Shit shit shit. "move the place is coming down" i yelled to everyone and turned to high tail it out of the cave as the place started to shake from Camille and Mario's spell caused a major backfire. Fire erupted and rocks bolders were comeing down i was nearing the exit when i heard a baby crying what the fuck i quickly shot down a small side tunnel "Menolly where you going we need to get out" i heard Vanzir yelled but i kept going toward the baby crying. I went maybe 100 yards and there between some fire in a golden like shield dome like thing was an adorable little red head infant. then i heard a woman's voice "save her protect her raise her" "Move woman i need to clear the fire first so we can get her it is magical fire" Smokey said behind me. I stepped to the side and Smokey made quick work of the fires and i reached in he shield dome thing and it disappered and i picked the infant up carefully trying not scare the poor infant. The little thing just smiled at me and i knew i was gonna adopt her. "Ok lets get out of here now" i turned to Smokey and he opened his coat and i stepped infant tucked securely in my arms. Next thing he opens his coat and we was outside the cave with the others. "Well that was fun; hey who is the infant Mel" Delilah asked looking at me. Me and Smokey ran down what happen. "you noticed how when you picked up the infant the fires and quake stopped?" Rozurial said. " And more imporantly who is this infant and who was the mystery woman was?" Mario asked. "I have a better question to ask what should we call her?" Delilah asked. "Bloom she looks like a Bloom to me, and i dont know the ansewers to your questions Mario" i said to my sister and brother inlaw. "Well we should head home now and ill call and let Iris and Hannah and Chase know about the member to the family" Camille said getting ready to start off towards the cars. "Hold on Smokey do you not sence it off of Bloom she has the Dragon fire in her they have become one the same" Shade said looking at me to Smokey and back. "what in the world is the dragon fire?" i asked. "Your right i do. and it is a powerful dragon that gave birth to much of the magic in the universe and to all us dragons it is much like the Black unicorn to all the unicorns" Smokey said. "Whoa so this child is now an Elemental lord or is she more like the Elder Fae?" Delilah asked. "I belieave more close to an elemental lord or a goddess i asure you ever dragon in the dragon reaches will gaurd her with our lives" smokey said. Our mouths hung open and i looked down at Bloom snoozing in my arms so peacefull. "Well lets head home and stop and get some stuff for Bloom im officially adopting her as my daughter i said to the others walking toward the cars glad i rode with Camille and could hold my daughter safe in my arms. We're the D'Artigo sisters: sexy savvy half human half fae operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency the OIA living Earthside our mother's birthplace and we are imboilered in a huge war with Shadow Wing. There is my older sister Camille a moon witch priestess with 3 husbands Trillian her alpha Smokey her dragon and Mario a Youkai-kitsune roughly translated he is a fox demon and her and Mario work death magic, then there is my sister Delilah a tow face werecat she has a golden tabby form she often takes when the moon is ful or she is stressed and a panther form she has to kick ass and she is a Death Maiden for the Autumn Lord and is engaged to Shade who is part Stradolan part Black Dragon a shadow dragon. and then there is me Menolly a vampire and jian-tu (extraordinary acrobat) married to a sexy goddess of woman Nerissa who is a werepuma. "So how you gonna tell Nerissa about you twos new daughter?" Camille asked as we drove back to Seattle and to our home in the Belles-Faire part of town. "i'll call her and tell her i got something important to in erson i think the fact that we are gonna be parents should be talked about in person not over a phone" i ansewered her while pulling my cell out and dialing my wifes number. " Hello" she ansewered. "hey sweetheart listen are you busy i got something i need to tell ya in person?" i said. "Well im at the office finshing some paper work why whats wrong" she told me. "Nothing wrong just need to fill you in a decision i made i think you will be for it, we will stop by there and tell you" i told her. "Ok see you in a few love you" "Love you too" and then i hung up. "i figure we can have Bloom get a checked up i smell smoke and alittle blood off her i dont think it is hers but want to be safe then sorry and to make sure she is healthy" i said. " Ok Mario want to call Delilah and let her know we are going" Camille said and Mario made the call and told them whats up. About 40 minutes later we pulled into the parking lot for the FH-CSI building and walked in Yugi waved us on thourgh. "Why dont i take her yo get checked over and you go tell your wife about the bundle of joy: Camille said to me. "Ok we will be there in a few if anything happens come get me fast" i said handing Bloom to her and heading off to my wifes office. Knock knock " come in" i heard her say when i knocked and entered. " Menolly whats wrong is everyone ok?" my wife said comeing to me and hugging and kissing me. "Nothing is wrong and everyone is ok, but i do have to tell you something" i said floating to meet her in the eyes. She was tall beautifull looking like an amazon goddess with blonde hair i was so lucky to have her to love me for all that i am. "Well Camille and Mario tryed a spellthat we thought backfired in the worse way but now we are not so sure but on the way out i heard a baby crying and found this tiny infant under a golden sheild dome thing and then a woman's voice we dont who she is said to save he protect her and raise her so well i am adopting us a baby girl i hope you dont mind" i spilled to her. She got the million dollar smile and said " is that it i love the idea of us adopting a beautifull daughter i can get the papers tomarrow for us where is she and what is her name" Narissa said i felt better not sure who she would really reasponsed. "Her name is Bloom she has red hair and deep blue eyes and is simply adorable Camille is haveing checked out real quick but here is the thing she is powerful" i told her. "Powerful what do you mean?" Narissa asked. I told what Smokey and Shade said. She blew a puff of air "man but hey one thing we can say is she wont be the most stuck up spioled one ever" she said i laughed. We walked down to the medical wing and Vanzir waved us to the room she was in and saw the doctor place a bandage on her left shoulderand a saw a few black and blue marks on her. "Whatever happened was bad i can say but she will be perfectly ok just keep an eye on this small cut" the doctor said to us. "She is more cute then what you said Menolly" Narissa said to me going to our new daughter and picking her up Bloom had woke up and was smilling and reaching for me so i went and took her. "Looks like she has you wrapped around her little fingure" Chase teased but i could see he was happy for us too. "Like you have room to talk Chase Astrid is the same with you i remeber she was not even a day old and you had a ton of stuff animales for her" Delilah teased right back. "We have an extra car carrier for you guys to take her home in we keep them for this reason here" Chase said smiling. We left and went home with the newst member Bloom Arial Shale D'Artigo i wanted her to have bith mine and my wifes last name to to honor out fourth sister Deiliah's twin that died at birth.