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Steps echoed in the hallway as the Doctor walked forward, peeking in random classes, listening every sound.

"Why do the schools have to be so big?" he asked himself out loud. "In fact why there have to be so many children in general! Why can't you people just stop producing such irritating creatures? Humans.."

He glimpsed at his clock, the time left showing less than two minutes.

"She's gonna kill me if I don't make it in time," the Doctor mumbled. As he turned from the corner he could finally hear talking. He slowed down and looked for the source of it; in the end of the hallway was this one room where he could see people inside. In fact, one man with a gun peeking out from the windows, fierce look on his face.

The Doctor mumbled and glanced the clock. 20 seconds remaining, he thought. That can be a lot sometimes. "We need a distraction."

Clara kept her eyes on the clock and cursed the Doctor everytime the pointer moved. She was running out of time. Heart racing she tried to think anything to keep her alive, but there was no way out, not when the room was full all of the men.

The pointer moved again, now as a sign that the last minute was up. Clara gulped nervously. If she wanted to even try to save herself the time was now. She wasn't exactly sure how to do it but she gave it a try.

"Oi, you there," Clara cleared her throat and all the men turned to look at her, including her teacher colleagues. "Why do you need the thing you are asking for the police to deliver to you?"

"That is not your business."

"What would you lose if you told, huh?" she raised her eyebrow. "It's not like I'm going to tell anyone."

"Damn right you are not but it's still none of your business."

"I could help you use it."

The leader squinted his eyes and gave Clara a dismissive look.

"And how do you think you could give us a hand when you don't even know what it is that we want?"

"Who told you I didn't know?" she shrugged lightly. "I didn't say anything like that."

"Then why didn't you name the machine in the first place if you already new? Answer that."

So, it's some sort of a machine.. Clara thought herself.

"Well.. you wouldn't want them to know, do you?" she asked slyly and nodded hear head towards the leader's team mates.

He tensed and stood up slowly as the four other men turned to look at him.

"What is she talking about?" Evan asked. Clara's mouth twisted a little.

"Nothing. She's making it up," the leader answered calmly and started to walk towards Clara.

"What does she know about our mission?" Ed, the one guarding the windows, asked. "How can she know about anything?"

"She doesn't!" The leader raised his voice.

"Ooooh, so you haven't told them," Clara tilted her head a little bit.

"What game are you playing?"

"So.. what, did you have change of a plan suddenly on the way? A new plan they don't know about?"

His eyes widened a little bit and he made a quick movement to grab Clara's throat.

"Who are you?" he asked nearly growling.

"I'm the impossible girl."
"That's not a proper answer. Who are you?!" he tightened his grip and Clara struggled to breath.

"Obviously she can't talk while you are choking her," one of the men shrugged.

The leader let go of her. "Aren't you the one who is supposed to be dead already?" He signed to Tom to get her up and backed away, eyes focusing on the teacher.

Reluctantly she walked to the spot to face the camera on the corner of the ceiling. Two men came to hold her still and Tom aimed the gun at her.

"Don't you wanna know his plan?" Clara tried again, trying to bluff the man. She could see the doubt getting wings in him, gun lowering just slightly.

"Shoot her already," the leader commanded and Tom raised his hands again.

"He has changed the plan!" she spoke up, making an effort to sound convincing.

"And she's lying!"

"No I'm not, but he is!"

"Oh for god's sake," the boss finally mumbled and took his own gun.

"No, please! We can discuss about this!" Clara shrieked, realising this was it, no matter how cleverly she had tried to distract the guys to forget her fate for a moment.

The leader put the gun to her temple and she inhaled deep.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," said a voice from the door.

Everyone turned to look at the strange man that had appeared in the room when no one paid attention.

"Doctor," Clara sighed relieved.

Four men pointed their guns toward the Doctor, except the leader who still had Clara as his target.

"Who are you? How did you get in?"

"Your worst nightmare," he said as he showed the psychic paper to the nearest man, who happened to be Evan. "And the door was open."

"You don't look like my mother," he furrowed confused.

"What?" the Doctor asked and glanced at the papers. "Really?"

"Yeah, my mother don't have – "

"Shut up!" the leader shouted and Evan shaped up. "You brainless moron. Ed, you were supposed to watch the windows!"

"S-sorry, I – I don't know how he – "

"Nevermind," the boss said, never putting down his gun arm. "Kill him too."

"Whoah whoah, not so fast," the Doctor resisted raising his arms up. "You are gonna regret that."

"And why would that be?"

"Because.. I have this!" he showed the thing in his hand. "And I might use it, depending on your actions."

"What is that?" Evan asked shaking his head.

"It's a screwdiver," the Doctor smiled gently.

"A screwdiver?" the leader gave an unimpressed look, beind fed up of the whole situation they were having.

"Yes. A screwdiver. But not any kind of screwdiver. It's a different one, it can do things."

"Right.." Tom chuckled. "Like what?"

"Like.." the Doctor pointed it at the leader. "This."

The screwdiver made a weird noise and the gun in the leader's hand just.. broke into pieces.

"Oh my god," Clara closed her eyes and sighed.

Before the men could fully understand what just happened the Doctor targeted their weapons too and soon all they heard was rattling and clattering noises as the pieces hit the floor.

"I think we are done here," the Doctor said calmly.

"I think we are not!" the boss said angrily and pulled Clara away and placed a knife to her throat. "You might be doing your magic tricks but it won't work on this."

"Eaaaaaasy now."
"Ease yourself if you want. I'm not leaving until I have what I want!"

"That's not gonna happen," the Doctor said and stepped aside from the now wide open door.

Red dots appeared on all of the men.

"You are surrounded, can't do anything."

"Police! On your knees and hands behind your head!" someone shouted outside the room.

All except the one threatning Clara did as told.

"No!" the leader shouted frustrated moving away from the front room. "I will not surrender! Do not come closer or she will die!"

"You don't have to do this," Clara finally spoke again. "You have already lost."

"No, I haven't. I still have you here, living overtime," he breathed to her ear. "Don't know how you managed to do that."

"I told you, I'm the impossible girl," she said, giving a tiny hint of smile toward the Doctor.

"Lower the knife," the police chief said pointing his gun among few other police men. "We can get you a deal."

The boss laughed. "No you can't. And even won't. You know who I am. I'm never gonna – " his sentence was arrupted when someone fired a gun, the bullet hitting his temple. As he got shot, Clara cried out when the knife on her throat slashed her skin.

"I told you to wait my command!" the chief shouted at the man who had made the deadly shot. "God damnit.."

"Clara!" the Doctor rushed to her. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," she said putting a hand to the cut. "I think so." The blood started flooding through her fingers.

"You are always too optimistic about things," he shook his head. "We need a medic!"

Clara turned to look at the dead man behind her.

"Karma's a bitch," she said simply and walked away with two doctors, only one actually having the degree. Her colleagues were already helped out and she could distantly hear how two other medics tried to stabilise Adrian's state.

The fuss was still going on outside when Clara sat down in the back of the ambulance. The students and their parents were mostly gone now, and the criminals were about to be transported to a place they belonged.

She just stared in front of her absently as someone suppressed the blood flow. The knife had cut one of the large veins but luckily it wasn't a critical one. The medic cleaned the area as well as she could and put a big white bandage to it.

"You okay?" the Doctor asked again leaning against the ambulance.

"Yeah," Clara nodded sliding her hand through hair. "I will be."

"They said you are free to go, by the way."

"Good." She hopped off and looked at the Doctor. "For a moment.. I really thought you weren't gonna show up."

"Do you trust me that little?"

"It's not that I don't trust.." she explained. "I just.. I don't know, lost my hope I guess."

"But I did come in time."

"Just and just. You really need to work on that you know."

He smiled. "I'll put that on the list."

"Good," Clara smiled too, "and thank you." She hugged her companion.

"Erm.. still not – "

"I know. Just shut up."

They separated and started to walk away from the school area.

"Where's the Tardis?" Clara asked and the Doctor pointed ahead of them. "You parked it to the field. Where literally everybody can see it."

"Well I didn't think there would be a group of people welcoming me right outside of it," he shrugged. "And by the way, you need to work on the way to send me messages."

"What's wrong with it? You got it, right?"

"Yeah but the details were quite unclear for me," he said stubbornly. "For example it would have been nice to know which school this person is referring to. Or who is it from in the first place."

"Oh c'mon, you think I had time to think about the details there?"

"You should have."

"I would like to see you sending one hundred per cent detailed messages now on, let's see how that works on you."

They continued walking toward the Tardis, arguing gently the whole time. The day appeared to be as normal as ever.

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