A/N: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling

Our first kiss was driven by pure adrenaline. Heat of the moment. Life or death. Screams, explosions, and chaos surrounding us.

Our second kiss took place a few days later once everything had calmed down. It was how our first kiss should have gone: foreheads bumping, teeth clashing, nervous giggling. There was a moment of awkwardness, of uncertainty as to what we were supposed to do now. So we kissed for a third time and it was sweet and gentle and…perfect.

After that, our kisses became second nature. They were for hellos and goodbyes. They were passionate and fiery, but also soft and tender.

If we could have, we would have kissed for hours; puffy and sore lips wouldn't deter us.

We had all types of kisses. Ones on the forehead for when we were sad or sick. Quick pecks for when we were rushing off to work. Long sensual ones for when we got lost in the moment.

There were also the kisses we shared when we were angry. Kisses on the cheek when one of us turned our face because we were being stubborn. Of course, these kisses always led to furious, rough kisses that eventually led us to lose our anger.

Our kiss sealing our matrimonial vows was the most magical one of them all. It was a promise to have and to hold, to love always. It was a promise for a wonderful life together.

Oh, and it has been a wonderful life. Our kisses marked celebrations and milestones: anniversaries, the birth of our children, their weddings, and the birth of their children.

And now here is our final kiss. You lay there and I can pretend that you are just asleep, but I know that you're not. So I lean down and kiss you softly on the lips. It isn't goodbye. It's a promise that means I'll see you soon.