Teen Titans Tower

"Robin, are you hungry? You have been in our room since our last mission... Is something the matter?" Starfire asked showing her worry tone throughout her words. Since her boyfriend has been locked up in his room for awhile.

As she got no respond from her leader she decided to knock again.

"Star just let him be." Cyborg says as he heads to the kitchen.

Star decided to follow Cyborg telling him about her worries, knowing that Robin would probably be furious if she keeps bothering him.

As they head into the kitchen Starfire sits down as Cyborg behinds to prepare their breakfast.

"You know how robin gets when we get a new lead from Slade." Cyborg tells his alien friend.

Starfire sighs, her eyes showing sadness and frustration.

"I wish boyfriend Robin could do the forgetting." The alien princess whispers into the air.

"You ad I both... You and I both Star." Cyborg whispers in return.

After a while of unwanted silence, Robin makes his entry. Making Starfire pretend to put a smile on her face, forgetting her uneasy thoughts from seconds ago.

"Oh how glorious, you have joined us boyfriend Robin!" Starfire says happy.

"I'm not here to chat. We have serious business to discuss." Robin says as he takes a seat and pulls out files he had been secretly hiding. The files were nothing more than reports of strange jewels.

"Perhaps this is Red X who is doing this?" Starfire commented.

"I thought so too, but we haven't seen him or even caught him. Maybe he is working for someone. But who?" Robin says as he stares at the files that are on the table.

"Are you implying that he might be working for Slade?" Cyborg asks as he sits down to eat his breakfast.

"But why would Red X be working for Slade?" Starfire asks confuse.

"Because Slade needs someone to do his dirty work for him." Responds somewhat yelling. He gets up and starts putting eggs and ham on his pate and some toast. As he mutters to himself. "Of course how couldn't I see this before. We need to capture Red X first, in order to get answers."

"And how would we do that boy blunder?" Cyborg questions stuffing his face with his delicious cooked eggs and ham.

Starfire reaches for the mustard and says, "Maybe we can put fake jewels to capture him."

"You're a genius Star. We can lore him with fake jewels and capture him" Robin excitingly says as he kisses her, and gets up. He pills up his documents and retrieves to his room.

"Boyfriend Robin, are you not going to eat?" Star questions worried for his health.

"No, I have to make plans. But thanks for the breakfast and the suggestion." He yells back as he leaves.

Starfire looks down at her plate, "Why must he be like this?" She questions out loud.

"We can't change him even if we tried." Cyborg responds back.

Starfire sits there quietly, just messing around with her food. She knew Cyborg was right they was no way Robin would ever change.

"I'm not hungry anymore." The alien princess says as she gets up and collects her plate. Cyborg watched his friend go, before he knew it he was eating alone in silence.

-Somewhere in Jump City's apartments-

Changeling woke up and it was past noon, he found no one next to him in bed. It meant that Terra was already up, he searched for some pants and a shirt and got up.

"Terra have you seen..." He stopped as he saw his girlfriend cooking, wearing nothing but his shirt. Terra turned around to see the green changing with out his shirt.

"Hey babe, how you sleep?" She questioned as she moved the fried vegetables over onto a plate. And began to take out fresh bread out of the heated oven.

"Good... so that's our breakfast?" The changeling questioned smiling.

"Yup, and I also made you some fresh bread right from the oven." She replies.

The changeling comes up from behind her and hugs her. Pressing his body onto her as he whispers into her ear.

"I love a girl that can cook."

"Really?" She questions with a playful smile on her face acting amused.

"Yes, maybe you deserve a an award." He says as he kisses her neck and moves to her collar bone.

This action made her react to his touch and make goosebumps all over her body. She loved when he played with her like that.

"I'll like that." She says as she turns around to kiss him. As they have a quick make out session, she tells him to eat before they have more fun. They sit on the couch and enjoy their breakfast together. They talk about random things, and what he loved must about her.

He loved her right? So there was nothing for him to tell her. He must have liked everything if he loved her. That's why he left the team for her, but why did it seem so wrong? Why did he feel empty within himself?

"Gar...Gar?" Terra called out to him. As the changeling looked at her a flashback of Raven suddenly appeared as if she was calling to him. He blinked a few times not sure if it was her.

His heart stopped as he realized that it wasn't actually her. He saw Terra who was the one who was actually calling out to him.

"Are you okay?" Terra sked again as she checked for his temperature.

"Uh, yeah I'm fine. So what do you want to do today?" He asked trying to change the subject.

"Whatever you want to do." She said as she sat down on the couch. She leaned to him and kissed his cheek.

He didn't want to worry her so much, since she didn't deserve it. He needed to deal with on problems one way or another.

"How about we reward you?" He says soothingly as he kisses his girlfriend. She took it as a signal and got on top of her green boyfriend. They began their heated session, she let out her girly giggles and pleasurable moans. Maybe this is what he needed.

Time to forget about the purple headed girl, all he needed was Terra.

So what now?

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