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Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Chapter 2

Meanwhile deep in space on a small planetoid survivors from a UAE attack on their home planet of KO-35 were resting as they were looking for a safe new home world. But the quiet was about to be ruined as in the sky Velocifighters could be seen and on the planet Putties, Tengas, Cogs and Quantrons had just landed and the two generals leading the attack were Goldar and Ecliptor. Standing in their way and trying to protect the remaining Kerovians were 3 people wearing coloured out fits one was wearing Gold, one was wearing Purple and the final one was wearing Silver, all three of them were barely holding on they were greatly outnumbered by at 20 to 1 if not more. As Goldar and Ecliptor raised their swords the energy from both combined and was fired at the Rangers taking them down the foot soldiers continued the attack while Goldar and Ecliptor received a Message to report to the Cimmerian Planet.

"Hurry and Finish them off" Growled Goldar.

"Astro Blasters" called the 3 Rangers.

The 3 Rangers are making light work of assortment of foot soldiers so Goldar and Ecliptor fired an energy wave from the swords at them and the Rangers flew backwards.

"Let's go" said Ecliptor.

As the foot soldiers and Goldar and Ecliptor transported off the Planetoid.

Commander Kinwon approached the 3 rangers and said "We will be safe here for now but you 3 need to follow that ship and find a way to stop them forever"

"You are right Commander and we will return when the 2 of them and the people they work for are destroyed" said the Gold Ranger.

"We know you will"

The 3 Rangers said their goodbyes to the survivors knowing that realistically there was only a very slim chance they would survive unless they found some help from somewhere and then they headed to their ship the Delta Megaship.

The ships on board computers were able to lock on to the small traces left by the ship that Goldar and Ecliptor had left on so they set a course to follow it far enough back so they wouldn't arouse suspicion.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

About half an hour later the Delta Megaship had left the survivor's on the Planetoid and the 3 Rangers were in the Control Room.

"Power Down" said the Gold one as the other two followed the Gold's lead to reveal 3 unknown figures, 2 were male and the third was a female. The female had blonde hair as did the Silver Ranger and the Gold had brown hair and had yellow highlights in it.

"We need more Rangers 3 of us isn't enough" said the de-morphed Purple Ranger.

"I agree with Karone, the 3 of us were no match for that army on KO-35 and we barely survived that attack today" said the de-morphed Silver Ranger.

"Zhane, Karone don't you think I know that, but Zordon said that when the time is right the rest of our team will arrive" said the de-morphed Gold Ranger.

"But bro when was the last time we had any communication from Zordon?" asked Karone.

"Sorry Andros but I agree with your sister" said Zhane.

"So you're both teaming up against me as usual" said Andros.

"On this yes I mean it's been two years since we lost contact with Zordon when we were forced off KO-35, what do you suggest we do." asks Zhane.

"Let's contact Aquitar maybe they know how we can reach Zordon again" said Andros.

"Good idea" said Karone.

"Andros to Aquitar do you read me?" said Andros into the ships sub-space communicator.

"I'm crossing my fingers that they can be helpful." said Karone.

"Me too Karone." said Zhane.

"Andros we read you it is good to see you are safe after the attack on KO-35 2 years ago we did fear that you and your team were destroyed?" said Delphine.

"We're ok we barely survived." said Andros.

"That is good to hear, do you need any assistance?" asked Delphine.

"Yes we have some important questions we have to ask." said Andros.
"Ok ask away and I'll answer what I can" said Delphine.

"First did you hear any universal gossip if the former Zeo Rangers of Earth passed on their new powers recently to five new rangers?" asked Andros.

"I heard about the Zeo Rangers getting new Powers than replacing 4 Team Members" replied Delphine.

"Well what happened?" asked Andros.

"Well from what we heard Divatox brought in a beast call Goldgoyle and it destroyed both their Megazords then they found a way to defeat him but then we lost communication with them" said Delphine.

"But do you know if the Rangers were destroyed or not." asked Andros.
"We must have that answer Delphine." said Karone.

"I did have a talk with one of them after we sent Alpha 5 back to them, all I know is at least one of them survived" said Delphine.

"Which Ranger do you know of managed to survive the attack?" asked Andros.

"It was a female who was wearing pink but I never caught her name" said Delphine.

"Well Delphine, I want you to keep us updated as you get new information on the new Rangers of Earth." said Andros.
"Will do Andros, but we do have a former Ranger of Earth here on Aquitar" said Delphine

"Can we talk to him?" asked Andros.
"Unfortunately not he is in the middle of rebuilding the Blue Senturian, who was found in pieces and Billy as spent every moment since then trying to rebuild him" said Delphine.

"Who's Billy?" asked Karone
"He's the first Blue Ranger of Earth Zordon chose when Rita and Zedd launched their attacks on Earth almost five years ago." said Delphine
"Thanks Delphine could you ask Billy once he has some free time to contact us, meanwhile we are on route to the Cimmerian planet to infiltrate a UAE meeting" said Andros.

"Be careful you three, it will not be easy to infiltrate them without knowing why they are gathering there." said Delphine before adding "According to universal gossip they are planning for the ultimate destruction of the powers of Good, KO-35 and Eltar have already fallen"

"We will be careful and will report back on what is going to happen when we get out of there" said Andros.

Andros turns off the communicators.
"Phew, only one Ranger survived. That should give us enough hope." said Karone.
"I'm on your side Karone." said Zhane.

"Maybe there were more survivors but they just weren't at the command center when contact was made, I'll program the Delta Megaships computer search for them after we have dealt with what we find on the Cimmerian Planet" said Andros.

"Hopefully we can find out what Divatox tried to do on Earth." said Karone

"We will go down de-morphed, under cloaks and hope they don't pay too much attention to us" said Andros.

"Andros, I think this is a really bad idea." said Karone.

"So do I but if we went down there with our suits on it would look to suspicious and we would be easily spotted" said Andros.
"I have to agree with Andros on this one it make the most sense" said Zhane.

"Ok good point boys." sighed Karone before continuing "I hate taking risks but nothing we ever do is safe but as the only girl on this team, I'm willing to take any challenge that goes our way."

"Well since you don't really like the plan do you have a different idea, I am open to other suggestions?" said Andros.

"Why don't we just hide our suits under our cloaks and one of us create a distraction?" said Karone.

"If we hide then under our cloaks we need to be extremely careful one slip up and they catch a glimpse at our Ranger suits they will alert the others and it could go horribly wrong extremely quickly" said Andros.

"Well that's one risk we will just have to take." said Karone.
"I have an idea that might be safe for all of us" said Zhane.

"So what is your idea Zhane?" asked Karone.

"How about we go down their disguised as foot soldiers" suggested Zhane.

"If Andros doesn't object, that is an excellent idea." said Karone.

"I can't see anything wrong with that idea plus we can get really close and clearly hear what is going on" said Andros.

"Let's do it!" said Karone.
"Karone ready the Galaxy Gliders in case of emergency and prepare to descend." said Andros.

"Right away, bro." said Karone.

The Galaxy Gliders were ready as the Delta Megaship reached the Cimmerian planet and settled in orbit on the opposite side of the Cimmerian planet and located three Quantrons away from the main group almost as if they were guards and teleported them to the ship and tied them up and took their uniforms before teleporting them back to an isolated part of the planet where they would be found.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

About 10 minutes later the three Rangers disguised as Quantrons arrived at the gathering on the Cimmerian Planet they could see Divatox with Elgar and Rygog bragging to Rita, Zedd and Mondo and Machina that she had destroyed the Power Rangers of Earth. Meanwhile on the far side of the room General Havoc and Master Vile were discussing something about captured prisoners and that's when Goldar and Ecliptor arrived and approached Master Vile and Havoc.

"Let's try to get closer to Divatox and here what she is saying about destroying the Rangers we might gain some useful information" said Andros.

"Right!" agreed Karone and Zhane.

"So tell us, how did you finally destroy the Power Rangers?" asked Rita.

"I destroyed their Megazords and saw them lose power, can you better believe I did Frieda!" said Divatox.

"It's Rita you waste of space and I don't believe a word of it I want proof" said Rita stamping her foot.

"I want proof." Divatox says in a mocking voice.

"Arggh" Rita screamed and swung her wand at Divatox.

Divatox ducks her head and it hits Elgar in the face.

OW" said Elgar, as he fell backwards and landed flat on his back.

Rygog is beside him laughing.
"No wonder you couldn't beat the Rangers if you couldn't even hit me Frieda" said Divatox.

"I'll show you because one of them used to work for me." said Rita.

"Isn't it ironic that you are responsible for making Tommy Oliver your Green Ranger the one they call the greatest ever Ranger" said Divatox.

"By the way we would have destroyed the Rangers last year if it hadn't been for you two sabotaging us" said Mondo pointing towards Lord Zedd and Rita.

"Butt out your buckets of bolts." said Rita.

"YES SHUT UP!" shouted Lord Zedd and he zaps Mondo and Machina with his staff.

King Mondo responds by zapping Zedd and Rita with his staff.

"I am not enjoying all this bickering." said Karone.

"Yeah we aren't finding anything out about what happened to the Rangers of Earth" said Andros.

"We'll continue with your dastardly little plans for all I care because it's good to be the queen." said Divatox while taking off her red cape to reveal her bra.

"And who said you were Queen" said Rita.

"Aunty D herself duh!" said Elgar.

"Ha, that is pathetic I am much better candidate to be Queen"

Divatox comes over to Rita and slaps her hard in the face.

"HOW DARE YOU SLAP ME" screams Rita.
"Oh no now she will be moaning about this for months" said Zedd holding a hand to his head.

"Welcome one and all." a booming voice echoes.

Everyone looks round trying to find out where the voice is coming from.

"It can't be?" said Divatox as smoke billowed through the entrance way and revealed a black silhouette. "Maligore?" she asked in confusion.

"Who the heck is Maligore?" said Andros.

"I am not Maligore I am simply using his form to communicate with you I am Dark Spector" the creature revealed.

The three Rangers gasp in horror.

"Ah Dark Spector you reputation is Legendary" said Master Vile.

"I welcome you all to this historic conference where we plan the ultimate destruction of all that is good in the universe."

"Daddy you know him?" asked Rita.

"Of course I do he is monarch of all that is evil and we share equal wisdom in all that is evil." said Master Vile.

"Then why did you never tell us anything about him?" asked Lord Zedd.

"I will explain later."

"Well I guess you all want to know why I have called you here?" said Dark Spector.

"Let's see if we can interrogate Elgar while everyone is not looking." said Zhane.

"Right" said Andros as he and Zhane approached Elgar while Karone kept an eye on what Dark Spector was doing.

"I'll stay here and keep up the Quantron act while you two go after Elgar" said Karone.
"We're right here when you need us sis." said Andros

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Elgar noticed two Quantrons approaching him and he says "What do you want"

"OK Elgar you are going to answer a few questions and we want answers." said Andros

"Ok what do you, hey wait you aren't Quantrons" said Elgar.

"OK you fish head spit it out! Where the Power Rangers of Earth?" said Andros.

"They were defeated their Megazords were destroyed and Goldgoyle will by now have finished off the Planet" said Elgar.

"You're wrong Elgar the Power Rangers are alive and we will find them." said Andros.

"That means that you two are Power Rangers as well?" said Elgar.

"Correct, and tell your Aunty D that if she thinks we can't stop her you are wrong." said Zhane.

Elgar ran towards Divatox calling "Aunty D, Aunty D there are Power Rangers here"

"Impossible Elgar, we destroyed them." said Divatox as she joins the other villains in a toast.

"But there not from Earth" said Elgar.

"Then we will have to deal with, hey wait a minute you over there why aren't you joining in?" Divatox asked.
"We have ourselves a spy." Rygog says as he appears behind the disguised Karone.

Karone not waiting to have her identity revealed swung the Quantrons blade and attacked Rygog with it.

"Piranhatrons DESTROY THE INTRUDER! yelled Divatox.

The Piranhatrons move in to attack Karone when Zhane and Andros come to help Karone slightly evening the odds.

"Let's do it!" said Andros "Let's Rocket!"

The three morphed rangers were in serious trouble as they had been surrounded by every former Ranger Villain.
"Andros we cannot win this round we need to get out of here" said Karone.

"You're Right Karone." said Andros "We will be back for you another day. Galaxy Glider hang ten."

The three Galaxy Gliders arrived and Zhane and Karone got on theirs easily enough but as Andros made the move for his he got blasted by the combined force of Rita and Lord Zedds combined power.
"ANDROS" called Karone as Andros landed hard and wasn't moving.

"We got to get him out of there." said Zhane.

"Right Zhane can you distract them while I get my Brother"

"You got it, let's get these goons."

Karone swung her Galaxy Glider round and flew straight at the enemies as they approached Andros.
"Super Silverizer blaster mode" called Zhane as he fired his blaster creating the distraction Karone needed.

"Astro Thunder Staff" Karone says and she fires her staff at the foot soldiers surrounding her.

Once the foot soldiers were down Karone using all her strength pulled Andros on to her Galaxy Glider and headed for the exit.
"Zhane I have him let's get out of here" said Karone.

"Don't let them escape!" Dark Spector says.

Rita, Zedd, Goldar, Ecliptor, Rito and Master Vile all sent an energy blast at the escaping Rangers.
"Karone income energy blast" said Zhane.

"I'll create a shield by using my Thunder staff." said Karone.

Karone created the shield and the attacks deflected off the shield allowing them to escape.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Karone, Zhane and a severally injured Andros had got back to the Delta Megaship and Zhane took Andros down to the Medical bay where they could assess his injuries.

"Ok Karone Andros has been placed in a Medical Chamber, get us out of here as quick as you can" said Zhane.

"I'll try you might want to hang on to something back there we have incoming" said Karone as the Delta Megaship left orbit.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Back on the Cimmerian planet.

"Velocifighters take them out" called Ecliptor.

"Rygog fire Torpedo's at that space ship" ordered Divatox.

"Torpedo's away boss" said Rygog.

"Divatox take your Piranhatrons and follow that ship" said Dark Spector.

"Right away" said Divatox as she turned to leave.

"One more thing Ecliptor, his Quantron army and the Velocifighters will join forces with you shortly one the Dark Fortress has finished being built" said Dark Spector.

Ecliptor approached the space pirate and bowed "Queen Divatox, I am deeply honoured to serve you. Your reputation has intrigued me."

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

In the control room of the Delta Megaship Karone was trying to do her best to avoid the fire of the Velocifighters but they were still able to get hits in and begin to cause damage.

"Karone can you get us away from them?" asked Zhane.

"No theirs too many" replied Karone.

"Right I'm on my way I'll manually fire the lasers if you can try and keep us off their radar" said Zhane.

"I'll do my best" said Karone.

"Incoming Torpedo's" called Zhane as he entered the bridge and sat down at the tactical station.

"I see them" said Karone as she tried to evade the Torpedo's.

Zhane was aiming the Lasers at the Velocifighters and had managed to take out a few of them when he noticed they were heading straight for a small group of Velocifighters in front of them.

"Uhm Karone what are you doing?" asked Zhane.

"You'll see" said Karone as she waited until they looked like they were going to hit the Velocifighters and Karone sharply pulled the control up and the Delta Megaship went vertical and flew up right in front of the Velocifighters causing Zhane to fall off his chair.

Unfortunately the Torpedo's weren't able to change direction so fast and ended up hitting the Velocifighters blowing them up.

"We took a few hits to our engine manifold damaging the engines we will have to limit the power going to it unless its and emergency" said Karone.

"Right lets set a course for Aquitar for now with our limited power and the damage we took it could take us some time to get their" said Zhane.

"Ok course laid in and we're on our way E.T.A 6 -7 days, Hey Zhane how bad is Andros?" asked Karone.

"He's in a Medical chamber recovering but I don't know when he will be back on his feet" replied Zhane.

"Is he even awake?" asked Karone.

"Unfortunately not and I wouldn't recommend waking him in case it does more damage to his body" said Zhane.

Karone was in tears as Zhane hugged her to try and calm her down a little.

"Thanks Zhane" said Karone as he just held her until she had stopped crying.

"I activated the Auto Pilot and the Cloaking Device so no UAE ships can find us so I guess we should start repairs while we slowly make are way to Aquitar" said Karone.

The two of them head down to the Engine room and begin repairs.