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You're A Psychic, Noll.

Chapter one

Martin Davis was about to climb into his car and head of to work when he saw something awfully peculiar. He turned his head and peered over his shoulder to look at the peculiar thing. He squinted, rubbed his eyes and squinted them again. He thought that he saw a ginger tabby cat with what seemed to be glasses hanging off its face as it sat in front of the street sign. It almost looked like the tabby cat was reading the sign. Nah, that can't be right.

Cats don't read.

He ignored it and finally drove off to work, leaving his wife Luella and his son Darren back at home. Martin worked at a publishers company and had written a book or two himself. And they sold out quite quickly, he was proud to admit, and that adds to his perfect imagine that he and his family had started a little before his son, Darren, was born.

The hours ticked by ever so quickly, and Martin found himself already leaving his office to go on his lunch break. He crossed the street over to the sandwich shop and bought himself a nice butty. Sandwich, he corrected. Never a butty. A butty was not a word in his vocabulary. He had to keep up his image.

He settled himself down on a bench just around the corner from the publishers and began to eat, ear wigging on conversations as people passed. He took a moment to sneer at group of people.

They were very odd.

They all wore cloaks of different colours. Blacks. Greens. Browns. Reds. They were all overly peppy, huge grins on their faces as they seemed to be almost… floating, if that is the right word to describe it. They were literally jumping for joy. Martin leaned closer to catch word of their, what he assumed, silly conversing.

"The Davis's and their son Oliver," he thought he had heard them say.

He flinched, immediately shrinking back into the bench in where he sat. The Davis's was not his lovely family of three. His wife, son and himself. But his little sister and her husband, and son of six months.

Their son, Oliver, had been born around the same time as Darren. Scratch that, they were actually born in the same month. He didn't know much of this child but what Martin did know was that he was probably the same as his strange parents. A bunch of weirdos they were as well.

His sister, Lily, and her weirdo husband, James, were the oddest people he had ever met. And he had only met this James guy once, and in his opinion that was one time too many. But his sister was someone he had known his entire life. And still found her to be a repulsive thing.

To be utterly truthful, Martin was embarrassed to be seen with them. Which, by the way, was why he never willingly went out of his way to see them. But it seemed that it was only his family that thought that.

Everyone else apparently loved them.

The very thought made him sick. Who would love a weirdo woman and her weirdo husband and soon to be weirdo son. Those guys were out of their mind. But if they had practically everyone in this town talking about them, especially that group of people that were oddly wearing cloaks in the blazing sun, then they were even weirder than he first thought.

Martin, having finished his sandwich, crosses the road and goes back to the publishers for his last shift of the day. He ignores those cloaked people and lets it sit in the back of his mind all day.

Come leaving time, Martin exits his work place and bumps into something he looks down to see a man. A very short man wearing a cloak. He suppresses a look of disgust as the man mutters something about the Davis's.

"You-Know-Who has been defeated and even muggles such as yourself should be celebrating!" The little man squeals in delight.

Offended by the whole muggle thing, Martin pushed past him and got into his car. He drove home as quick as he could, sending one last ferocious look to the little man he had bumped into. He rushes into his home so quick that he didn't even notice the ginger tabby cat that was sat beside the street sign turn its head and watch him walk away.

"Luella dear," he called as he hung up his coat. She popped her head round the door and arched a brow. "Has my sister been in touch recently?"

"No she hasn't," Luella grumbled as she stormed off to tend to her son. She flipped the television on gently rocked her son to sleep as Martin joined the two of them on the couch.

"…There has been an unusual sighting of owl earlier today and fireworks going off everywhere in Kent…" The newsman drones on as Martin thought to himself. There were more strange happenings.

Later that evening, when everyone was in bed, an old man wearing a purple cloak and moon shaped glasses trekked across the road to stop beside one ginger tabby cat. He opened his mouth. "Fancy seeing you here, Professor Matsuzaki."

"How did you know it was me?"

"My dearest Professor, I've never seen a cat sit so stiffly."

"You'd be stiff if you were sitting on a brick wall all day," the Professor shot back. She jumped off the wall and stood beside the old man. In a blink of an eye, she was back to being human again. "Is it true?"

"You'll have to clarify."

"Don't give me that toss, Osamu." Matsuzaki chuckled. "You're as fit as a fiddle despite what you say you are… but anyway, Lily and James?"

"They passed away today and their son, Oliver, survived."

"Don't you think passed away is taking it a bit too lightly, Osamu?" She snapped. "You-Know-Who tried to murder Oliver and ended up killing Lily and James! I don't know how he survived–"

"We can only guess," Osamu chirped. "We can all remember this day as the day that a baby took down Eugenius!"

"I still don't understand how you can say his name so freely like that!"

"Eugenius? How can people not say his name freely? It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

"This is no time for joking, Osamu!"

"I wasn't joking. It does have a nice ring to it."

"Don't praise the enemy!"

"It wasn't praising him, just his name."


"Cat got your tongue?" Osamu laughed.

"Don't make fun of me because I can change into a cat!"

"Fine then. I'll make fun of you because you can't even say one single name! Eugenius!"

"I told you to stop throwing the name around so freely!"


"No! Stop!"


"Stop saying his god damned name!"

"Never!" Osamu laughed, well more like cackled, and then he broke out into a coughing fit. He straightened up, plopped a lemon sweet into his mouth and wore a serious face. "Oliver should be delivered here soon."

"Soon?" Matsuzaki gasped. "Who is bringing him? Don't tell me…"

"Lin should be bringing him soon. Ah, here he comes."

Before either one of them could say anything more, a gigantic motorcycle came flying through the air and landed right in front of them. A very tall man with black hair covering one eye jumped off carrying a bundle in his arms. "Evening Yasu, Matsuzaki."

They all bowed in greeting and Matsuzaki spoke up. "So this is Oliver."

"Quite right," Lin lowered the blanket to show a six month old baby with a scar in the shape of a lightening bolt. They all stared. He was quite a beauty for a baby, this would only add more of his admirers.

"What are you going to do with him, Osamu?"

"He's going to live with the only family he has left," Yasuhara Osamu answered after a moment's silence. "The only living Davis's there are left."

"B-but you can't!" Matsuzaki stuttered. "I've been watching these people all day and I don't think that it is wise to leave the boy here with those… those horribly narcissistic people! They are absolute narcissists. The strangest set of muggles I have ever come across!"

Osamu popped another lemon sweet in his mouth, "That may be so but it's all we've got."

"Couldn't we bring him back with us!? He's too grand for this world! These muggles don't even know anything yet. This boy has many fans already and is a legend already! There will be people from our world growing up and knowing who he is! Every man, woman and child will know of his existence. I wouldn't be surprised if today was known as Oliver Davis Day!"

Osamu Yasuhara smiled softly, "But don't you think that is the best reason we have for leaving him here. For the protection. He needs to be sheltered for the time being. He needs to be kept in the dark and experience a normal muggle life and then when he is of age, he will attend the school."

The three of them sighed and stared at the little baby who opened his mouth to yawn, decided not to in the last second and snapped his mouth shut.

"Well, I guess it is time to return him to his family." Matsuzaki mumbled, quickly glancing around to make sure no one was watching.

Yasu nodded and patted Lin on the shoulder. "Now would be best."

"Let me just say goodbye first." Lin seemed to hug the baby closer.

The two left him alone to say his goodbyes as he placed the baby on the doorstep. "How will the Davis's know what to do with him?"

"I have written a letter. It should explain everything," Yasu answered as he bent down to rest the letter on the baby's belly. "Hopefully they will understand."

"I'm sure they won't!" Matsuzaki huffed, crossing her arms. "I still don't see how we can entrust them the responsibility in looking after this child."

"Matsuzaki." Yasu warned lightly. "That is enough. The boy will be fine here. It's for his own good."

"If you're sure…"

"I'm certain."

"Alright then, I guess this is goodbye little one." Matsuzaki said ever so softly. "I'll see you in thirteen years, yeah?"

"Bye Noll." Lin began to walk away, looking back only once.

"I'll be seeing you soon," Yasu said. "Oliver Davis. The boy who lived…"