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It had been three months since the attack on Haku and Chihiro in the Dark Forest, and Haku was no closer to coming to a conclusion about his proposal to Chihiro. He knew Chihiro was curious as to why they weren't married yet, but she wasn't going to say anything to him. He didn't want to keep her waiting for too much longer though. He decided to go to Yubaba about his dilemma. She seemed to always have the answers in times of need.

"I'm going to go visit with Yubaba for a while." He told Chihiro as he pulled her into a hug. She returned his embrace and pulled away smiling.

"I love you Haku. Thank you for all your hard work and love." He kissed her cheek and walked out of her apartment. They didn't share an apartment yet, as Yubaba would not allow it. It would, "Corrupt your innocence" as she put it. Haku just laughed and went along for the ride.

Haku sat down at the table with Yubaba at the other end. She served him green tea, and some lemon pound cake. Yubaba looked at Haku as if she was staring into his very soul. "You came to seek council on the topic of yours and Chihiro's engagement." Haku knew Yubaba too well to be surprised by the fact that she knew what he came for. So he nodded in response to her question. "Very well. I think you two should marry the place where you first met."

"So the bridge then." Yubaba nodded and said;

"Yes. If we catch the sunset, I think it would be exquisite." She paused and thought to herself. Haku saw her nod as if she was affirming her words in her mind. "As for your proposal. You need to do it soon. It's been too long Haku! I bet she's wondering what the heck is going on. The poor thing…"

"It's decided then. I will ask her to marry me today down by the ocean, and then next week we will have the wedding in the evening. Thanks for your help Yubaba!"

"But Haku! Your lemon ca-"

Haku was already out the door and halfway down the elevator before Yubaba could finish her sentence. He felt a renewed vigor and strength. But he also felt nervous. Like there were a million tiny butterflies flying around in his stomach. "What if she says no?" "What if it's the wrong time?" "What if I stutter?"

A light knock came at Chihiro's door at about three in the afternoon. She was feeling a little down, since Haku had yet to ask her. Maybe she had gotten the wrong idea entirely from him, or maybe he wanted to call it off between them. She braced herself for whatever reality awaited her on the other side of the door. She opened the door slowly and in came a smiling and happy Haku. "What puts you in such a good mood my dear?" She asked him kindly.

"Nothing dear. I just thought since today was such a wonderfully beautiful day, we should go have a little afternoon to ourselves."

"That sounds wonderful Haku!" He took her hand, and led her out to the balcony, where he successfully changed into his dragon form, leading Chihiro onto his back.

Chihiro loved this feeling of the sun shining brightly onto her face and the relaxed feeling she felt when she rode on Haku's back. Dragon's were such graceful creatures. After about five minutes of peaceful riding, Haku dropped down onto the beach. Chihiro jumped off of his back and looked around at the empty beach around them. What were the chances of them having the beach to themselves on this lovely day?

Haku took Chihiro's hand in his, and they walked along the beach in silence, just enjoying the peacefulness of it all. Haku took a deep breath and turned to face Chihiro. He took both her hands tenderly, and said, "Chihiro, you mean so much to me. When you first came here, I knew I loved you right away. You were so adorable, awkward, yet so kind and tender. You loved everyone around you, no matter what they did to you. You are so caring, and loving, and honestly Chihiro, I can't imagine spending time without you. The last ten years without you were the worst, and I never want to go without you for that long again. I love you too much to let you go. Chihiro, will you marry me?"

Now, at this point, Chihiro started crying and said "yes" through sobs, tears and laughter. Haku hugged her tightly and then took her face gently in his hands, and slowly put his lips to hers. He pulled her closer and said, "Let's get back. We have a lot of planning to do within a week."

The next week went by in a flash for both Chihiro, and Haku, and by the time she knew what was happening, she was staring at herself in the mirror dressed in the most beautiful wedding gown she had ever seen. It had lace around the neckline, that shaped her neck and collarbones just perfectly. It was shorter the front, and then the train in the back was extra long and flowed out behind her like a river. Her hair was curled, and Lin was helping her put the veil on. As they walked through the bathhouse, people stopped and gazed. She truly looked exquisite. As she walked down the stairs towards the front gates toward the bridge, Haku caught a glimpse of his bride, and a lump got caught in his throat. She looked so beautiful, and he just couldn't believe that she would be his to spend eternity with. He watched as she slowly walked toward him, the fading sunlight catching on her dress, making her look like she was truly shining. She reached where he was standing in the middle of the bridge, and after they said their vows, they released lanterns into the sky as a symbol of no matter what happens, you can always be happy.