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Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Chapter 13

In New York City a plane had just landed and off got Tommy, Adam and Rocky, Tommy and Rocky were going to get their bags and then go to their connecting flights while Adam was going to stay in New York for a while.

"Do you think the other Rangers will be ok?" asked Rocky.

"I'm sure they will after all their powers are more advanced than out Zeo ones" said Adam.

"I don't think that's true anymore Adam" said Tommy.

"What are you talking about Tommy?" asked Adam.

"Well Zordon did say the Zeo Powers got Stronger the longer we have them and I think they have now reached a level where they are on par with the current Rangers powers" said Tommy.

"That does make sense, I mean when I'm in the suit my back doesn't hurt at all I can do anything but out of it I still do get the odd twinge" said Rocky.

"I think the longer we keep the powers within us the less you should feel your back trouble even when not morphed" said Tommy.

"That's good to know I just hope that the flight to Africa isn't too bumpy so when I find Aisha I'm not in terrible pain and she thinks something terrible has happened" said Rocky.

"Don't worry Rocky, Aisha will probably think your joking about anyway" said Adam as he said his goodbyes for now and headed for the exit to begin his search of New York for Tanya.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Tommy and Rocky had re-checked in their bags and were waiting in the departure lounge for the announcement of which gate their respective flights would leave from.

"Hey Tommy so what made your uncle pick you for the race in Florida?" asked Rocky.

"His main driver got called up for the Le Mans 24 hr. race in France and he asked if I wouldn't mind taking the race seat for the Daytona 500" said Tommy.

"That sounds awesome man I hope you do well and get a permanent seat next season" said Rocky.

"Who knows maybe I will but I'm also applying to university to do a course in paleontology" said Tommy.

"Haven't you spent enough time around Dinosaurs now you want to study their fossils as well" said Rocky.

"Our experience on Phaedos while I was riding that Triceratops made me think about doing paleontology, there's an opportunity I could get hands on experience since the course is run by a doctor Anton Mercer and he has a dig scheduled for two years after the class finishes on an unexplored island in the Atlantic he wants to take some of his best students with him" said Tommy.

"You don't think the Unexplored Island is Muranthias do you?" asked Rocky.

"I hope not but if it is and I'm there I can call in the cavalry if anything of Maligore survived" said Tommy.

"Flight 374 to London Gatwick connecting to Flight 523 to Kenya leaving from gate 24" said an automated voice through the airport speakers.

"Have a safe flight Rocky" said Tommy as Rocky headed off to his gate and Tommy waited for his gate to be announced

"Thanks Tommy and good luck with the race I'll keep a look out to see how you do" said Rocky.

After waiting by himself for 10 minutes the same automated voice started up again and this time it said "Flight 583 to Daytona Beach leaving from gate 6"

'About time I thought there was going to be a delay' thought Tommy to himself as he headed to his gate.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Adam had found his rented apartment for the week he planned on being in New York he had assumed it would be easy enough to track Tanya down he believed that could be done within a day and then spend the rest of the week trying to talk her to coming back to Angel Grove and also to finally admit his feelings to her.

Adam turned the digital radio on and started to scroll through the channels and to his surprise he found Tanya almost immediately.

'Well that was easy' said Adam to himself as he made a note of which station Tanya was on and how long it would take him to reach the broadcaster.

Adam decided that he would go to see her tomorrow.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

At Daytona Beach International Airport Tommy's flight had landed and he grabbed his bags and headed outside to find his ride to the race track to meet up with his Uncle.

Once out of the airport he found his ride and it didn't take long to get him to the race track.

"Tommy I'm very grateful that you agreed to do this, I couldn't really tell my lead driver not to go to Le Mans it's a great race and if he does well it will get us some more attention" said Tommy's uncle

"That's ok Uncle I am happy to do it, although I am applying to university so I don't know how many other races I could do for you" said Tommy.

The two of them started to walk back into the garage and they went over the track lay out and the strategy for the race weekend.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

It was late when Rocky landed in London and his connecting flight was delayed so he decided to see what was on the news in a bar at the airport.

"The Power Rangers appear to be having a difficult time battling this latest monster" said the reporter.

Rocky watched as he saw the Blue Space Ranger and a strange looking Red Ranger helping him fight Rito while two Megazords fought the Monster and they looked to be having a tough time.

'What should I do, they look like they could use some extra help' thought Rocky to himself.

Rocky looked round and made his way to a quiet area where he could still see the TV but it was quiet enough that people wouldn't notice what he was doing, he slowly rose his wrist to his mouth ready to speak through his communicator when a loud explosion caught his attention and on the TV screen. He saw Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser firing lasers at the monster which caused enough of a distraction for the two Megazords to power up their final blows and destroy the monster.

'Phew that was a close call' said Rocky to himself.

"Flight 523 to Kenya boarding at gate 12 Terminal 1" said an automated voice.

Rocky looked at where he was and realised he was in the wrong terminal and had to catch an underground train to the right terminal and managed to quickly get on his plane to Kenya.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Meanwhile back in New York Adam had woken up and had got ready for his first day of trying to get Tanya to come back to Angel Grove with him.

Adam made his way to the radio station and waited for Tanya to arrive for her show, Adam hadn't been waiting too long when Tanya showed up and instantly came over to him.

"Adam what are you doing here" said Tanya as she hugged him.

"I came to ask you to please return to Angel Grove with me?" asked Adam.

"I can't Adam I have a great apartment not far from the studio and I have a local Radio show that is one of the most listened to in New York" said Tanya.

"Please Tanya things haven't been the same since you left I miss having you around" said Adam.

"What do you mean Adam?" asked Tanya.

"I miss you Tanya I realise now that I have deep feelings for you and would like to explore them further with you" said Adam.

"Adam I have the same feelings about you to Adam. But I can't just give up everything with no job in place if I decide to go back to Angel Grove" said Tanya.

"Tanya there is a Job waiting for you the Angel Grove Radio Station have been advertising for a new host for their afternoon show" said Adam.

"I need to think about it Adam, how about after the show we catch up some more, your welcome to come inside and listen to the show from there" said Tanya.

"Thanks I'd love that" said Adam as he followed Tanya inside the studio.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

In Florida Tommy was getting ready for driving the race car today so the team could start to set up the car ready for the race.

"Tommy take the first few laps careful just to make sure the car runs smooth" said his Uncle.

"Ok just let me know when you want me to push" said Tommy as he got strapped in and then he made his way on to the track.

After a few laps Tommy got told to push so he started to speed up and was soon climbing the timing screens.

"Well done Tommy we are climbing the timing screens, you have three more laps in this stint ten return to the pits" said a Mechanic over the Radio.

At the end of Tommy's first set of laps he pulled in to the pits and got out the car so the team could check the car over, Tommy went to look at the timing screen and could see that he was in seventh place overall.

"Tommy we have to call it a day there appears to be a problem with the Engine, the on board telemetry shows a large spike on the last few laps and we noticed a small reduction in power" said the head mechanic.

Later that day Tommy was walking round Daytona Beach when he spotted a familiar face.

"Jason?" called Tommy.

"Tommy, what are you doing here bro?" asked Jason.

"I'm here for the Daytona 500, I'm racing my uncle's car" said Tommy.

"How are things in Angel Grove?" asked Jason.

"Hectic, Bulk and Skull have formed a group to protect Angel Grove since the Rangers went into space to try and find Zordon and Dimitria" said Tommy.

"Well we did see you, Rocky and Adam in your Zeo suits helping the Rangers when they show up" said Jason.

"Who's the we you are talking about?" asked Tommy.

"Oh, Uhm I'm here with Trini" said Jason.

Tommy knew Jason well enough to know he was hiding something that he didn't want Tommy to know about and he did think about pressing him further but then decided against it knowing if he was hiding something from Tommy it must be something big.

"Hey Jason do you want some paddock pass's for the race?" asked Tommy.

"Would love some" replied Jason.

"How many do you want?" asked Tommy.

"Three would be fantastic then Trini can bring her friend from work" said Jason hoping Tommy didn't read that as the lie it was.

"It'll be nice to see Trini as well I haven't seen her or Zack since you guy's left for the peace conference in Switzerland" said Tommy.

"Well as for Zack he unfortunately isn't here, last I heard from him he was in San Francisco, I do have a phone number for him and we do talk every few days" said Jason.

"Good for him it's good to know he is doing well" said Tommy, and then he added "Well I'll have your passes waiting at the gate for you but I had better get back to the track and see if they fixed the car yet and get ready for tomorrow"

Jason and Tommy said good bye to each other and went their separate ways and Tommy went back to the track and Jason headed back to his house.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

In Africa Rocky had just landed in Kenya and hired a car for his journey, he drove off in the direction his instinct told him would lead him to Aisha.

After a few hours Rocky was starting to think he was going in the wrong direction because he appeared to be in the middle of nowhere, then he spotted on the horizon he spotted a settlement and as he got closer he saw something he recognised there was a Yellow T-Shirt hanging from a piece of string and the closer he got the more he thought he recognised it.

'That looks like it belongs to Aisha' thought Rocky.

Just then a woman a came out of the building and Rocky instantly recognised her it was Aisha.

"Aisha" called Rocky.

Aisha turned to see who called her name and spotted Rocky "Rocky is that really you?" asked Aisha.

"Yeah it's really me" said Rocky.

"What are you doing here?" asked Aisha.

"I thought that would be obvious I'm here for you Aisha I care a great amount about you and I always have I just never realised until you left on your Zeo Quest and never returned" said Rocky.

"Rocky I have had feelings for you for a long time to and I left because I didn't think you shared those feelings" said Aisha.

"Aisha please come back to Angel Grove with me?" asked Rocky.

"I would love to Rocky but first I have one last medical case to solve, several animals have recently been injected with a strong dose of poison that has come from a Scorpion and if the estimates are right the Scorpion in question is huge" said Aisha.

"But that wouldn't make any sense someone would have found evidence of a Scorpion that size" said Rocky.

"Exactly, could you help me find evidence that this Scorpion does exist?" asked Aisha.

"Yeah show me where these Animals have been getting infected then we will search from there" said Rocky.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

After the radio show Tanya and Adam went out walking around Central Park and ended up sitting on a bench and just talked about how their lives had been since Tanya left Angel Grove for her radio career, Tanya was surprised to know that the Zeo Powers still worked she though that they had been deactivated when the Rangers received the Turbo Powers.

"You know Adam if I return to Angel Grove where would I stay I left my flat when I moved here" said Tanya.

"You could move in with me" said Adam.

"Adam give me the number of the Radio Station in Angel Grove I want to talk to them" said Tanya.

"Ok here you go Tanya" said Adam.

"Thanks" replied Tanya as she put the number in her phone and rung them up to talk about what their Afternoon show entailed.

After 10 minutes Tanya thanked them and ended the call.

"So?" asked Adam.

"The Afternoon show sounds perfect they even gave me a short interview over the phone, I have to wait for them to come up with a decision" said Tanya.

"Tanya do you want to get something to eat?" asked Adam.

"Sure come on I know this little place" said Tanya as she lead them through the park.

Halfway through the walk they were stopped by an unwanted familiar noise.

Their blocking their way was a group of Z Putties.

"Uhm Adam what are they?" asked Tanya.

"They are Lord Zedd's Z putties, he used them before he go the Tengas" said Adam.

"How do we defeat them?" asked Tanya.

"You hit the Z on the chest" replied Adam.

The two Rangers spun away and separated the Z Putties in to two groups both of them easily holding their own in the battle until a flash of light and there stood Rito.

"Two little Power Rangers away from Angel Grove, one with no power and the other on his own" said Rito.

Tanya and Adam regrouped and looked round and now saw more Z Puttie had arrived and Rito was standing their ready to declare victory.

"So will you both go quietly or will you try and stand against us" said Rito.

"Tanya remember what I said about the Zeo Powers, now is the time to test they still work if you don't believe me" said Adam.

"Let's do it" said Tanya.

"It's Morphin Time" called Adam.

"Zeo Ranger 2 Yellow" called Tanya.

"Zeo Ranger 4 Green" called Adam.

Now Morphed Adam and Tanya made light work of the Z Putties and rounded on Rito.

"Now what were you saying bone head" said Tanya.

"Uhm I was saying that its time I retreat" said Rito as he vanished.

"Power Down" said Adam as he and Tanya returned to normal.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

It had taken a few hours but soon Rocky and Aisha had reached the Scorpion attack sights.

"Wow that is one giant Scorpion to do that damage" said Rocky.

"Yeah and I have no idea that a Scorpion that size exists it's just the evidence looks that way" replied Aisha.

Suddenly they here a rumble and there on a cliff not too far away sat what appeared to be a bolder with Scorpions all over it.

"Look at all those Scorpions" said Rocky.

"Yeah and why are they just standing there on that bolder?" asked Aisha.

"Could it be possible that you giant Scorpion is just loads of small ones?" asked Rocky.

"There was only one puncture mark on every victim if it is loads of small ones the odds of them hitting the same spot is almost zero" said Aisha.

The rumbling began again as the bolder began rolling down the cliff and the Scorpions seemed unaffected until the bolder reached the bottom of the cliff and at the bottom of the cliff was a ramp the bolder took off as it went up the ramp then in mid-air the bolder vanished and a voice was heard "Here I come" the voice said.

"I should have figured out it was you from the very start" said Aisha.

"Oh you two I would've thought my attacks may have intrigued your friend Adam" said Scorpina.

"Leave Adam out of this you did enough damage the last time you were around him" said Rocky.

"And what are you two going to do to stop me from finding him, I mean you have a bad back and you lady friend there has no power because she gave hers up" said Scorpina.

"Man are you sorely mistaken" said Rocky.

"Rocky she's right I can't morph" said Aisha.

Rocky turned to Aisha and whispered something in her ear.

"Ok I'll try it" said Aisha.

"It's Morphin Time Zeo Ranger 3 Blue" called Rocky.

"Ninjetti the Bear" called Aisha.

A bright light surrounded them both and as the light died away Rocky stood there in his Zeo Ranger suit and Aisha stood there in her cloth Ninjetti suit.

"Now Scorpina we will make you eat your words" said Aisha.

"You can try" said Scorpina and she attacked them with her sword.

Rocky activated his Zeo Weapons and deflected Scorpina's attacks since he know in her cloth suit Aisha had no Weapons, as Rocky blocked the Sword Aisha would hit her with a kick or a jab.

"Time for you to boogie with the bear" said Aisha and she connected with a stiff kick causing Scorpina to fly backwards.

"You will be sorry for doing that but it won't be today" said Scorpina as she teleported away.

"Power Down" they both called and returned to their normal clothing.

"Ok let's go Rocky I'm coming back with you" said Aisha.

The two of them got in Rocky's rented car and drove back to the settlement where Aisha lived and she packed her bags and together the two of them drove off towards the Airport.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

In New York Adam and Tanya were recovering after battling the Z-Putties and had made their way to a restaurant and ordered their food and relaxed while eating. Just as they were finishing Tanya's Phone beep signaling she had a text message.

"I have the job if I want it, I just have to let my current employer know I'm leaving and how much notice I need to give them" said Tanya.

"That's great Tanya" said Adam happy that Tanya would be moving back to Angel Grove.

"Thanks Adam now we just need to see how the radio station takes the news" said Tanya.

As the two of them left the restaurant Tanya called the Radio Station she worked for and told them she was leaving and moving back to Angel Grove and wanted to know how much notice she needed to work.

"Ok thank you very much" said Tanya as she ended the call.

"So what did they say?" asked Adam.

"They said I could go after tomorrow's show, so if you would like could you help me pack up my stuff and then after tomorrow's show we can head back to Angel Grove" said Tanya.

"Awesome news Tanya" said Adam as they hugged each other and caught up in the moment they shared their first Kiss.

They broke away realizing what had happened but both of them were happy that they had done it and soon they returned to Tanya's apartment to pack her stuff ready for their return to Angel Grove the next day.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

It was Race day and Tommy was in his teams Garage his Uncle and the Chief Mechanic were doing the final check over of the car when Jason and Trini arrived.

"Hey guy's I'm glad you could make it but where is your friend?" asked Tommy.

"She's outside the Garage" said Jason.

"Well bring her in so she can see what's going on" said Tommy.

Trini went out the Garage and brought in their third guest who was wearing a hoodie, she lowered the hood and Tommy couldn't believe his eyes there stood Kimberly. The two of them looked at each other neither one knowing what to say.

"Jason, Trini why would you bring me here knowing he is here?" asked Kim.

"Look you two could have talked about your problems when I brought Kim with me to help the Shelter but you two never said a word to each other and both Trini and I have had enough of you two not speaking to each other you are both miserable without each other" said Jason.

"So both of you grow up and talk about your problems, you both have the same problem and blame each other so talk about it and deal with it" said Trini.

Both Tommy and Kimberly looked at Jason and Trini and then looked to each other and neither of them appeared to know what to say to each other and thankfully they were interrupted by screaming coming from the Garage that Tommy's race car was sitting in. the four of them turned to see what was going on and saw Putties were attacking the workers and Tommy's uncle who ran away.

"We need to help them" said Tommy.

"Right lest split up and take them down" said Jason.

Without even discussing the split up Jason and Trini stood back to back fighting off some Putties leaving Tommy and Kim to fight together.

Tommy and Kim fought well together neither one missing a beat as they used a few combo attacks and made quick work of the Putties as had Jason and Trini and the four of them regrouped and Kim looked to Tommy and said "That was just like old times, why did you do it Tommy?" asked Kim with hurt in her eyes.

"What are you talking about you ended it with me with a dear john letter" said Tommy.

"What I never wrote any such letter" said Kim.

"Actually neither of you wrote those letters but someone else did setting you both up so you would hate each other for the rest of your life" said Jason.

"Do you know who?" asked Kim.

"Not for certain but I have an idea who would do it" said Jason.

"Jason who did it?" asked Tommy.

Then in front of them a flash of fire cleared to reveal Goldar.

"So the powerless Red Ranger does have a brain" growled Goldar.

"Goldar what are you doing here?" asked Kim.

"I am making sure my Queens plan doesn't fail" said Goldar.

"Rita did this?" asked Kim.

"Of course she did The Green weakling over there was supposed to be Rita's ultimate victory she saw Tommy as the perfect choice to give her Power Coin to, but you Pink Ranger you got in his head which ment my Queen was never in full control" said Goldar.

"So you planned to have us break up and hate each other so we could never be happy again" said Tommy.

"Exactly my queen knows what you will do in the future and she planned to brake you apart to the future can never come to be" said Goldar.

"Goldar leave now or I will destroy you" said Tommy.

"Wait why are you telling us this now?" asked Kim.

"Because only one of you has any power to stop me and he will fail" said Goldar.

"Which one of us has power?" asked Jason, looking round until he noticed Tommy with his fists clenched.

"Tommy do it" said Kim placing a hand on his shoulder.

"It's Morphin Time, Zeo Ranger 5 Red" called Tommy as he morphed into his Zeo Ranger suit.

"You will not stop me Tommy you will go and save your friends, Putties attack the powerless Rangers" called Goldar.

More putties arrived and attacked Jason, Trini and Kimberly causing Tommy to get hit by Goldar as he watched what was happening to the other three.

"Jason take this" called Tommy as he through his Zeo Laser Blade towards Jason who caught it and started to slash at the Putties.

"Kim heads up" called Tommy as he tossed his Zeo Laser Blaster to her and she started to fire it at the putties.

"Now Goldar I will defeat you and send you back to Rita with a message that if she tries to interfere with my life again I will destroy her" said Tommy as he swung his Zeo Power sword at Goldar and the two of them traded sword shots until Tommy took the upper hand and while he and Goldar's swords were locked together Tommy swept Goldar's leg away knocking him to the ground.

With Goldar on the floor Tommy looked round and saw Jason, Trini and Kim were in control and just finishing off the second group of putties, seeing this Tommy turned back to Goldar.

"You and Rita have failed now we know the truth and will work things out Goldar" said Tommy.

"And tell Rita she will pay for interfering in our lives" said Kim.

"Goldar since we can't morph to defeat you I will say this one day I will find a way to morph and with my Power Sword in hand destroy you" said Jason.

Goldar vanished with a flash of fire and Tommy powered down and his two extra weapons vanished from Jason and Kim's hands.

"I guess we need to talk" said Tommy to Kim.

Neither of them knew what to say and before they could say anything Tommy's uncle and the rest of the Mechanics returned to begin assessing the damage to the car.

"Tommy the race has been delayed for a few hours go spend some time with your friends we will call you when it's time for the race" said his Uncle.

"Thanks" said Tommy as he went off to catch up with his friends.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

An hour and a half later Tommy got a call saying the race would start in 30 minutes and that they needed him in the Garage to give the car a once over and then head to the grid.

"Come on guys you can watch from the Garage" said Tommy giving them Garage passes.

The four of them headed to the Garage and Tommy got his race suit on and before he could get in the car Kim came over to him and said "Good luck Tommy"

"Thanks Kim and after the race lets go out and get back on the same page" said Tommy.

"I'd like that Tommy" said Kim as she backed away letting Tommy get in his car.

After 100 laps a fault developed on Tommy's car and he had to bring the car into the pits, it turned out that at his previous pit stop for tires one of the wheels had gone on wrong, the team changed the tires and Tommy returned to the race but he was a few laps down after the error from the pit crew.

The Leaders were making their way round to lap Tommy again when one of them spun out causing a big crash that took out 10 cars and one of them was Tommy, thankfully he wasn't injured and once he was sure the other cars were gone he got out his car and saw one car on its roof on the infield and went over to help the driver get out. The Race was red flagged while they cleared the cars of the track and luckily all the drivers were safe.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Much later Tommy, Kim, Jason and Trini were at a restaurant having a meal and Jason was talking about what had been going on in Angel Grove.

Tommy explained about what had happened recently and that he would be returning to Angel Grove and was hopeing that maybe they would come back with him.

"Tommy if we came back we wouldn't have any power?" said Jason.

"Maybe we could find a way to repower the original Coins" said Tommy.

"I'm coming back with you Tommy we can get back on track together" said Kim.

The four of them finished their meal and headed back to Jason's apartment since had invited everyone over.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

A few days had passed in Florida and Tommy and Kim were packing up ready to return to Angel Grove.

"We'll meet you both at the Airport when you are finished sorting everything out for your journey back to Angel Grove" said Kim.

"Yeah and Thanks for doing all you have and making sure that we finally got talking again" said Tommy. The four of them hugged before separating and Tommy and Kim got on a flight to LAX and from their they would get a second flight to Angel Grove.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Unknown to everyone Tommy and Kim were flying back in to Angel Grove at the same time as Adam and Tanya and Rocky and Aisha and the six of them found each other at the Baggage claim.

"What an unexpected reunion" said Adam.

"Tell me about it" said Kim.

"Anyway Tommy how was the race?" asked Rocky.

"Got took out in a crash after a delayed start" replied Tommy.

"Yeah Goldar and the Putties attacked before the race delaying the start" said Kim.

"You got attacked as well" said Tanya.

"What happened to you?" asked Tommy.

"Yeah Z Putties and Rito" said Adam.

"Scorpina and the middle of Africa" said Aisha.

"This is going to get bad isn't it?" asked Kim.

"Extremely, they from what little we know they are attacking the entire universe" said Tommy.

"You know it's late, we all just got back in town let's all rest tonight and meet up tomorrow" said Rocky.

"Agreed, we'll see you in the morning when we meet up with the others" said Adam, as the six of the split in to three groups of two and headed to their homes.