The next morning Jason had woken up, he found himself tangled in the sheets as the dark empath. He knew she was in a deep sleep, since she was drunk last night. He carefully untangled himself from her, not wanting to disturb her. As he got up he took some cloth and showered quickly. After that he wrote her a note and left his place.

Hours later Raven had awakened, but she didn't get up from the bed. She laid there as she acknowledged what had happened last night. As she recalled the vivid images in her head, she shot up. She looked around to find no one, except the sunlight trying to shine inside the room from behind the blinds.

She was in an unknown room naked. "Fuck." She whispered to herself. She got up and looked for her cloths, as she put them on; she had found a letter with her name. She took it and read what it said.


Yesterday was an amazing night for me. Of course it was just a night stand. But to be honest, you literally fucked the brains out of me. I could barley manage to think straight this morning. But I just wanted to say, that that green ball doesn't deserve you. If you aren't happy with what you do, or where you are. You can easily leave, no one was has the power to make you stay. You are free to make your own choices. I want you to know, that I don't think I would ever forget this night.

-Jason Todd

Raven did not have any words or anything to say about the letter. It made her speechless; every word he wrote made her realize that he was right. Maybe he was right, beast boy didn't deserve her. She teleported to the tower, using her energy she gain from sleeping. Though it took much power she knew it was worth it. She couldn't let anyone know where she was, or what she was doing.

She decided it was best for her to take a shower. She wanted to get rid of the smell, and how dirty she felt. Or maybe even the evidence of last night. After her long warm shower, she put on her normal uniform and headed to the kitchen. It was past noon, she guessed that the other would be gone. Or at least not in the area she was going.

She wanted to avoid everyone; she didn't want to be questioned. She was in the kitchen and her hood was up, not only because the light bothered her. But because of the hickeys on her neck, that Jason had left last night, though they weren't as visible. But hey better save then sorry. She stared at the tea that was boiling in the stove. Lost in thought, but she stopped as she felt an angry presence behind her.

She actually thought it was Robin trying to lecture her, about not taking her communicator with her.

"Okay I admit, I purposely forgot to take it with me-"

Before Raven could even finish, beast boy had interrupt her. He was the one standing behind her.

"Where the hell were you last night?!"

Raven immediately turned around to face him. "That's no importance to you." she answered sharply.

He looked at her harshly he couldn't believe what was going on with her. He could smell a slight hint of alcohol, and as if she was with someone yesterday. Because, the smell of the person still linger in her.

"And to think that you were different, you were drunk and fucked anyone yesterday… didn't you?"

"No, I'm not. I'm just the emotionless freak remember?"

"What the FUCK Raven! I thought you were more mature than this. Why did you go hoeing around?!" he demand an answer from her.

"You know what beast boy… FUCK YOU! Screw you and your blond bitch." Raven yelled as the cabinets opened and closed harshly.

"It's like I don't know you anymore, I'm actually glad I'm leaving. I can't stand you anymore."

"The feeling is mutual." She responded with no emotion.

"Really?! Because the way you're acting is like you're begging me to stay."

"Don't flatter yourself." She said crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Deny all you want Raven, but you and I both know how you really feel." Beast boy said as he got closer to her.

Raven knew what he was doing, he was playing her. Just like he did when they flirted. He wanted to get the satisfaction to win over her, and she wasn't going to let him. Not this time. She stood there not moving; she was going to show him that he wasn't going to affect her. She looked at him upset, like she wanted to cry. He had hurt her so much, yet he didn't even know.

"Why don't you just leave me alone?" she half demand looking at I'm with her sad eyes. He was centimeters from her, yet he took a step back.

"It's my duty to annoy you remember?" he said as he looked at her. She was still in the state of breaking down; she gave him a ghost smile.

"Not anymore, just leave I bet she's waiting for you." Raven said as she faced the ground.

He stood there, not knowing what to reply. He was rather confused, he didn't know if she was angry, disappointed or sad with him. He sighed and said "If that's what you want." He turned around and headed out the kitchen.

She turned around and began to make her tea, but she whispered into the air.

"You know I never wanted that."

He heard her, and he turned around. He was facing her backside and he told her he was sorry. Raven couldn't take it anymore, she was so hurt. He knew he was only doing that so they wouldn't be mad at each other before he left. But he was going to leave her, and never come back.

"No… you're not sorry." She said as she continued to make her tea. Beast boy was now confused, he didn't know why she didn't take his apology. As she finished making her tea, she picked it up and walked passed him. "You aren't as sorry as you say you are, when you are still leaving us."

Tears slipped down her face as she walked passed him. She was heading to her room, before he spoke to her.

"Yeah you're right, I guess this is good bye then?"

She stopped and thought for a second, he was finally saying goodbye.

"You departed ever since you left us for her." Does were the last famous words she had spoken to the changeling before he left for good.

He chuckled at her comment; he didn't know what to feel. He watched the dark beauty leave; he knew that she would be mad at him forever. I mean he did quit the team, just to be with a girl. But he loved her, so he thought.