Chapter 8 (sososososo sorry about not updateing sooner folks please forgive me about not updateing sooner will try to update sooner and I KNOW MY GRAMMER AND SPELLING SUCKS AT TIMES ALOT SO PLEASE WORK WITH ME OK anyway here ya go sorry if it is short)

(Bloom's P.O.V)
"Hello what do we have here?" i said leaning agianst Stella's door frame and flicking on the light switch looking at the 3 witchs from the ally. "Beat it you pathic loser" the white haired one said with a smirk hands on her hips. "Oh come now you can come up with better insults then that you fridged bitch" i shot back with my own smirk on my own face crossing my arms while still leaning on the door frame. "So we can do this one of a few ways one you can tell me why you want Stella's ringso damn fucking bad, i could go get the staff and you explain it to them or we go go into a knock out drag out fight alreating eveyone to your little intrusion or what" I said to them seeing them scowl at me."Wait a minute first of all are you the one we heared that has a aunt for a witch and it seems your fellow class mates dont seem to like" the brown haired one asked. "Yeah my aunt Camille is a witch pristess you also have a fucking problem with step up to plate im getting sick in tired of people acting like it is the crime of the century about who is my family" i said leaning off the door ready to whoop some ass. "Are you kidding i personlly dont have a problem about who your aunt is" the brown haired one said hands in front of her. "Wait a minute your the one who made fun of my hair" the frizzed head one said in a angery growl. " Yeah i did but now i see you in better lighting it looks more like you hit your self with a couple lighting bolts" i said. "Look ladies i just like to know since im getting dragged into the middle of this issuse between you and Stella ok, i know you ladies are waaaaay smarter to try to steal a royal ring for some type of ransom so what is the real reason" i said in a exprated voice. "Well since you seem to want so bad we are after the Dragon Flame and we heard that possiably the ring of Solaria so that is why we want it" the white haired one said all cocky. I hide my shock that they were looking for the Dragon Fire which i knew was not in that ring cause i owned the power so i had to play the old walk the edge of a finly sharp blade one side mean safty and the other side pure hell. I looked at them confused " ok so i heard very very little of the Dragon Flame something about it being one of the most powerful magics in the universe mind devulge alittle more for my understanding?" i asked them. "Well why not i like this girl girls she is notthing like the other loser pixies in this school, the Dragon Fire is the one power that help create the magic in the universe our relatives from over a decade ago found it where it hide it self for centuries and attacked to get it and the stupid royal family oldest daughter hide the power away and well that relem is nolonger in service but we are picking up where they left off" the brown haired one said and exlianed. "Ok so how about this as long as it dont directly affect my life personly i wont interfere ok so why dont you check out the ring here to double check cause i learned from the past dont always take inforamtion on face value ok" i said to them not really careing cause i knew the ring didnt hold that power. i turned to go finsh getting ready for the party i heard the girls do some chanting. "Ahhhhh damn it it was a bust" i heard the frizzed head one say i just shook my head while trying to zip up my dress. "Hey i dont mean to bug can one of you ladies zip me up please thanks" i asked. "Sure as long as you dont go spilling what you learned tonight" the White haired one said comeing to zi me up. "Naw i wont like i said as long as it dont directly interfere with me personly no worries" i said. "Not like i wanted to come to school anyway" i said walking back into my room to put on my shoes and jewerly. "Whoa whoa you mean you didnt really want to come here?" the Frizzed head one asked. "No i didnt Grandmother Coyote did and in my family when she says something like that we have no choice but to listen and do you think you three could give me a name to call ya in stead of frizz head white haired and brown haired:" i exlianed and asked them as the fellowed me into mine and Flora room. "Sure im Icy these are my sisters Darcy and Stromy" the white haired one named Icy sait point to Dacry the brown haired one and Stromy the frizzed head. "Thanks hey what are the parties here like anyway im use to the ones back at my old school" i asked and said to the girls. "Highly boring really not our secene we just came here to prank the dance like every year our school does and we diesided to take the chance take the goody goody princess Stella's ring" Stromy said boredly with a hint of anger there. "Great so im dressing up for a good old boreing time lovely" i said rollign my eyes. "Yup but you may want to avoid opening the gift the Red fountian boys brought and the room all togather" Darcy said shurgging her shoulders. "what she is cool i figure we could warn her at least" she said when the other two looked at her and they just knodded. "So fairy what is your name and want to tell us a bite about your self?" Icy asked me. "Oh yeah my name is Bloom, and what about me do you want to know?" i said and asked. "Well what kind of things do you normally like to do" Icy aksed shruggin her shoulders. So as i finshed getting ready us four talked and got to know eachother and as i helped made sure the girls left without being caught i had made three new friends that i liked even though i would never for a while let them know aboput my power till they proved not to want it i turned and headed towards the dance hall to join the other. (AN: AGIAN SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE WILL TRY TO UPDATE AGIAN SOONER BUT IT NOT EASY TO FORM THE NEXT THE CHAPTER THAT EASY IN MY HEAD TO PUT ON HERE BUT I WILL TRY.)