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This one shot happens a month after Step Up 3. The parts in italics are what the character is thinking.

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Thursday, 01:15 am

It was the 15th voice message he sent to Camille. He was stressed because of his double major; they had a nasty spat and broke up...

He saw his watch: one in the morning.

No use sending more messages...

Friday, noon

Lunch time. After a full day trying to contact Camille, Moose decided to try to focus in class, but it was impossible; know that his studies were the reason he was now without her, was something that made him crazy.

He decided to have lunch in the cafeteria. Upon entering, he has a shock: Sitting in a corner, Camille was talking to a guy. Suddenly, Moose hears Kristen`s voice:

"Wow, Stanley is so handsome! Don´t you think?"

"Stanley? That's the guy's name who is speaking with Camille?"

"Yes! He´s perfect: tall, dark, green eyes, a law student at Yale and lacrosse player ..."

That´s it! I lost my appetite! Moose thought before he starts running towards his dorm and let Kristen talking to herself.

Friday, 02:00pm

Time of the beginning of the afternoon classes. Damn it. I don´t want to go to the History of Dance class.

After what happened in the cafeteria, Moose took his IPod, put on shuffle and lay down on his bed. The music selection was excited and he almost forgot about the scene he saw in the cafeteria. Until the first verses of the song We Belong Together by Mariah Carey starts playing:

I didn't mean it when I said

I didn't love you so

I should have held on tight

I never should have let you go

I didn't know nothing,

I was stupid, I was foolish

I was lying to myself

And the scene of the cafeteria comes back in full force with scenes of Camille and Stanley kissing!

The feeling that I'm feeling

Now that I don't hear your voice

Or have your touch and kiss your lips

Cause I don't have a choice

Oh what I wouldn't give

To have you lying by my side

Right here cause baby

When you left I lost a part of me

It's still so hard to believe

Come back baby please cause

We belong together

Moose can´t take anymore: he turns off the music and runs aimlessly.

Friday, 03:30pm

He doesn´t know how, but comes to the Vault. Go up the elevator and reaches the roof, there begins to punch the wall. Jason, Anala and Vladd, who were rehearsing there, start trying to calm him down:

"Hey, Moose! You are a Pirate! You want to destroy the Vault?"

"I'm a real idiot! I had the perfect girlfriend, but I gave her to a law student at Yale!"

"What?! You and Camille broke up?! You barely made a month of dating ..."

"And it's all my fault ... And now? How will I achieve Camille back if I have to compete with a lacrosse player ...?"

"Moose, listen to me: Camille is in love with you for a while now, it is impossible for her to have forgotten that in one day! You just need to talk to her ..."

"That's the problem. I have already left more than 30 messages on her cell phone, and she did not return. And after seeing the two together in the cafeteria ... I don´t know, guys, but I think I lost her ..."

"What is this, Moose? Where is that guy who said that nothing is impossible?"

"I don´t know ... Well, thanks for listen my outburst. Now I have to go back to university, I have to deliver a report on Monday ..."

"Bye, Moose!"

After Moose´s departure, Jason and Anala call the other Pirates:

"Hey, guys! Emergency meeting!"

"Wow! What happened?"

"We have a code red!"

"Our dear friends Moose and Camille are going through a bump in their relationship and we will help them!"

"Nala and I thought we'd do this ..."

Saturday, 10:00

* phone ringing *


"Camille, dear! How nice to talk to you!"

"Hi, Anala! How are you?"

"Great! That's why I'm calling you. I want to invite you to go to the Club celebrate the fact that as of now I have a job!"

"That´s nice! But I don´t know if I'll ..."

"How come?"

"Moose and I, well, we're not seeing each other, and you know he loves going to the Club, I don´t want to meet with him ..."

"Do not worry, Jason talked to him and he said that he is not coming because he has to deliver a report on Monday. Please, Camille!"

"Okay! What time do I have to be there?

"How about at nine?"

"O.K. See you at night."

"See you at night."

Saturday, 1:00 pm

"Wow! You look beautiful with this dress, Camille!"

"I don´t know, Kris ... He does not even make my style…"

"But you should! You look amazing! Today the whole club night will look at you!"

"Do you think I should buy it to go to the Club?"

"Of course! And the price is great!"

Saturday, 09: 00pm

"Hi, Jacob!"

"Hello, Camille! You look very pretty today!"

"Thank you! Where is Anala?"

"She just went through here with wet hair, saying that the dryer broke. She took it for Jason to fix it."

"Well ... Doesn´t she wants to cancel ..."

"No! Jason is quick in this type of repair!"

"So I think I'll wait."

"That's right! I and the twins are doing some cleaning. And since we clean the rooms and the Sneaker room ..."

"Go to the room of one of you would be weird ... I think I'm going to the Sneaker room."

"I tell Nala you will be there! See you later!

"See you later!"

Camille walked into the Sneaker room slowly. Not really wanted to go there, because that was the room Moose liked the most. Moose. Even separated, at the thought of his name, Camille's heart starts racing. She listened to every message he left her, but is unsure. Since they started dating, everything was great between them, until last week when things got complicated. And if we go back to dating, but we cannot be together?

Saturday, 9:05 pm

*phone ringing *


"Moose, you need to come to the Vault!"

"What happened, Jason?"

"It is the boom box room! The central sound system crashed and I need your help!"

"I'll just take a quick shower and go to the Vault!"

"You don´t have to write a report?"

"Yes, but the way I'm stressed, I know I'll get a F anyway!"

"Well, see you later."

"See ya."

Saturday, 9:25 pm

Moose comes to safe and is received by Ticks:

"Hey, guys, okay?"

"Beauty, Moose!"

"Have you seen Jason around?"

"Jason just left to buy some parts of the sound system ..."

"Yeah, he should be back in half an hour."

"Wow ... What do I do?"

"Why do not you go to the Sneaker room? Luke sent some dope models from California!"

"Good idea, guys! You are not going as well?"

"No, we have to keep an eye on the Club tonight. But feel free, we know you will love to go there."

"See you, guys!"

Moose accelerates the step because you want to see the new shoes that Luke sent. Once there, a surprise: I'm dreaming, that's what he thought. He had never seen Camille so beautiful.

She was wearing nude platform shoes and a blue bandage dress which highlighted all the curves of her body. His wavy hair, shining with the light that was made to highlight the sneakers exposed on the wall.

A little afraid he thought about getting out of there, but puts his fear aside:

"Um ... Hi ..."

"Hi ... What are you doing here? Anala said you had a report ..."

"Yes, but Jason called me saying that the sound system of the boom box room had broken. I came here and found you ..."

"Anala should be ready to go to the Club." Said Camille already on the way out.

Moose prevents her outing:

"Camille, wait! I have to tell you something!"

"You've said everything you wanted on Wednesday!"

"You don´t know how much I'm sorry for what I said. Please, Cam, give me one more chance to prove that I love you!"

"Moose, we tried, but I think we should go back to being just friends ..."

"I don´t want to be just your friend. I will not stand to see you with another guy. Camille, I know, I was an idiot to say that we should take a break so I could review my priorities I finally understand: You are not a priority in my life. You are my life. Dancing is nothing if I cannot dance with you! And what good is to do well in engineering in order to have a good job, if you are not living with me after graduation? "

For a moment, Camille is astonished with Moose´s statement, but finally asks:

"If we were dating now, you would ever want to live with me?"

"Yes! Please, Cam, say you give me a chance!"

Camille had already forgiven Moose after the 1st voice message, but to hear a declaration of those live was much better!

Instead of saying she decided to act, she approached him to give him a light kiss on his lips, but Moose, anticipating her actions, pulled her by the waist and deepened the kiss, causing both to run out of breath. They were interrupted by the Pirates:

"Ahem. It looks like you are back ..." said Jason while the others applaud and whistle.

The young couple smile at each other and Camille hide her flushed face in Moose´s neck, who replied:

"Yes, and it seems that it was set up..."

"Well, we knew you were going to get back together, only decided to lend a helping hand." Anala says.

"What if we go to the Club to celebrate?" Ask the Ticks.

"I think we should leave the lovebirds alone. They will join us when they are ready." Jacob said, and that's what others have done.

Soon after they left, Moose whispers in Camille's ear:

"I love you so much. You have no idea how much I missed you! When I saw you talking to that guy from Yale, I almost died."

"That guy from Yale? Stanley?"

"That's the one! He was not flirting with you?"

"No." she said, smiling. "He is Nora´s cousin. He came to play a friendly against NYU and then we went to lunch in the cafeteria. He left soon after."

Camille put her arms around Moose´s neck. He sees the golden sparks in her hazel eyes.

He would never get tired of looking at Camille's eyes. Moose clasped her waist and brought her closer to him, happy to have it again so close to his body.

He knew how fortunate he was to have met Camille, to be her best friend, to be her boyfriend; and he knew they were going to be more.

They exchanged another passionate kiss.

We belong together. He thought. Definitely.