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" thinking"
"Quiet Rage"

Hylian or Sacred Wolf... or something else

Taking Place in the arbiter ground when Minda was Cut down by Ganon- (Zelda will not be a puppet in this one)

Link could only watch in horror as Minda was killed before his eyes. Before Minda was killed he could read one thing on her lips as she was cut down by Ganon's blade. Four simple words... "I love you Link." As Link watched in horror he could only think one thing "She died... protecting me... she LOVED me..."
Ganon Sneered as he said "You're a foolish Princess to protect one as pathetic as this worm.
Just as he finished this sentence he kicked Minda's corpse of his blade to have Minda fall in-front of our hero...

Rage now filling Link's mind he muttered "Ganon... you will pay for this." Link's Triforce glowing but not the normal yellow no it was glowing a greenish blue as he muttered this. Link now screaming strong"YOU WILL PAY FOR TAKING MINDA AWAY FROM ME!"Twilight Magic now surrounding Link shrouding him in shadows Link was Transforming yes ;but not into a wolf this form was of Humanoid shape. The Mastersword was also changing with both Shadow and Light Coming off it in waves

Eyes open the iris white and the scarla Blue. The shadows Lift as it looked like Link's Hero garb became Black with Green twili markings all over it and his skin looked the same as Minda's ; his hair turned Silver gray and he had a wolfish tail coming out of his backside. He radiated a power of both light and darkness... a power of twilight.