This has to be a dream! There is absolutely no way they could have found out about the dinner! Miu screamed in her head.

"B-B-B-Bou-chan?! Yasu?! What-"

"Why are you having dinner with a boy?!" Bou-san scowled and pushed back Yasu. Yasu paid no mind to the aggressive action. In fact, his sly grin only grew wider. Miu swallowed thickly as she played with the hem of her shirt and clamped her mouth shut. She was absolutely determined not to answer.

"Oh, I always knew you would pick up a boy!" Yasu nodded his head confidently with sparkles in his eyes. "My little Miu-chan has grown up!"

"She has not grown up!" Bou-san crossed his arms.

"Miu-chan, has he given you a kiss yet?" Yasu wiggled his eyebrows and nudged Miu's shoulder. "Did he give you a French kiss?" Miu stepped back cautiously, and her eyes widened in fear. If it was one thing she learned, it was this: never let Yasu tease you. Think quick, Miu! What'll make them stop?! Uh...uhhh...Oh! I know Daddy'll come running once I do this!

Miu straightened her stand, balled her fists at her side, stomped her foot and... Screamed as loud as she could. Bou-San and Yasu immediately covered their ears and winced.

"Oooow! Miu-chan, stop!" Bou-san cried. She stopped for a moment, took a breath, and screamed even louder than before. Suddenly, a pair of strong arms pulled her back into safety of her house, and the scent of tea flooded her senses. She clung to Naru and mentally sighed in relief. I'm glad they're afraid of Daddy when he's mad.

"What are you doing here?" Naru hissed. Why did they show up!? This wasn't apart of the plan!

Bou-san started to stutter, while Yasu only grinned.

"They were picking on me." Miu pouted and raised her arms. Naru kneeled down and picked her up, and Miu rested her head under his chin. "And Bou-chan was being overprotective!"

"I was not!"

"Yes, you were!" She lifted her head and stuck out her tongue.

"Um...who is, 'Bou-chan?'" Everyone turned to face Kenta. Bou-san's face started to turn red with fury, while Yasu started to innocently smile, but the devilish glint in his eyes betrayed his smile. If Miu's dad's glare doesn't kill me, then I think this guy's smile will! He has the devil's smille! Poor Kenta was even more confused as to why Mai and Miu looked...pitiful, as if they were deciding what flowers to put on Kenta's coffin.

Bou-san rolled up each sleeve to his elbow and started to walk towards Kenta.


"Bou-san, would you like some food?" Miu innocently asked. Don't pound him! He's a great shield for daddy's glares. Plus, he's really cute!

"He's not hungry." Naru scowled.

"But daddyyyyyy," Miu whined. "That's mean of you to do that your family."

"They're not related to me in any way." Yasu gasped dramatically and covered his mouth.

"Big Boss, you're so cruel!" He started to fake sob and dramatically fell into Mai's shoulders. He continued to sob, whining, "I thought we were a family!" He hugged Mai from the side and continued to sob. Naru's eyes narrowed and his grip tightened on Miu. Miu rolled her eyes and slapped Naru's shoulder.

"Daddy, you don't need to glare at every boy who comes in contact with mommy." She scowled. "Or any boy who talks to me!"

"I second that." Kenta boldly stated and crossed his arms. He faltered once Naru glanced at him and narrowed his eyes, as of saying, Really?

"I think it's starting to rain..." Mai held out her hand to catch any raindrops that might have fallen. There was a few light drops, before a downpour descended upon them. Bou-san, Yasu, and Mai all rushed inside, nearly knocking over Miu and Naru in the process. In the rush, someone had knocked over a trash can, and trash spilled everywhere, but before anyone could do anything about it Miu jumped down and shut the door. An uncomfortable silence fell upon them.

"...I hope the food's not cold." Kenta awkwardly coughed. Yasu piped up and turned his head to face Kenta. He grinned deviously and kneeled down to face him. Kenta kept himself from shivering and swallowed lightly, "Are y-you 'Yasu-chan?'"

"Kenta-chan and I are gonna go eaaaaat!" Miu sang nervously as she quickly brushed past Yasuhara, grabbed Kenta's hand, and dragged him away effortlessly. "We'll be in the dining rooooom!"

"Oi! Wait!" Bou-san growled. However, once Miu turned around and glared at him, Bou-san clamped his mouth shut. Miu stuck her nose up in the air and kept on walking afterwards, refusing to stop despite Kenta's protests.

"She looks just like Naru-bou when she glares..." Bou-san blinked.

"So, how did you find out about this?" Miu waved her chopsticks around in a circular motion, then pointed it at Bou-san and Yasu. "I never mentioned it to anyone! Besides Mommy and Daddy, of course."

"Your phone call gave it away." Bou-san crossed his arms.

"How?! I never mentioned Kenta! How could you possibly derive anything from it?!"

"Because you always look forward to our visits. That, and you're a terrible liar, Miu-chan-"

"I am not!" Miu blushed. Bou-san ignored her and continued on.

"So, imagine my surprise when I pull up, and you're inviting a boy into your house!"

"Kenta-chan is a great friend, thank you very much!"

"What makes him a great friend?"

"Sure, don't even ask me," Kenta muttered under his breath. "I'm just a target practice for all your anger and glares, huh?"

"He's honest." Miu stuck her nose in the air and ignored his mutters. "I can ask him anything, and he'll reply with the truth."

"Oh, really?" Yasu smirked. "He'll answer anything honestly?"


"Then ask him something." Yasu challenged. Miu narrowed her eyes and silently accepted it.

"Kenta, am I a terrible liar?" She turned to her friend and asked.

"Uhh...I...uh...don't really know..." Don't say anything don't say anything don't say anything. Just keep your trap shut and you'll live!

"What do you mean you don't know?!"


"That doesn't answer anything!" Kenta sighed exasperatedly. "Don't sigh, Kenta-chan! Just anwer the question!" This is how I'm going to die...

"...You're not a very good liar, Miu-chan..." Miu blushed again, humphed, and crossed her arms stubbornly. "B-But that doesn't mean you're not a bad person! I think you're r-really awesome! And-" He cut himself off quickly. His face erupted in a blush and he stiffly returned to his food.

"Don't leave it at that!" Miu whined. "And what?"

"Yes, please, do go on." Bou-san narrowed his eyes. Mai sweat dropped, while Naru remained stoic, but the glint in his eyes told that he, too, wanted to know. Feeling hot under the collar Kenta quickly stuffed his mouth with food. He swore he could practically feel the tension digging into his shoulders, but they were nothing compared to the glares he felt every single second he stayed there.

"So,..uh...d'you have any games?" He weakly attempted to change the subject.

"We have monopoly." Miu shrugged. "But Bou-chan's a cheater, so it wouldn't be very fun."

"I'm not a cheater!"

"Cheater!" Miu stuck out her tongue.

"If anything, Mai and Yasu are the cheaters!"

"Why me? I don't cheat!" Mai exclaimed.

"But you and Yasu always work together." Bou-san scowled. "It's not fair."

"Oh, I'll gladly work with you, Housho dear." Yasu grinned and winked seductively. Bou-san immediately reacted with indignant sputters, which caused Naru to pinch the bridge of his nose exasperatedly. Under the table, Miu grabbed Kenta's hand and gave it a squeeze. With a quick nod of her head, she motioned to the doorway leading to the living room. While Yasu continued to tease Bou-san the two children quickly snuck away. Miu loosened her grip on Kenta's hand, but did not let go once they reached the asylum of the living room.

"Hold on, I need to open the window. The rain'll help the flowers grow." She released Kenta's hand, grabbed a step stool, moved it against the wall, stepped on it, and opened the window. "I know the daises just love the water!" She grinned.

"Le Specie dell'Oceano?" Kenta suddenly said. Miu piped up and titled her head to the side.


"It's what the title of the book says. I think it's Italian? I'm not used to reading things that aren't in characters." He lifted up the book and shook it a bit. "I think it fell on the floor earlier."

"It is Italian." Miu hopped down. "It's my book. Daddy gave it to me for my birthday." Kenta stared at her incredulously.

"Wait, you speak Italian?"

"Not quite yet, but I do speak English, too. In fact I think there's a book of mine on the top shelf that's entirely in English..." Miu grinned, as if an idea popped into her head.

"What's with that grin?" Kenta narrowed his eyes. "Miu, you had the same grin when you wanted revenge on Akino at school and ended up spiking his food with tobacco sauce." Miu ignored Kenta and started to climb the bookcase. "Miu?!" Kenta hissed. "What're you doing?"

"I'm getting the book! What else?"

"Get down from there! You'll hurt yourself!" By now Miu was almost halfway done.

"Pfffft, you underestimate me. Besides, I need to show Bou-chan that just because I'm small doesn't mean I can't do anything." Miu quickened her pace until she reached the top. "I've made it so far, what could possibly happen?"


"Aha! It's...not here!" Miu pouted and sighed irritatedly. The bookshelf was so tall, Miu's head almost touched the ceiling, despite her short height. "Oh, wait, it's in my bedroom upstairs... Or is it under the couch? Hmm..." She sighed and unknowingly leaned back. "Darn, I really need to-"

"Miu!" Kenta cried suddenly. She snapped out of her reviere, only to feel a wave of panic seize her as the bookshelf groaned and started to fall forward. "Miu!" Kenta cried again. Miu and Kenta couldn't see everyone's faces sudden,y going pale in the other room.

Miu squeezed her eyes shut tightly, but her grip slipped mid fall. She landed on Kenta with an, "Oof!"

"Miu! Kenta-kun!" Mai gasped from the doorway.

"C'mon! We need to move!" Kenta grabbed Miu's wrist, but she let out a cry of pain. Meanwhile, the bookshelf swayed back and forth, as if it was contemplating whether or not it would fall or stay put.

"Ow!" Miu bit her lip. "I think it's bruised too much." The bookshelf groaned and continued to sway. Miu shut her eyes and grabbed onto Kenta with her good hand. Then, as if someone had grabbed the back of her shirt, she was jerked back along with Kenta. The bookshelf stopped moving, and the silence afterwards was tense and heavy. Miu opened her eyes and tilted up her head to meet Naru's eyes. Anger, concern and relief passed through them.

"...I, uh... I found my book, daddy..."

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