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Chapter IV

Narrator: Now let's get started first with Count Raptor who left three questions: to airbenders why are you all bald seriously! you can still see the arrow tatoos with hair ya know oh and bolin I paid deadpool 100$ to blow you up! :)

Bolin: Wait, what?!

Narrator: Don't worry about it I kicked him out and can't come back in. Anyways, couldn't get the other airbenders but I did get some that you all know.

Kai: I don't know why we have to shave our heads. I do know is I never shaved mine and it is going to stay that way.

Jinora: That's because anytime dad came looking for you to shave your head you kept hiding from him or took off.

Kai: For good reason. Anyways, not all of us got tattoos, only Jinora did because it is a sign of her being a master.

Jinora: And please don't send any questions about me looking like grandpa Aang. I heard all the jokes already so quit it.

Bolin: Back to what he said about Deadpool. Why do you want to blow me up?

Narrator: I don't know. This was before I guess you helped the others out against Kuvira. Anyways, on with the next question: to eska what is your favorite weapon? What did I say about Eksa?! No questions of that evil crazy woman.

Jinora: Haven't you finished dealing with this problem?

Narrator: I did. I got a restraining order against her, but that is not going to stop her. I swear she is stalking me.

Kai: Wait, wasn't she supposed to marry Bolin?

Bolin: Yeah, but we ended it on good terms and now she doesn't. I'm with Opal anyways.

Narrator: Well we didn't end it on good terms. That is why she is not going to…

Eska broke down the door and came in with an axe made from ice.

Eska: You and I have some unfinished business to attend to.

Narrator: Wade! I will pay you 500 bucks to get rid of her!

Deadpool kicks Eska out through the window and takes the money.

Deadpool: Your wish is my lunch…

He then turns towards Bolin and talks like Arnold from the Terminator.

Deadpool: I'll be back…for you.

Deadpool takes off to fight Eska.

Bolin: All this for 100 bucks?!

Narrator: He will do anything for money. Anyways, time for the next question and hopefully it doesn't involve the brother: to airbender cast why did all the warriors leave the South Pole they should have at least left one or two warriors stay and protect their home and no sokka you don't count!

Sokka: Hey! I am a great warrior and I defended our home when dad left.

Katara: There wasn't anything to defend us from since the Fire Benders never came back until we found Aang. Anyways, dad and the others left to help fight against the Fire Nation. They did this by helping protect the coast of the Earth Kingdom near Ba Sing Se. At least that is what dad told us.

Sokka: Even so I still would have defended our home.

Katara: If Aang didn't come back I think Zuko would have taken it.

Narrator: Sorry Sokka, but the lady has a point. Now on to the next question from the next Guest who send some questions…at least I think it is the same Guest: to crazy metal lady why do people call you crazy metal lady? I dont watch legend of korra that much.

Narrator: Crazy metal lady is Kuvira, so answer away crazy metal lady.

Kuvira: First of all don't call me that and secondly people call me that because they think I am insane. They think what I am doing is crazy, but it isn't. What I am trying to do is unite the entire Earth Kingdom and bring order back to it. I am not insane.

Narrator: So you say. Now to the second question: My question is to korra how did you feel when finally beat kuvira's ass because she deserve's it for what she did to all the the people you know and love.

Korra: I was just glad to end the battle. Kuvira's goal was not a bad one, but how she did it was the problem. Forcing people to join, threatening them with war, and using a super weapon only showed people she was not different from the Earth Queen who was a tyrant. I am glad I was able to bring in Kuvira to justice and things ended well.

Narrator: With you and Asami walking off into the spirit world. I bet you two are together now.

Kuvira: That does explain the rumors from the fans.

Korra: Oh shut it narrator and get on with the next questions!

Narrator: Fine, sheesh crabby much? Okay so here is the next question which is to you and Asami: are you two now together as lesbians?

Korra's face begins to turn red.

Korra: No comment! Next question!

Asami: Why? I don't mind answering. People pair us both on FanFic all the time.

Korra: Well I prefer not to answer it and please don't.

Asami: Fine, but if your other questions have anything to do like us kissing then that is a big yes.

Korra: Asami!

Narrator: I knew it! Anyways, let us move on before Korra goes all Avatar state on us and tries to destroy my home. This is to Kuvira: do you feel sorry for all the people you hurt?

Kuvira: I did regret some of it, but I was trying to unite the nations. I knew that doing it wouldn't be easy and there would be resistance. But I just wanted a nation united together instead of it being separated or being in chaos like it was when I went to fix it. I know one thing though, I won't regret hurting that red spandex idiot if he doesn't stop sending me love mails.

Narrator: Trust me, others will deal with him when he least expects it. Now time for the last question, which is to you Aang and the cast: how do you feel about the last scene of Korra and Asami?

Teznin: What scene? What is this Guest talking about?

Lin: We'll show you later and I have to say I did not expect that. Then again after her breakup with Mako and the two girls spending so much time together it isn't much of a surprise how it went.

Suyin: Reminds me of that time I had a little experiment with this girl I met.

Opal: Wait, what?

Narrator: Yes, what?

Suyin: Never mind, anyone else wants to add their opinion about this question?

Bolin: I didn't see it coming and I guess that explains why you never got back with them, Mako.

Mako: No comment.

Jinora: I think it is kind of romantic. They start out as friends, but as time passes by they begin to fall in love and then get together.

Korra: That's it, I am going to kill this Guest guy or gal now.

Asami: Korra, come on settle down. They are just questions. At least you didn't read this one story where you are with Lin who has a…

Korra: I'm not listening! I'm not listening! Move on to the next author please!

Narrator: Fine, you big baby. Next questions are from Jokermask18: I've got no questions: Korra: are you sad about your show ending? I am. You rock.

Korra: First of all this does count as a question. Secondly, thanks I know I rock. And third I am sad the show ended. I mean I love how it was going and how many enjoyed watching our show. I also enjoy reading the stories they made, but I knew it wouldn't last forever and at least it ended well. Maybe one day we'll get our own animated movie, but until then thanks guys for all the support for the show.

Narrator: We are so glad it ended well and I will miss watching it. Now time for the second question: The ATLA cast: my previous question was actually about the older versions of yourself that Korra has met. Are you proud of your future selves?

Katara: I am, especially to see how far Korra has come. She has proven herself to be a great Avatar and I know Aang would be proud.

Aang: I am proud and glad she was able to make it to where she is despite all the bad things that happened. In the end she got through them with some help and she became the Avatar I knew she could become.

Toph: I'm just glad to know I can still kick butt and be awesome.

Sokka: I'm glad my future-self got to appear, but I wish he appeared more than once.

Zuko: We know, and I'm glad I was able to help Korra as best I could. I will need to talk to my daughter about helping our friends more next time.

Narrator: Yeah, she didn't get to do much, did she? Now for the last question: Everyone: If the casts of both shows had a burping contest against each other, who would win?

Everyone from ATLA and LOK: Toph!

Toph: Damn right. I even beat the actor who played me from the Ember Island play.

Deadpool is kicked back into the room covered in cuts.

Deadpool: I want a rematch!

Narrator: Is she gone?

Deadpool: Nope, she took my swords.

He pulls out rocket launcher.

Deadpool: I'll get here though.

He takes off through the window.

Narrator: Okay, so here is the next question from Araku the ValiDrava: you want questions, you got it here is mine.Since the current spider-verse event in comics has been headlining with every spider-man/woman/girl/boy/or whatever from all of time and space, how would you feel if a Spider-Man existed in the ALOA/LOK universe

Korra: Well, everyone is saying Lin is the Spider-Man of our world.

Lin: I don't dress in spandex and swing around on a web.

Toph: Nope, but you do swing around on metal cables.

Lin: I am not Spider-Man!

Korra: I still think it would be cool to see a Spider-Man in our world. Aang's old world though doesn't have much places to swing a web from.

Aang: Ba Sing Se does, but yeah you got a point. It would be cool to see a hero from another world come to ours. We have enough to deal with Deadpool and his obsession with Chimichangas.

Korra: I know that feeling. He won't stop hitting on me.

Deadpool: And I never will. Now time to kill, Bolin.

Bolin: Wait, what?!

Narrator: Is Eska gone?

Deadpool: Nope, she paid me a thousand dollars to take you to her. So once I deal with this guy I will deal with you.

Narrator: Not so fast. I anticipated this and that is why I have a backup plan.

Pressing a button nearby the door opens and in comes Pinkie Pie riding on Kirby.

Deadpool: What is that pinkie horse and pinky blob going to do? Throw a party?

Deadpool begins to laugh until Kirby opens his mouth and sucks him in. Deadpool's mask appears over Kirby's head and pulls out a sword from out of nowhere.

Pinkie: Now let us deal with the crazy lady!

Kirby and Pinkie Pie jump out the window to fight Eska.

Narrator: Now that is a Death Battle I would love to see. Anyways, the last questions are from Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint and the first one is: what will the next comic be about when Toph's story ends.

Aang: We have another story set up. At least that is what I was told and maybe we might do one for Korra.

Korra: Oh that would be cool and I hope they go for it.

Narrator: Oh hopefully if they do that they can make an animated movie that won't be made by the last asshole who made the Last Airbender movie. Second question is to Zuko:Zuko WTF man why did you go to being a bad guy again in cyrtal caves, you kinda ticked off a lot people and wasted a season of morale learning you ass

Zuko: I think I answered this question before and I explained what happened. I was going through some struggles about what I want to do and about wanting my honor back. I'm sorry for making you mad, but I hope I made up for it by helping the others. Even during the Legend of Korra.

Narrator: Yes you did and how you were able to keep Korra safe during her childhood when you guys captured Zaheer and his crew. Now for the third question, which is to Aang: I like you but do you ever think maybe you wheregood/bad/ok/ dad to your kids

Aang: I admit I may have made some mistakes, but in the end my kids ended up growing up well and have helped save the world.

Narrator: Especially Bumi Jr. who did a lot even without bending during season 2: woman can water bend to fight there's no such as gender weakness everyone is srong in their own ways but gendr doesn't matter and if it does it's just a small.

Korra: Um yeah it really doesn't matter since we showed how evenly matched men and women can be with bending.

Toph: But to be honest, we women kick the most ass.

Korra: Oh yeah.

Narrator: I would argue with that, but there are more dangerous women in both worlds that I fear saying the wrong word will get me killed. And I have enough to deal with one crazy woman. I don't want to deal with more. Anyways, on to the next question which won't be the fifth one since all the episodes of the final season happened. So time for the sixth which is to Mako: should you see a doctor you got hit by enegy andit was spiritual.

Mako: I did and I just need to take it easy for a while. I can't bend or do anything physical until I get better. But other than that no I am fine and thanks for your conerns.

Narrator: I actually thought you were dead, but good to know you weren't. Time for the next question, which is to characters of Korra: are you happy with your last words?

Korra: I know I am, but I will miss being on the show with all my friends. We had fun giving the fans a good show and we hope they have plans for us in the future.

Mako: I hope so too and at least things didn't end like last time. With a sad/happy ending. Okay maybe not since what happened to Asami's head.

Asami: At least he redeemed himself to everyone and I got to be with him before it happened.

Bolin: And we got the whole gang back together. So we will miss being on the show, but we are happy to have fans that support us.

Narrator: So true and now the last question is to Lin and he says "congraduts guys im going to miss you all": what was it like without armour?

Lin: First of all thanks kid and secondly I have taken it off before, but without it at the end did feel weird. But glad to know the show ended well.

Korra: Yep and thanks everyone for all the questions you gave us. We hope you enjoyed our response and thanks again for everything.

Narrator: And that's the end guys. We hope you all like how this went and for those who send in the questions, thanks guys. We appreciate it and hope you like the responses. Now I plan to continue making another Q and A, but still working out which one it is. But when I do you will all find out.

Pinkie Pie: Oh oh, can it be with our world next?

Narrator: Depends, did you take care of Eska?

Pinkie Pie: Kirby is dealing with her right now. So?

Narrator: Fine, next one will be as promised as My Little Pony Q & A story. I don't think I'll get a lot of people from this story to ask questions about that, but hopefully some will still check it out. Anyways, if you guys like how this went then leave some reviews to let me know what you think. If you didn't like this then don't leave a flame review. I think that is it. Take care guys and Merry Christmas.

Kirby comes in dressed as Eska.

Kirby/Eska: We will be wed and you will belong to me.

Narrator: AHHHH!