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You're a Psychic, Noll

Chapter 8

Noll and John had spent their first few days rushing class to class, getting lost round every corner and ending up in places they shouldn't have been at. Overall, it was quite a difficult time to be young and adventurous.

John guided Noll quickly through the halls as to not be late for their first class of the day, which was taught by Miss Matsuzaki.

When they arrived they noticed that there was no teacher and that the class had already begun working. In place of a teacher, there was a ginger cat sat on the desk and it seemed to be reading. Noll had to take a moment to make sure that he wasn't seeing things.

The ginger cat jumped off the desk and pranced towards them; it opened its mouth and said the words, "Can you two boys explain why you're late?"

Noll looked down at the cat when he heard his teacher's voice, "Miss Matsuzaki?"

"Obviously," she grumbled and then changed in to her normal self.

The two boys just stared, not knowing what to do.

"Well then, if you can't explain yourselves then take a seat and get on with what you are supposed to do!"

They noticed that she had quite a temper on her when she needed it. They'd make sure not to get on her bad side again if that was the last thing they ever did.

"Marvellous, marvellous!" She squealed in delight as she went over to one of the students – Kuroda, was it? – and examined her work.

Noll immediately caught the gist of what he had to do. So he set down his bag and looked at the object on his desk, it was a small needle. He was supposed to turn it into something else. But how?

He scrutinised the needle, hoping for it to just give him the answer. He knew he could do it; he just needed to know how. Maybe if he had a text book. . . but where would he find one?

"Mr Davis, may I ask when exactly you got a text book out of the supply cupboard?"


"I didn't. Well what I mean to say was, I was thinking about how to change the needle into something else and I knew the answer would be in a text book. It just appeared, on my desk. I didn't get it out of the supply cupboard."

Miss Matsuzaki peered down her nose at him and then turned away, "That will be five points to red house. Class dismissed until further notice."

The class whooped and left the room in small groups, off to enjoy the rest of the period no doubt.

"How did you do that?" John asked as they walked away.

"I just thought it up."

About an hour later, first year red house and green house were settled in the lower parts of the school, awaiting their teacher. The class wasn't overly big and Noll recognised many faces from his other classes. He was just thankful he had John to fill up the seat beside him as he had noticed Masako Hara eying him up from across the other side of the room.

The door crashed open and in walked that class's teacher, "There will be no wizarding or psychic bullshit in this class, I'm afraid."

Twenty or so pairs of eyes snapped up at his use of language, some of them trying not to laugh. It wasn't every day you had a stoic faced teacher swear so randomly in his introduction sentence.

"You will be well behaved otherwise you can get out now," he continued. "No matter what your other teachers say, you are here to learn, and in a strict manner is the only way to do so."

"No wonder Sakouchi killed himself," muttered a boy to Noll's left.

Mr Matsuyama slammed his hand down on his desk. "What did you just say, boy?"

Noll was painfully reminded of his uncle Martin and he had to suppress a grimace.

"N-nothing, sir."

"I thought so. . ." He glared over his large nose. "Now on to registration."

He continued to glare as each person's name was called, he seemed to especially writhe in uncalled for anger at Noll's name.

"Dayum, he's got it out for you." The same boy joked.

"Did I just hear something?"

The class went deadly silent.

No, Noll thought, he's got it out for you instead.

"Davis," the teacher called, "our new celebrity. Tell me, how does one correctly brew a healing potion?"

Noll was about to ask how he was supposed to know such a question when an answer simply popped in to his head. "Well, I'd assume that one would know the ingredients off by heart or have it written out in front of them, so all it really takes it the proper equipment and a capable mind to believe they can do it."

The teacher was not happy about that at all. "And how does one believe, Davis?"

"They have no self doubt, sir."

"Very well," and on the class went.

They were to write an essay on why belief is important when brewing potions in their own opinion, and then to research the actual answer and write a paper on that. Noll massaged his hand to relieve the pain from writing so much. If this continued on with his other lessons, he swore his hand would fall off.

Though the lesson dragged, the teacher didn't like him and there was an absolutely snotty girl staring at him from across the room, Noll found the lesson to be rather interesting. This school was much different from the. . . muggle one he had attended one year prior and he was very glad of the change. It seemed that even though he still stuck out here, he fitted in more regardless.

And the next thing he knew, he and John were down at Lin's home drinking herbal tea and politely refusing his dodgy-looking cookies for the rest of the afternoon before curfew.

"So how's school treating you?" Lin asked.

Noll shoved Lin's scary looking cat off his lap before answering, "Fine, I suppose. It'll take some getting used to. I'm not exactly favoured by all the teachers."

"How can that be?" Lin asked, thinking back to when he had lines of people asking him about the famous boy.

"Matsuyama," John said. "He seems to have it out for Noll."

Lin chuckled as much as Lin could chuckle, "Matsuyama has it out for everyone. Cookie, John?"

"No thanks," John looked down at his shoes.

The scary looking cat jumped back up on Noll's lap and he absentmindedly stroked the sorry thing. "What's that?"

"This?" John held up a newspaper for him to see.

Noll took it from him and inspected the front page: 'Break in at Bank!'

It was a short article about someone or a group of people who broke into the Bank at The Alley and how nothing was actually stolen. Some of the witnesses claimed that nothing was off that day and maybe the reason nothing was stolen was because what they were looking for wasn't even there in the first place.

"Interesting," Noll mumbled.

He wondered what they were after. Just what was so important for them, whoever they were, to get?

"Well you'd best be off, Noll, John. It's getting dark now."

And the two of them left, pondering what they had learned that afternoon.