Welcome to the first chapter of the Q & A Avatar/Korra story. I want to thank the ones who left questions on the last chapter. I appreciate it guys and I hope you all like the response the characters give. Any questions that involve Azula will be answered, but she is being locked in a fire-proof room so she doesn't burn down my house.

I'm not taking any chances with that crazy nut. Now then let's get started with the disclaimer, then on with the chapter. I don't own anything from Avatar the Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra. Enjoy the chapter everyone!

Chapter I

Narrator: Here we go with another Q & A story. As voted by you guys Avatar and Korra are next to answer your questions. So let's not waste any time with the first one, which is from Wizard and it's to Azula: how can you shoot lightning that isn't fire so how is it Firebending?

Azula: Let me out of this room and I'll show you.

Narrator: No! Not letting you out of there for anything. So just answer the question.

Azula: Fine, the lightning is known to us as a cold-blooded fire which is a skill that only a few Firebenders can use. How to do this is we separate the…wait a minute why should I reveal how we do it to a stranger? Forget this. I would rather go back to the asylum than stay here to answer another question.

Narrator: Fine, I already called them to come in to take you back. But while we wait I have someone to keep an eye on you.

The door opened and Azula sees a pink pony wearing a nurse outfit bouncing into the room.

Pinkie Pie: Who wants to play?

Azula: Noooo!

Narrator: And while she deals with the evil pink one, let us move on to the next question. From Greymon Leader Batx Flashpoint who is asking five questions: first question to all chracters from both shows, if yo had a choice to pick someone from the main cast to be the avtar apart from Anng and KORRA who would they be male and femal choices

Bolin: Avatar Bolin sounds pretty good to me.

Toph: Yeah right, I think Avatar Toph is better. Or perhaps Avatar Blind Bandit, the Runaway, or Melon Lord would be a better name, bwahahahaha!

Katara: Okay the day you two become the Avatar is the day that the writers actually do pair me and Zuko together.

Toph: From what I have read on FanFiction…

Katara: Those don't count!

Sokka: Anyways, I think I would make a great Avatar, especially with my trusting boomerang and space sword.

Zuko: I think I would make a good Avatar myself.

Everyone stares at Zuko with a monotone expression.

Zuko: Well, at least the people FanFiction think so.

Narrator: Ah well the people of FanFic are never wrong about this sort of stuff.

Katara: Get on with the next question.

Narrator: Fine, kill-joy. So the second question is: who will be the avatar after korra?

Korra: An Earthbender probably, who I hope is a girl. That way I can pass my great wisdom down to and she will listen to me.

Sokka: If it's an Earthbender, I think you are going to have a lot of trouble teaching them. They are as hard-headed and stubborn as a rock.

Toph: If that was another one of your jokes, it not only failed…again.

Sokka: Hey, my jokes are good.

Korra: Not what I heard. Anyways, I'll have no trouble helping guide the next Avatar.

Narrator: Hopefully it will be someone as cool as Toph.

Toph: Heck yeah!

Narrator: All right, time for the third question: to the cast of korra how do you feel aout your final season

Bolin: This is our last season?!

Mako: Bolin we told you about that, three times before the trailer was uploaded.

Bolin: I didn't know that.

Asami: Well it is and it's sad that we're ending the series. We had a good run though and we got to entertain the people with everything we did.

Korra: I just hope it ends better than the last season.

Bolin: But I don't want it to end.

Mako: It's not up to us little brother, but at least we'll go out with a bang…I hope.

Korra: I'm sure they will and we might get a better ending that the Last Airbender got.

Toph: I doubt it!

Narrator: You never know, now on to the fourth chapter: will there be another Blue spirit?

Zuko: You never know. The Blue Spirit could come back when you least expect it.

Mai: Wait, didn't you say you threw the mask away in Ba Sing Se?

Zuko: Oh, right that's true. Never mind then.

Narrator: Smooth move there, Zuzu. Anyways, time for the last question: Amon did you know your Black War Greymon and Wolverine in another life

Amon: Who and a what?

Narrator: BlackWarGreymon is a Digimon and Wolverine is a mutant. Both from different worlds and different backgrounds.

Amon: Then who am I like them?

Narrator: I'm not sure myself. I mean with the two mentioned they both have sad pasts and become heroes in the end. Of course one died a hero, while the other lived on kicking ass before they did kill him off in the comics.

Amon: Well I am in no way a hero.

Narrator: We know that. Now on to the next question that is from Count Raptor: To katara can you bend other liquids besides water like coffee and here's a fun idea next time toph annoys you have everyone except her get up early and head off on appa when she wakes up in the air instead of the ground hahaha man I would pay to see her reaction and you can tell her it was my idea.

Katara: First of all, yes I can. Anything liquid we can bend and what's coffee? Is it like tea?

Narrator: Yep, except it is filled with caffeine that will keep you up.

Katara: Well, it's a good thing Aang didn't have any of that when he was having those nightmares before the invasion. Anyways, Count Raptor I like that idea for a prank and we might just do that, thanks and I'll be sure to tell her it was your idea.

Narrator: Just make sure you are somewhere in the air when she finds out, otherwise you might get locked in a metal box like the guys who tried to kidnap her. Now time for the next question from Guest: to sokka I found your boomerang you can have it for 100$

Sokka: Water tribe currency? Or is it Fire Nation, Earth Nation…

Narrator: Dollars.

Sokka: I don't have the currency you guys have. Come on, give me back boomerang.

Narrator: I say be a sport about it or make a trade for it. That's how I did it with him for his space sword.

Sokka: You are an evil man.

Narrator: Thank you.

Sokka: That wasn't a compliment.

Narrator: It was to me, anyways Guest you can reply to that answer for next time. Now on to (looks around) to Shadow Ninja. Sorry, just wanted to make sure the ninja didn't sneak up on me like the last one did: To aang can airbenders fly and by that I mean without the glider or bison.

Aang: I know an Airbender long ago learned the ability to fly. Since then though many of us Airbenders haven't learned how to do that. Not even me and I'm the Avatar. Unless maybe one of my past lives know how to do that.

Korra: I doubt it and it sucks that I don't know how to fly. It would have come in handy so I could have kicked Zaheer's ass.

Aang: Don't worry, you're not the only one. I wish I could fly too and was immune to fire so I wouldn't have to worry about the Fire Lord trying to incinerate me.

Korra: You didn't need any of that since you defeated him in the Avatar State.

Aang: Oh yeah, that's true.

Narrator: Yeah, things weren't so easy for Korra against these villains like with you Aang. Anyways time for the last question, from Guest…the same Guest from before I guess? Ah well here it is: To Koh are you the reason slenderman has no face? If so what did his face look like?

Koh: Slenderman?

Narrator: The faceless monster who if you see it you will die…I think that's how it goes.

Koh: Oh that fellow. I remember him and I'll answer your question, if you come meet me in person in the Spirit World.

Narrator: Don't make me unleash the pink one on you!

Koh: Fine, but only because she is too…well you know to take her face. Anyways, I never met this Slenderman before so I don't know why it has no face and what it looked like. If I did though I don't think I would leave it as a monster.

Narrator: There you go and that's the end of this first chapter. Tune in next time when…wait what is this?

Picks up a piece of paper from the floor.

Narrator: "Don't look or it takes you." This seems familiar I wonder if…OH MY GOD!

Slender Man appeared behind the Narrator and the entire room turned dark.

Pinkie Pie: Don't worry folks. I will find the narrator and bring him back before you can figure out how I break the fourth wall every time. Until then if you want to leave some questions you can leave them as a review or through PM here. Anything else, Korra?

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