A/N: I found an old folder with old school projects and was pleasantly surprised at how good some of them are. So, here is one of them. This was a grade 9 project and I figured: Why not post it?

It definitely helps if you've read A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Greetings. It be no use to tell mine name
Thy knows me only as the changeling.
My parents over me were fighting.
Both me wanted, as thou shalt see,
But forsooth married each the other.

My parents King and Queen of fairies be -
As to humans keep unseen -
Together they have power to
Destroy the earth,
That wonderful place,
Thine and their home.

To do so have they no desire;
But when fighting,
Sometimes forget they
What they be doing.
(Now that I reflect upon it
Humans do that way as well.)

But here, now, is mine true account
Of what my parents did,
When and where it happ'ed
And ere some information.

The King yelled at the Queen:
Surrender thy child to me!
A catastrophy, for
Avalanches, thunder and
Earthquakes burst forth and
A large piece of ice -
From the Continental South -
Into the ocean fell forth.

My mother ran away
Me clutched to her breast.
She hid at the bottom of the sea
And I regret to say,
She caused some flooding
In Sri Lanka, I believe.

Oberon came to the scene
In a swirling mist of
Wind and rain and storm
And followed her about
'Til the fairies called a truce
And spring came here anon.

Indeed, my parents fight.
May I be for naught
If certainly thine do not.

And though thou can'st see
My parents, being fairy,
Remember them,
Rememb'ring that:
Humans and fairies
Have not much the same,
But not much the strange.

The changeling.