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Chapter 1 "Friendly Betrayal"

(2 weeks earlier)

-Unknown Place-

"I have a mission for you." Spoke a dark voice upon the girl.

"Yes Master?" she responds to the shadows

"Do whatever it takes to destroy the Titans." He demands in a calm yet threatening voice.

"I will not disappoint you, master." Responded the girls as she is cover in darkness.

(Present Time)

"What can I get for you miss?" asked the kind waiter.

"Umm… just give me your strongest drink of alcohol." Responded the dark empathy as she looked around the midnight bar. The waiter nodded and parted away.

She saw nothing interesting that caught her attention. Raven looked like a dark queen with her beautiful dress. She had worn a tight black sparkly dress that defined her curves the dress stopped on top of her knees. But it slipped up making it shorter when she sat down.

As the bar waiter set her drink down, she began to silently drink out of it. She recalled the fight between her and the changeling. During the years that the team had form they were forming together as one. But little did they know that as they all grew, they all started drift apart. They all had grown and matured different ways.

Their fearless leader was now 19; he had grown taller and even out grown the alien princess. He did get stronger too, and his muscles and body structure were outline by his traffic light suit. He was well known as the sexiest playboy, he had matured in so many different ways, even though his obsession for Slade continued.

As for Starfire she also was the same age of her lover Robin. She had developed mentally too; she wasn't as oblivious as before. Thought she still use incorrect grammar structure. She was still the girl who was all about friendship and love. As for her body had developed well, her curvy body had gotten better form even better as before, her breast grew an extra cup. Her body structure was "hot" as some hormonal teens defined it as. She didn't grow as much but her toned legs did become a little longer. Her hair was now up to het butt and the ends were curlier. Instead of her wearing a mini skirt, she changed it to short shorts. Which suited her when she was fighting crime. She did trigger all the teen who defined her as flawless.

Cyborg was the teammate who had least changed. He was still the dark African males who loved meat. His body armor was still the same, though he had developed a weapon or two. His intelligence had increased as did his body. He had gotten older for a 21 year old but still looked young as ever.

The one who had change the most and who had impacted everyone was the shape shifter. Who now called himself the "Changeling."? He was now a handsome 18 year old. He had hit his growth spurt leaving Raven the shortest titan of them all. During his growth development, he had also gain muscles. From all the training he worked for everyday, making all his fans droll all over for him. He had ended up being more mature, but yet he still fought over the fact that meat was terrible for his friends.

Raven didn't change as much, her height had increased but it still left her as the shortest Titan. She was now 18, as the changeling's age. For an 18 year old Raven was an attractive women to all men, who lustfully looked at her. Her body structure was even better than before, her curves were ore defined in her leotard. Her strong toned legs made every guy drool for. She had grown her hair longer leaving it past her shoulders. Her chest grew another cup, making her a very attractive dark empath. She had grown during the years mentally and physically. She now knew how to control her emotions. But yet again, she could still blow up a light bolt or two.

That pretty much described them, and all their changes during the long years. They were a big happy family, as the reporters described them as. But little did they know what truly went inside the Tower.

"What have I done?" Raven asked frustrated.

She was recalling the fight between her and the changeling. After terra had vanished and reappeared, beast boy wanted her to be with him. Yet she choose not remember. After 3 years of no hearing from her again, everyone seemed happy. Beast boy and Raven had begun the flirting. Beast boy says he did it for fun, and he liked a challenge. But deep down he didn't want to admit his secret, of actually liking Raven. Though the empathy, would say another thing. She liked beast boy, no she fell in love with him. She wanted to play the teasing game, to feel that her crush might actually like her. Beast boy and Raven were great friends. The would tease, fight and scream to each other but at the end they both forgive each other.

Maybe this time she knew the fight changed them forever. Terra had return after 3 years, making whatever Raven and Beast boy had vanish. Beast boy had his heart and soul and mind all to terra. He loved her, and when she came back stating that she remember. Beast boy was all over her, as if she controlled him, with his blind love. Raven was yet again heart broken; she knew that she would lose against Terra, no matter what.

He was love struck for her and he still was. Well, that was two weeks ago since she came back. Everything seemed to change, no more teasing. No more communication between them. Raven felt alone, and betrayed. He had promise her, that he would be there for her. But yet when she cried no one was there.

She would still hear his excited voice when he first told the team about her return. Little did he know, that's when her life became tragic, and unhappy for her. But yet, she did not mention it to anyone.

"Guys can you believe it? She remembers!" he happily yelled. At first no one paid much attention to him, they all just thought he would want to have space. No one really cared for his love interest; they didn't think he would want her to return to the team. But after days, the trouble began. He constantly kept missing on important meetings. Then he stopped answering emergency calls, and even missed out on battles. At first they told him that he had certain time to see her. But it seemed like it wasn't enough, because one day he came to the team. He told them how he was going to leave the team for good.

When the team found out they flip, which left Raven devastated and heartbroken. Raven had it; she knew he was ditching the team for a traitor. But no he was leaving for her? He wanted to throw away everything and even leave his team for her? Raven couldn't accept that, not before giving him a piece of her mind.

"You can't leave not for her, she betrayed you and she'll do it again!" Raven spat with venom, not measuring the consequences. He remembered her betrayal; it had affected him more than anyone. He hated the reminder, so without thinking he spoke harsh words.

"Well I rather be with her, than an emotionless freak like you."

As does words left his mouth, it broke ravens heart into pieces. Sure she didn't show it, but it sure damn hurt her. She didn't know what to say, she didn't expect him to say that to her. She tried to keep a straight face, though she was breaking up inside.

"Fine whatever; it's your life not mines." Raven half whispered. After that she immediately teleported to her room then she cried. She let out her sad tears, the ones that she had been holding for so long. She knew she had pushed the line, but she couldn't help it. Was beast boy using her for fun? Did he not return the same feelings Raven had for him? Or was it truly just a game?

She could feel their emotions from her room, they were arguing and disappointed in him. After hours of crying, Raven had made a decision. She wanted to prove him wrong. So, now she's dressed as reveling as she can, in a midnight bar. As she tries to forget him and his cruel words, as she drinks her pain away.

"Can I get another one?" she asked the waiter half drunk. Sure, she was demon but she was also half human. Alcohol still had an effect on her; she drank as much as she possibly could. And all because of a foolish boy who was blind love to even notice her undying love for him. Pathetic… and she knew she was.

"I'll show him I can have fun." She whispered determined

"So what's the sexiest dark titan doing in a midnight bar?" asked a male with a soothing voice

Of course Raven knew she was going to get hit on this night. She obviously knew people would recognize her, for her purple hair. Everyone seems to want to get on her pants. But hey who knows if Raven would let them?

"Leave me alone, can't you see I'm trying to forget someone?" she answered annoyed, paying no attention to the mysterious voice which sounded familiar.

As the waiter gave Raven her glass of alcohol, she began to drink it. The guy who was ignored by the empathy sat next to her, and ordered a beer. He then turned his attention to the dark beauty.

"You look sexy tonight, so who are you trying to forget?" he asked looking at her nice body lustfully.

"That's none of your business." She said coldly trying to keep a small talk. She set her left elbow down, so it could be on the table. She then took a heavy sighed. She was now staring at her unfinished drink.

"Maybe I can help you forget him, you know have some fun?" he said as he looked at the heartbroken girl.

Raven looked at the guy who seemed to be interested in her. She was glancing at a muscular tan guy, about 19 years old. He had brown blackish hair color; his eyes were a dark brown color.

"You're cute." She said honestly "But I don't know about having fun with you."

She had taken another drink of her alcohol beverage; she paid the waiter and moved on to the dance floor. She wanted to let herself go, just this once. She wanted to forget the pain that the green man had caused her. As she moved her hips to the beat of the music, she felt someone behind her. She had stiffened at first, she even thought of sending him crashing to the wall. But then again she remembers the reason why she was there.

She danced with the stranger, who was behind her. She didn't want to turn around to see who it was. She honestly didn't want to know either. As the song ended she decides she had enough for tonight. She could barely keep herself up straight, without falling on the ground. She felt everything around her move in circles. She needed and wanted to leave now.

As she was leaving the bar, the same guy came running to her.

"Wow blue bird, you can't just lead a guy on and leave."

That voice… she recognizes it, maybe without the robotic voice on top of it. But that nickname he used. He gave himself away. Raven knew who it was. But the strangest thing was that Raven was not alarmed. Should she?

"Red X?" she finally questions after moments of silence.

He shook his head and said "Just Jason Todd." He corrected, at that Raven giggled.

Raven had no idea why she was attracted to him all of a sudden. But it was like he affected her more than she acknowledge. "I don't want to go home, take me?" she asked with the best puppy eyes she could manage. Maybe this was her chance to forget?

Jason chuckled at her sudden act, but responded.

"If you wanted a night with me, all you had to do was ask." He said cockily

She smiled and took his hand, after a few steps Raven was beginning to fall. Jason grabbed her, and she kind of knocked out. He had taken her to his apartment, where she seemed to come back to reality. He set her down, Raven walked slowly over to his room, she looked all the things he had disposable. Raven could see the many things she could have thought they were stolen.

She sat down in his bed and just looked at him. She admire his looks and of course his body.

"What now blue bird?" he questioned her, looking at her eyes for any possible affection or emotion. He walked over to her and sat beside her. There was no talking for a while, until Raven spoke.

"Can… can you make me forget?" she pleaded to him. He looked at her; she was the most beautiful girl he could think of. She was perfect, but in her eyes hid so much pain and sorrow. He thought she was rather confused on why she felt like that. Or why her eyes said that story. He wanted to help her; hey he wanted to fix her for a reason his thoughts have not yet answered.

He wanted action; I mean any horny teen who saw the dark empathy probably thought the same thing. But he didn't know what to say, what happens if the next morning she comes to her senses. And tries to kill him, for taking advantage? He didn't want to risk it. But he didn't want her to go wonder alone at night, and see who she could get a night stand from.

"Umm…" that's all he could manage to say. He didn't know what to say. He be lying if he said no, but she was half drunk he had some respect! Taking advantage of her seemed wrong at the moment.

On the other hand, Raven wanted to forget she didn't want to feel rejected again. She was going to do anything in other to forget. She carefully got up, not trying to lose her balance. She stood in front of him; she began to remove her tight dress. As it felt down on the floor Jason's eyes widened, as he stared at the goodness in front of him. She was perfect; he knew he couldn't reject an offer that tempting.

One night stand how hard could that be? One night of pleasure and everything would be forgotten.

One night.

Raven walked towards him and sat on his lap, facing his way, and then she wrapped her arms around his neck. Jason couldn't have imagined any day better than this. He thought he was actually in heaven with the beauty in front of him.

"I'm speechless bluebird… giving me access to your body so soon? Not even the first date and you're in my bed. Man, I must really be irresistible." He said as he felt his ego bust up. Jason's hands positioned unto the dark girls waist.

Raven giggled and pecked his lips. It was soft and fast, as she departed she looked at the ground shamefully. Jason let out a chuckle and said "We aren't shy now, are we?" he questioned as he pulled her chin to face him.

"I have never done this before." She whispered trying to avoid eye contact.

Jason smiled at her confession, and he pecked her lips before speaking.

"Don't worry blue bird when I'm done with you, you'll be an expert."

With does encouraging words, lust had taken over Ravens body. She kissed him deeply as she knew what she was doing. The kisses were fire burning; they kiss as if they knew each other stories. Raven kissed him, as she wanted a lover, and she had one. All the love she wanted to share with someone else was given to Jason. Soon both of their cloths were off, and they made love to each other. Making them both scream their names in pleasure. Maybe there could be a happy ending here? But what they didn't know is how this was the day that marked the change of both of their life's.

The same night beast boy was with terra, fooling around watching movies. He randomly felt a very strong and powerful feeling. And it wasn't a very good one either. His heart began to hurt, as of you were to be stabbed in the heart. Somehow during the pain, he felt sad yet angry. As if something he thought he possessed was not his anymore.

Terra notice the green boys behavior, she asked him if he was feeling well. He gave her a reassuring smile and said he was, he didn't want to worry her. He still didn't know what was wrong either. All he wanted is to let off some anger he randomly build. He told his lover that he would be back; he would just get some fresh air. Terra gave him the approval, as he left he had transformed into the beast. He couldn't keep it in.

Someone how he was now plain angry, for something he couldn't figure out. The beast marched into the wilderness and destroyed anything in its path. That night Beast boy did not sleep, as he tried to figure out why he automatically felt empty. Like something or someone who had just walked off his life. But the question remained in his head.


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