Chapter 1

The sun was shining in the fifty-fifth precinct, though a chill still lingered in the mid-April air. As the RMP turned a corner, Faith Yokas watched from the passenger-side window as she and her partner passed by fellow New Yorkers going about their business. The whole city has taken on a rare calm today. Springtime had a way of doing that, even in the Big Apple.

Faith loved springtime. To her, it felt like waking up from a deep sleep. She supposed a lot of people felt that way. She knew Bosco did. He'd never admit it, but he hadn't complained once so far today and she suspected it had something to do with the weather.

"Do you think this'll keep up?"

Bosco's sudden question interrupted her reverie. "What?" she inquired.

"The weather. You think spring is finally here, or is this just a big tease?"

"I dunno, Bos, but I'll take what I can get."

"No kidding. I…"

Suddenly they were interrupted by a call from the dispatcher. "Unit in the five-five, respond to a disturbance at One-Oh-Three and West End. Caller says a man with a knife is threatening passers-by."

Bosco thumbed the mic on his radio. "Five-five David, One-Oh-Three and West End." He flipped the switch to activate the lights and sirens and hit the gas.

"So much for a quiet shift." Faith remarked, almost to herself.

"You know you love it." Bosco replied with a smirk. Finally, he thought. A little action.

As 55-David rounded the corner onto West End, a man in a pink shirt and a straw hat ran up to the RMP.

"Officers!" he shouted as he approached. "He went down that way." He said, indicating 103rd in the direction of the river.

Faith leaned across Bosco and asked the man, "What'd he look like?"

"Tall. Six-three, six-four, maybe. White, but sunburned. Red shirt and ripped jeans. He had a hunting knife with a serrated edge."

"Okay. Stay here in case we need you to identify him." She said as Bosco radioed in the description of the suspect. The man nodded his assent and stepped back as Bosco sped off in the direction the perp had fled.

It didn't take long before Bosco spotted a man matching the description they were given strolling casually through Riverside Park.

"Bingo." Bosco muttered. "I don't see a knife though." He added as he pulled over.

"Doesn't mean he doesn't still have it." Faith replied. She called in their location and unbuckled her seatbelt. "Let's do this nice and careful. I'm not in the mood to go to Mercy today."

"Not a problem. I've got a date tonight and I don't plan on standing her up." He quipped as he stepped out onto the sidewalk. They followed close behind their target, silently. Moments later, they spotted Sully and Davis pull up in 55-Charlie. Clearly, the perp did too because he quickly turned tail and ran right into Bosco and Yokas. Before the man could register what had happened to him, he was cuffed and pinned to the stone wall beside him so that Bosco could search him.

As Sully and Davis approached, Bosco found the knife in the waistband of the man's pants. "Nice knife, man," Davis interjected. "But I'm pretty sure there's nothing to hunt in the park. You got this, guys?"

"Yeah, we're good." Yokas replied. "You wanna grab our witness so we can get this guy ID'd?"

"No problem." Sully responded as he and Davis returned to their vehicle.

It was a quarter past eleven and Faith was at the end of what had, thankfully, been a reasonably quiet shift. Bosco had already changed into his civvies and came over to her locker.

"What do you think?" He asked her, turning to show off his outfit.

"Very handsome, Bos." She said. "I'd do you."

Bosco chuckled. "Night, Faith." He replied as he headed for the door and to his date.

Faith smiled and continued to change. They had been partners since forever and she knew she'd hear all about his date when they rode together tomorrow.