Scarlet cried.

"God help me i need help help me!"

"what is it scarlet" god stroked his beard.

"i dont wanna kill charlie i stile love hime!"
a scream of pleasure erected from da house as that tranny homo male kirby got socked off by charlie.

"ok well need 2 take moar drastik mesures."

"like wat?"

scarlet cryed.

"to cure charlie of da homo disese and make sure he doesnt go to hell u will need to make him do the macerena, shove a broomstick up his ass, sing a justin beiber song 49 tims strait, mak him eat 2 pizzas whole, and then press up up down down left right left right b a on a keybord."

"that sounds hard"

"not as hard as his dick is rite now."

"ok god ill do it"

god faded away and scarlit new she was redy 4 da chalenge charlie wasnt gon be a homo no more!