, "Why don't you answer that."

I see Atem shrug, and a few seconds later, I get blinded by a flash of golden light.

'What the-?' I think, 'They're switching?'

A few seconds later, I see Atem standing in front of me, and Yugi looking Transparent.

"Oh, you two switched," I say, motioning to both of them again.

"So you can see me when I'm like this?" Yugi asks, and I nod.

"It is very rare for a human being to be able to see Ghosts and Spirits," Gramps says, and I blush.

"Like I said, I've been able to do it for years now," I say again, rolling my eyes a little.

I look over at the rest of the group, and see that they are looking at me kinda weird.

"What?" I ask, starting to feel a bit annoyed. I always hated it when people stared at me like they were.

"So, you were talking to Atem first, and the Yugi now?" Anzu asks, still looking at me confused.

I nod, not feeling like explaining it again.

"Well, it seems we have a lot to learn about each other then," I hear Atem say, and I blush Scarlet Red.

"Y-yes, it seems we do," I say, and blush even more when look at him.

End Chapter 2

Note: I know these chapters are kinda boring right now. But they will get better as we go along. Right now, I'm just kinda stretching out my Writer Wings, and feeling things around. Once I finish with that, then we will be taking off. So please, bear with me everyone! And again, if there are any spelling and/or Grammar mistakes, let me know and I will fix them. Thank you!