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Dragneel Siblings

Chapter 1

It was a normal day at the Fairy Tail guild; someone yelling at another wizard, the guild starting one of their famous and well know fights, Erza entering and yelling at every one, all the wizards going back to talking peacefully; you know, the normal.

Lucy, Wendy, Levi, and Marijane were talking about having a sleep over at Lucy's house and invited Erza to come along when they saw her.

"So what will we do for fun?" asked an excited Wendy as she jumped up and down, excited about the plan.

"Well I have a few board games, and I have a lot of make up as well so we can probably do a lot of stuff before we go to sleep." Chimed in Lucy as she thought about what they could do.

While the girls talked about their sleep over, Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, and Lauxus had decided to train out in the forest for a few days, wanting to make it so they could work on a team so that if they went on missions together, it would be much easier if they worked together.

Both groups were talking when the door to their guild was suddenly slammed open. A villager was standing just outside the guild door, panting like crazy trying to get air to fill his lungs.

Hey what's the matter?" asked Wendy as she ran to the now collapsing villager. He looked up into her ocean colored eyes and sighed as he took a few deep breaths.

"Are any of your dragon slayers here at the moment?" he asked, his voice a little bit raspy from all the hard breathing he had done while running towards the guild.

Wendy nodded her head and helped him to a seat where her, Natsu, Gajeel, and Lauxus all looked at the panting villager who sat before him.

"What's the matter sir?" asked Lauxus as he looked at the small man in front of him.

The man took a few more deep breaths before raising his head to look at the 4 dragon slayers in front of him.

"There's been a dragon sighting on the outskirts of town. It's..." he never finished his sentence as Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy all yelled "WHERE!" at the same time. Their faces became more serious than before as they jumped the man with questions like things such as "What did it look like?" or "What was it doing?" and then the final question that they all said in union. "WHERE IS IT!"

The villager was taken back and tried telling them all he knew as fast as he could.

"It's close to the forest and it has Crimson red scales and it's flying above the trees and sometimes flying over our fields as if it's looking for something." He said as he watched the 4 dragon slayers take all this in.

Before anyone knew it; they had all ran out of the guild and ran to where he told them the dragon had been sighted.

It seemed like only seconds before they reached their destination and saw a crimson red colored dragon soaring through the sky. They all stared in aw as it flew right above their heads.

All of a sudden, the dragon looked over its shoulder and turned abruptly; diving down towards the 4 teens.

"DODGE!" yelled Wendy as her and the others jumped to the sides- well, all except for Natsu that is- as the dragon came barreling towards them

The three dragon slayers who had jumped out of the way watched in horror as they screamed for him to move out of the way, but the dragon crashed into him and there was a large glow as fire surrounded the dragon and Natsu.

The fire quickly disappeared and there was a tall, slim teenager hugging Natsu.

They stared in aw as Natsu hugged the teen back and then fell to the ground.

"Natsu!" the dragon slayers yelled as they snapped out of their trance. Natsu stared up at the others and then tapped the other teen that was gripping onto him.

"Aniki, can you let go so I can breathe properly?" asked Natsu as he tried untangling the teen on top of him.

"I'm only a second year older than you bro, so stop calling me Aniki" growled the teen, as she slowly released her death grip on her younger twin.

The teen that had been revealed to be Natsu's older twin looked at the other 3 dragon slayers that stared at the 2.

"Nice to meet you" said Natsu's older twin as they extended their hand to shake with the others "my name is Natsuki Dragneel, older twin sister of Natsu. Pleased to meet you" she said as she shook Wendy's small hand, a happy smile on her face.

Natsuki was practically a second Natsu, with a few slight differences like how her hair was down to her waist and she wore a scarf -similar to Natsu's- around her waist instead of her neck. She wore a black vest with red trims – similar to Natsu's first shirt- and had it was buttoned up in the front with a single button to keep from exposing her chest. She wore no shoes on her feet and had knee length black shorts with again red trimmings. Her face was lightly tanned and she had two piercings in each ear. Her eyes were the same color as Natsu's just a little bit more lizard like.

She held her head high as she looked at the others and then out of nowhere she asked it.

"Now if you don't mind. I'll be taking my brother back now."

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