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I figured what better way to celebrate Halloween than by posting a chapter about spooky dreams?

Quote of the Day:

Thor: I have much to learn. I know that now. Some day, perhaps, I shall make you proud.
Odin: You've already made me proud.


"What are you doing here, Jon?" Catelyn asked as she stepped forward, finding her son standing in front of the same statue that she had been drawn to that night, the Lady of Winterfell glancing up at the stone that had been carved into the image of Lyanna Stark.

The only light in the Winterfell crypts came from the fire of their torches, and although Lady Catelyn was concerned about why Jon had decided to come down into the crypts, she couldn't help but continue to stare at the stone face that forever guarded Lyanna's tomb. Ned's sister was beautiful, Catelyn in that dark moment remembering Lyanna's smile as well as the scent of blue winter roses, but it was that beauty that walked hand in hand with her doom. Sometimes the Lady of Winterfell still felt fresh wounds from all the death that followed the night that Prince Rhaegar stole away Lady Lyanna, but the dead from that war had long ago been buried. It didn't matter anymore, but Lady Catelyn took some solace in the fact that at least now her good sister was at peace. Ghost or not, Lyanna was at home in Winterfell.

"I had a dream, Lady Stark," Jon replied, not looking away from the stone face of his Aunt Lyanna.

There was a dread that filled Catelyn's heart when she heard Jon's words, a dream having brought her to the same place that it had apparently brought her son as well. Looking away from Lyanna's face for the first time since her eyes were drawn to it, Catelyn rested her gaze on the boy who had once been Jon Snow. Her eyes were sharp as she studied the boy before her, but they softened when she decided to rest a hand on his shoulder. Whatever spectres had found their way into Jon's sleeping mind, Catelyn hoped to all Seven Gods that they weren't the same ones that had been haunting her as well.

"What did you dream of, Jon?" Catelyn asked, as she tightened her grip on the young boy's shoulder.

Although Jon wanted to, he couldn't break his gaze away from the Aunt that he had never had the chance to meet. His father never spoke of her, but there was something in Jon's heart that screamed at the boy that he had to learn more about this woman. Jon didn't know why, but he had to have more than hushed whispers and stories that he wasn't sure whether or not they were even true. He was silent for a long moment, before he decided to answer the Lady of Winterfell.

"I dreamt of a knight finding a girl dressed in armor in the middle of a forest," Jon replied after a second of hesitation, still glancing up at the stone statue in front of him, "they fought for a minute, before they ended up laughing together and talking. The pieces of the girl's armor didn't match the rest of it, but the knight's armor was black and red."

Catelyn's eyes narrowed, considering any hidden depths to Jon's words that the boy had not realized himself. "What else did they look like?"

The boy considered his dreams for a moment, before finally looking over at his stepmother. "The girl had brown hair, and she had a shield with a smiling weirwood tree on it. The knight's armor had a dragon on it, and he had long silver hair."

"Rhaegar Targaryen," Catelyn whispered before she could stop herself, remembering the Dragon Prince from the Tourney at Harrenhal, and how the Mad King had sent his son to track down the so called Knight of the Laughing Tree after the mysterious knight had won valor in the tourney.

Who this girl was, Catelyn did not know, but she would never forget the Tourney at Harrenhal, and the beginning of what would eventually lead to Robert's Rebellion and the fall of the Targaryen dynasty. When Prince Rhaegar had named Lyanna Stark the Queen of Love and Beauty, the Starks should have left the Riverlands then and there to never ride south ever again. Robert should have married Lyanna, and Ned's sister should have been guarded against whatever it was that Rhaegar had planned. Perhaps then all the death that accompanied the twisted love of the Dragon Prince could have been prevented. All these old memories twisted in Lady Stark's heart, though what worried her most of all was whether or not Ned had ever even told Jon about what happened at Harrenhal.

"Prince Rhaegar stole my Aunt Lyanna away," Jon finally replied after a long moment, turning his eyes back to the stone statue before them, Catelyn hearing something more in his voice than a simple matter of fact.

"Yes," Catelyn responded, the woman feeling something in the pit of her stomach that she hadn't felt since the day she learned that her first love Brandon had been slain by the Mad King, "Prince Rhaegar stole her away."

Catelyn watched the young boy beside her, trying to understand what exactly it was that he was thinking about. While it was clear to her that there were different thoughts going through Jon's mind, Catelyn did not dare ask the boy what they were. Some things were better left unsaid, and even with all the dreams that came to her, she did not want Jon to know that those same dreams came to him as well. A shadow was coming over Winterfall, and it was best for Jon if he didn't recognize that darkness.

"Come," Catelyn broke the overwhelming silence that had come over them once again, "let's get back to bed."

"What would she have thought of me?" Jon asked as the Lady of Winterfell began to lead him away from Lyanna's tomb, the boy still thinking on his dream for some reason. The armored girl who had laughed along with Prince Rhaegar somehow reminded him of his Aunt Lyanna, and the way that the prince had smiled back at her filled his mind with doubts. There was something hiding in his dreams, but he wouldn't know for years the truth of what it actually was.

At Jon's words, Catelyn stopped walking, and Jon paused as well, the boy not exactly sure why his would-be mother halted. The Lady of Winterfell glanced back at the tomb that was now behind them, and she couldn't help but wonder if maybe Lyanna's ghost was somehow watching over them. In a move that surprised both Jon and herself, Catelyn pulled the boy close, and for a moment held him near to her heart.

"She would have loved you."

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