In The End You Are My Beginning

Chapter 1

Ellen Walker's POV:

I had just finished killing the Akumas that were in the area.

As I was walking away from the scene I didn't notice that a level two Akuma was still alive and hiding in the bushes. I was detracted, but that was only because I was watching the Akumas souls disappear in to the heavens.

The Akuma that was hiding jumped out of its hiding spot and was getting ready to attack and kill me.

The Akuma moved its sharp claw and it grabbed my middle section, throwing me a a good distance from where I was standing.

The sharp claws on the Akuma had dug into my skin and left three jagged cuts. The cuts were deep, really, really deep, and had blood rushing out fast. The blood from the cuts had soaked in to my uniform and formed a dark crimson red mark.

I activated my innocence and destroyed the Akuma as fast as I could, pain searing up my side. I then turned and walked further into the bamboo forest. I came to a clearing and stopped next to a tree.

I then fell to my knees and saw the puddle of crimson blood slowly growing underneath me. I moved to lean against the tree tiredly, unable to support my own body weight. I looked down at my injury and noticed the blood had not stopped flowing and the puddle of blood was just becoming bigger.

I was going to die.

My Finder would have been here to help me, but he got shot by an Akuma bullet. Soon I would be dead, just like him.

I just leaned on the tree because I could not get up. My limbs felt so heavy. I had lost so much blood I was fighting to keep my eyes open.

I heard someone coming but could not find the strength to look in the direction the person was coming from. I just looked up to see a man with a suit on and bright gold eyes. His eyes reminded me of a predator, something I should be scared of, but somehow when I looked in to his eyes I felt warm and peaceful.

I looked at him in the eyes a little longer before a small but warm smile found its way on to my face.

He looked a little shocked to see me smile but then tears started to fall from my eyes, even though my smile stayed put. I didn't know why I was crying, I just was.

The smile never left my face and then the man spoke in a gentle and calm voice. "Why are you smiling?"

I thought about his question and then said in a calm but tired voice "I don't know why… I'm crying but... I know- *sob* -why I am smiling. I am smiling… b-because I feel warm right now. I… have never felt completely warm… until now."

My smile widened a little and the man in front of me just looked a little confused from my response.

"Let's start over from the beginning. What is….your name? Mine is... Ellen... *cough*... Ellen Walker."

He looked at me before saying "Tyki Mikk."

"It's nice to meet you... Tyki Mikk. I know you are... here to kill me but I am already so close to death. You... can have my innocence... but I would… I'd l-like you to give a friend note... if... if that is all right." Tyki didn't say anything but nodded.

With a large amount of effort I pulled out a piece of paper and gave it to him.

Tyki just looked at me, confusion bleeding into his gold eyes before saying "How do you know I will give them the note, and why are you not fighting me? You used to attack me on sight, but now... You're just laying here like you don't even care."

"I don't care, not anymore. I have no reason to fight you. I never chose a side to begin with. I just did what I was told. I... I don't even like the Order... they forced me to fight and threatened to kill me... for... for treason."

I saw Tyki nod and then everything started to darken around the corners of my eyes. I closed my eyes but I was not dead yet, I was hanging by a thread, I was almost there...

Before I fell in to the dark abyss I said "Thank you Tyki... and ...Farewell…." I fell into a black comfort as soon as I finished the sentence.

Tyki's POV:

I just looked at her. Ellen Walker. The last sentence she said stuck on repeat in my head.

She thanked me for killing her? I didn't even kill her, the Akuma did. Though I did set them onto her... But really, thanking me for her death?

It confused me.

I noticed that she was still alive, just passed out. But she was fading quickly, I could tell from her harsh, shallow breathing and the way her chest was rising and falling so slightly it was hardly noticeable.

I gently removed the exorcist coat she was wearing but had no need to remove the shirt. The Akuma had torn the side of her shirt to shreds. I looked at her injuries and they were a little over an inch deep and bleeding horribly.

There was something about her that intrigued me but I didn't know what. Just something...

I looked at her for a little longer before picking her up bridal style, wrapping her coat around her shivering body. I couldn't watch her die like this, I had to save her. One of Road's doors showed up and I walked through it with an unconscious Ellen in my arms, warm blood soaking into my clothing and leaving a crimson stain.

I arrived at my bedroom and decided to treat her wounds. If I didn't she'd just bleed out and die. I layed her on the bed and went to go fetch something's to clean her wounds.

I grabbed a towel and a bowl full of water and started to wipe away the blood. After the wounds were clean I wrapped it up in some bandages, making sure they were tight enough to stop the blood flowing out but not tight enough to restrict her movement.

After that I pulled up a chair next to the bed and watched her sleep, my gold eyes narrowing with concern. Her normal skin was pale, but her skin was now a ghostly, unhealthy white because of blood loss.

An hour past and she was still unconscious, not moving. She could've fooled anyone as being dead except for the fact that her chest was falling and rising, though hardly. I was only just able to pick up the slight movement.

She couldn't die. She just couldn't. She had to wake up.

As I sat there I was thinking my thoughts stumbled across how I was going to explain this to the Earl. I was still lost in thought when I heard a cheerful voice.

"Tyki-pon~! Why is there an Exorcist on your bed? A woman, for that matter."

I looked at the Earl but nothing came to mind when I tried to answer. I couldn't think of anything, all that went through my head was how she was pretending to be a boy and that I wanted to know more about her. She welcomed death with open arms. Something I'd never seen from an Exorcist. They always begged to be saved or let them live.

I turned my gaze back to her and just looked at her sleeping form, so I didn't see the Earl's smile widen a fraction. The Earl walked over to the sleeping girl before patting her head, affectionately. He glanced at me one more time, before leaving.

I was worried what the Earl would do but that was not what I was expecting. I expected him to tell me to leave her for dead or kill her myself, but no...

I walked over, settling my fingers just above her collarbone, feeling for a beating pulse beneath them. I felt a faint throbbing beneath my fingers and focused all of my attention on it. Her pulse, though faint, was evident, and definitely there. Though it was rapid and hard to detect. I sighed and walked back to the chair, settling myself in it again.

I sat there for another six hours, keeping a sharp eye on the rising and falling on her chest to make sure she was still breathing, and hoping.

Hoping she would make it through, that her lungs would keep taking in air and that her heart would keep beating.

A sharp inhale, a gasp, brang me to attention and I looked up to her face as her eyes fluttered open to reveal shining silver.

Snow white hair, silver eyes. It only made her more beautiful and unique.

I smiled at her before saying. "Hello Shojo~ How are you feeling?"

Her eyes widened a bit before narrowing. She then tried to sit up but winced in pain. I quickly grabbed her small shoulders, so thin, so fragile, easy to shatter, and pushed her down onto the bed gently.

Ellen's POV:

I woke in a dark room with a gasp, my lungs burning for air. There was someone else in the room, I could feel it, but I didn't know who it was. That was until the person spoke in a low but calming voice.

"Hello Shojo~ How are you feeling?"

Tyki Mikk!?

My eyes widened and then narrowed. I tried to get up but winced because of the agonizing pain that flared up my side like fire.

I then felt two strong hands take hold of my shoulders and gently push me down on the bed. As I lay back down I thought.

'Why would he try to save me? We were, we are, enemies. So why did he save me?'

I tried to say something but nothing came out. I just looked in to his beautiful golden eyes as concern filled them before I said in a low voice. "Why did you save me?"

Tyki didn't answer me. He just sat on the edge of the bed, raised his hand and smoothed back my white hair, tucking some of it behind my ear. My cheeks started to burn and I realized I was blushing.

"You don't realize how important you are to me Darling~ I couldn't leave you there to die."

He leaned closer to me, his gold eyes burning into my silver, and pressed his lips against mine in a soft kiss.

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