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Chapter 1:

It was just another regular day for the Young Justice team. They were heading back from stopping a villain from blowing up a chemical lab in Star City. When they arrived back at Mount Justice, they found Batman ready for them.

"What's going on, Batman?" asked Nightwing.

"I need you, Robin, Superboy, and Wonder Girl." He said. They nodded and the rest of the team walked away. Batman turned and walked to the debriefing area and the team followed. He turned on the video feed to show a meteor falling.

"This meteor fell to earth a few hours ago." said Batman.

Nightwing looked confused. "What's strange about that? It's not a big meteor and all it hit was an old abandoned barn."

Batman looked over at Nightwing and told him, "The strange thing is that there are no space rocks in the vicinity of earth."

"Oh…" muttered Nightwing.

"The League and I need to go on an off-world mission." continued Batman.

"So you want us to check the site and see if there is anything wrong." stated Robin.

"Yes. Nightwing will be mission control. Good luck."

And with that he turned and walked to the zeta tubes.

Recognize: Batman. 02.

After Batman disappeared, Nightwing turned to the team.

"Ok. You know what to do. Keep radio contact at all times."

Superboy, Wonder Girl, and Robin nodded and walked over to Sphere. Instantly she transformed into Super-Cycle. The hatch opened as Superboy and Robin climbed in and they took off.


When they arrived at the site, Robin radioed Nightwing.

"We're here. Checking the barn now."

Nightwing's voice came through Robin's earpiece.

"Ok, check back if you find anything."

"K. Robin out."

As they stared to walk over to the partially crushed barn, Robin heard a voice.

"Help me…."

Robin glanced around. But he didn't see anyone. So he turned to asked Superboy if he had heard anything. But Superboy just shook his head. But then he heard it again.

"Please, help me…."

"Tell me you heard that." pleaded Robin.

"Give me a second. I'll look around." said Superboy. He glanced around using his x-ray vision and stopped when the barn came into his sight.

"Wait a second…" said Superboy. He squinted at the barn. "I think there is someone trapped in the barn!"

"What! Where?" shrieked Wonder Girl.

"There. In the middle of the crash zone." pointed Superboy. They ran over and started digging. Before long they uncovered a young girl, unconscious, covered with cuts and bruises.

"Let's get her back to Mount Justice." stated Wonder Girl.

"Why not a hospital?" asked Superboy.

"How would we explain this to the doctors?" answered Robin.

Superboy nodded and scooped her up in his arms. As they walked out, Robin radioed Nightwing.

"Nightwing, I need you to set up a bed in the infirmary. We are heading back now."

"What happened? Who got hurt?" Nightwing's frantic voice came through the earpiece.

"No one from the team." assured Robin, "But we found a girl the impact site. She needs treatment."

There was a pause. Then Nightwing finally spoke.

"Bring her in."

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