Glasspelt: The Cat Wizards

Glasspelt and the Other who were Captured

Glasspelt scratched the bars and yowled, his sleek pelt black shinned while two scars were on his eyes. One eye made him blind, but the other kept working. Bulldawn was with Glasspelt in the same cage. Bulldawn was cream-colored with one front paw blinding blue with a long black line down his back. Bulldawn's red eye and yellow eye narrowed as he looked at the only he-cat in the cage, Moonclaw. Moonclaw had brown fur with white chest-fur and white belly fur. Her black mouth twitched as she watched Glasspelt's attempts with her yellow eyes. Moonclaw long fangs glistened in the little sun-light through a hole in the wall.

"It's never going to break fur-balls for brains!" Moonclaw hissed at Glasspelt. Glasspelt stopped moving his paws and looked hastily at Moonclaw with his frosty blue eyes.

Before Glasspelt could speak, two other cats were thrown into the large cage. "Who, are you?" Glasspelt mewed.

The first one was a black tom with yellow eyes. "I am Jaydawn, and this is my brother, Shortdawn. No way! Bulldawn! You got thrown in too?" Jaydawn meowed, his whisker twitching toward Shortdawn, then leaping to Bulldawn. Shortdawn was a handsome light brown tom with white paws, red toes, and green eyes.

Bulldawn meowed as he leaped to Jaydawn, "I can't believe you fell for the mouse too!" As they all meowed about how they were doing, Glasspelt looked out the tiny holes to look what was outside. A two-leg was holding them and Glasspelt saw another cage with five cats circling one cat that was dying. Glasspelt hissed at the two-leg for being too dumb to notice the sobbing of the cats that cried of their mother.

The two-leg brought them onto a boat and the cats in the other cage and the cats in the cage were in right now were shoved into a container where they could see around.

Glasspelt, Bulldawn, Jaydawn, Shortdawn, and Moonclaw met Paris that reached a paw