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The day at the Coal Hill School had been quite normal, just like any other day before. Nothing special happening, the children being as stubborn and irritating as usual, teachers trying to do their best at educating the students. But all that was going to change soon and no one had any idea of it.

"Does anyone know what year did Shakespeare write the play 'Hamlet'?" Clara asked her class and held a small book on her hand. Only blunt looks met her question. "Hmmh? Anyone? Would you even like to guess?"

One student raised his hand. "Yes, Oliver?"
"20 years ago," the boy answered and the others chuckled slightly.

"Really?" Clara said disappointed and dropped the book on the table.

"You said guess, so I did."

"I assumed you had more knowledge of the timing with the history events. A tip: Shakespeare was born in 1564."

"1575!" One shouted, others giving their answers right after.

" '82!"

" '85!"


Clara shook her head. "Adam, you say that Shakespeare was over 130 years when he actually wrote 'Hamlet'?"

"It can happen," Adam shrugged innocently.

Their discussion was interrupted when gunshots were fired nearby, loud screaming following it. The whole class tensed and Clara took steps toward the door, intending to lock it and tell the children to close the window blinds. However the door opened before she got near it and a single man walked in, a rifle in his hands and a black mask on his face.

He lifted the gun toward Clara whose eyes widened with horror and the students started panicking.

"If you want to live," the gunman announced with a loud voice, glimpsing to the scared students, "you run out right now!"

And so they did. "You stay," the man said to Clara and she just nodded, her arms automatically raised in surrender position.

She heard the same happening all over the hallway and saw children running toward the main doors. The man then grabbed Clara's other arm and dragged her along out the class room and further in the school. She noticed couple other teachers on the same hallway, being hauled to the same direction she was going.

After couple of minutes the teachers found themselves in the headmaster's office where there already were most of the school's teachers. No one dared to say a word, for they were guarded by two of the gunmen. It took a while until they were accompanied by three other men.

"All clear," one of them said as he closed the door. "No one's here anymore, the doors are locked."

"Good," the other of the guarding ones said, apparently being the boss of the group.

The headmaster managed to gather his courage and open his mouth at least. "What is the meaning of this?"

"You won't get to ask the questions here so shut up," the boss said turning to him. "In fact, all of you can shut up. No one says anything, is that clear?"

The teachers nodded silently.

"So.. what now?" one mask man asked lightly. "Can I take the mask away already? It's itching."

"Evan, shut up you idiot, you know already the plan. Or didn't you listen at all?"

"Well I'm sorry but you blurted everything out at once," Evan said defending himself. "I can't remember every detail of it."

"Then you just stay out of the way and let us do the job," one answered him, the teachers following the conversation too afraid to do anything. "Go sit on the corner if you may."

"You go sit on your thumb, Mike. You ain't telling me what to do."

"Oh shut up both of you," the boss whined irritated. "Ed, guard the windows. Make sure no one creeps on us."

The man called Ed walked further from the group, pacing back and forth in front of the office's windows like a good soldier he was.

"Tom, you make sure our.. guests won't decide to do anything stupid," he winked at the remaining man who took a better grip of his gun.

"Aye, sir!"

"No need for that," the boss complained furrowing and rolling his eyes. "Idiots.."

"Ladies and gentlemen!" Tom announced smiling. "I ask you to move to stand next to that wall."

When the teachers were too slow to react properly, Tom raised his voice. "NOW! Or we shoot all of you!"

It worked and Clara and her coworkers nearly ran toward the pointed direction.

"Make a line and face here. Good. Now.. on your knees and hands behind your heads."

Clara kneeled slowly along with the others and moved her hands where they were told to. She couldn't think any solution to solve this kind of situation. Even though she was smart she didn't think they had any chance to reason with the threat they were facing, especially when they didn't know what the men were after.

The room was silent for nearly ten minutes, the men clearly waiting for something to happen. And then the phone rang. After the long quiet time the sound startled nearly everyone; Clara breathed deep.

The boss of the group slowly walked to pick it up.

"Hello," he stretched his voice, making it sound like it was just a casual phone call. "Ah, Mr. Police officer, how nice to hear about you so soon." Clara glimpsed at the man, as did couple others.

"Ah yes, we have the situation under total control. As you can probably see," the man glanced his eyes to the left corner of the room and Clara followed his gaze. Right below the line of the ceiling there was a camera, filming the office, red little light telling that it was on.

"I thought so too," the boss smiled. "But the thing is.. if you don't do as we tell you to do, we start killing people."

Stunned by the words the teachers started leering each others and the gunmen, fear beginning to make them nervous.

"Yes yes yes, we have enough volunteers here to carry out this plan of ours and you will be seeing the aftermath of your mistakes.. live! Can you imagine that?" the man laughed and his companions chuckled.

"You already know what we want, don't you? Great, now do it or people will die. You have five minutes until the first." He then put the phone away and made a grin to the camera.

Oh god, oh god, Clara thought. She wished the Doctor was there to save her and the other teachers. Except she had no way to contact the Doctor to let him know about the situation.

Except I have, she realised suddenly. She remembered that at least Vastra and Jenny had contacted the Doctor via the psychic paper and it had worked. Though Clara herself had never even tried that kind of trick so she wasn't sure how it was supposed to work.

She lowered her head and closed her eyes; she knew she had to be specific about the place and time, otherwise it would be catastrophic. Mumbling as silently as she could, she called for the Doctor. Emergency. The school. October 5th. At.. she glanced quickly to the clock on the opposite wall. 11.47.

Thinking it would be simple enough for the needed message she repeated it few times, focusing on the text and the image of the Doctor. At the end of the sixth time she had said it, she added one more word. NOW!

A bump on her right side made her to lift her head.

"What are you doing?" one of her fellow English teachers, Heather, asked whispering.

"Calling for help," Clara answered back, keeping an eye on the gunmen.

"I don't think the God will help us today," Heather shook her head, fear in her eyes.

Clara had forgottem the woman was quite religious. "Maybe not," she answered back. "But I have something better."

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