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Cemetery of the Fallen

Listen well, for the mistakes of the past time cannot erase,

Progeny of the cursed shall forever live on in disgrace,

The Gods do not forgive mortal vice or contemptuous pride,

And tragedy shall befall the remnants of the Darkness's side.

Beneath this earth doth lies the heart of shackled freedom and strife,

Where spirit and virtue unite, where marriage-song would make wife.

Brazen piety faith did blind, and arrogance became strength.

Pity the fool whom believed in honor; suffer in great length.

The decree had been given once, to the sinner long before,

Fulfilled by the heir, shattered by the throne, spoken of in lore.

Daughter of the Swollen Foot, lover of the Bloody brother;

The fall of Thebes will soon be forgotten, lost to another.

The teardrops of Olympus rain, the prophecy has mended;

Yet in rueful promise did she rise, life no longer lended.

Her soul forfeit and her actions forgive, seek repentance;

Dear Antigone, the Knowledgeable lies in abeyance.

The callous exchange of empty words brings about destiny,

Whilst the beauty of the end? To last for all eternity.

There, the Justice of Man, blind to the serpent's whispering truths.

And the stand for what is right is but the dying flames of youth.

The road to greatness is carved with the relics of the deceased,

But the path to salvation? Filled with the dead; blood of the beast.

Honor and piety shall never lead to that silken Peace,

So heed this guidance, still: Pride is the way of the Broken; cease.