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Chapter 2- Breaking through (the battle of Neuve Chapelle)

The Western Front, March 10, 1915

The Corporal shook his head. This was insane, they were short on shells, and this was when the only person above him, Sir John French decided he wanted to attack the German lines. They were, in the simplest of terms, committing suicide.

(On the other side of the German lines)

Being a spy for the British The Black Widow knew that French was restless and would be attacking the German lines. She also knew that they were running out of ammunition, but she would never tell anyone she knew this. Things had been different since Christmas, she cared what happened now, and she hadn't before.

When she had got back to London after her last assignment she had done a little research. It wasn't just any Corporal she had kissed; it was Corporal Lord John Richard Roxton. She was in love with him. She had only talked with him for a few hours, only seen his face for a few seconds, and yet for some reason she had kissed him twice, and risked her mission to save his life. It had to be love, and she should be scared to death, but she wasn't. He biggest fear was that she would loose him in the war.

Suicide. He didn't mind it so much; he didn't really belong back in England with his mother. He had killed William, and felt responsible for his father''s death as well. He was only sorry that he would never get to see the Black Widow again. He had deep, deep feelings for her, who knows? Maybe even feelings of love, but now he would never know.

She was so happy. The British had broken through, the lines were open. They could penetrate the German trenches now.

They didn't. Now they had to wait for back-up. All the Corporal lying on the ground could make out was confusion. He knew that all that was wrong was that he had been shot in the leg, and the arm, but his men didn't know, he was as good as dead.

When night fell she snuck over to the British trench to warn them that Greman back-up would be there in two days. On her way over she tripped over something in the dark, it moved. She stopped dead in her tracks and knelt down. It was a wounded soldier, she reached into her bag and pulled out her canteen as she urged him to drink. She surveyed his wounds, they were as bad as they looked. She could fix them her self.

She ripped te sleeve of her shirt and his pant leg. The Black Widow, with the tenderness of a new mother quickly cleaned and sewed up the mans wounds. She carefully wrapped them in bandages and helped him to stand. He was so delusional, almost to the point of unconsciousness.

When they reached the British camp the soldiers thanked her for finding and rescuing thier corporal. For the first time she looked at his sleeping face, and gasped. It was him! She was overjoyed that he was okay. She opened his breast pocket and slipped a handkerchief inside. With her spider emblem on the bottom corner. Now he would know it was her.

She paused. Would he care? Would he even remember her, or the night they had shared?

She pushed the thoughts out of her mind as she found French and warned him about the German back-up. He thanked her, and she was on her way. She silently slipped away in the night, back to her own secret war.

-*Back to Present*-

Marguerite stared into his eyes. The others had all gone to bed hours ago. They, however, still sat beside each other at the kitchen table, hand in hand. They had talked, reminisced and kissed a little and now that sat in silence, just gazing into each others eyes. The clock chimed.

"Merry Christmas: he whispered kissing her cheek.

'Oh, John," she said throwing her arms around his neck, "I love you"

"I love you too" he smiled.

"Remember who said it first." She sternly stated.

"I will." he laughed as he kissed her. "It's late, let's go to bed." He walked her to her room, and after a goodnight kiss, she invited him in.

When Marguerite and Roxton walked into the kitchen the next morning, they received raised eyebrows. Marguerite had a chance to explain how he had been looking for her since the war, and he was the reason that she had come to the plateau.

"But the government didn't mind?" Challenger questioned.

"I told them about the possibilities of treasures in this 'lost world', and that I could definitely make them some money."

"That's why your Jewel Crazy!" Veronica exclaimed.

"Yes, I have some debts to settle with Winston, he helped me get the Government to fund it."

"Winston? As In Churchill?" Roxton asked, a little surprised


"Who do you think I worked for? The Queen?"

"You knew the Queen?!" Veronica almost screamed. Marguerite's laughter filled the Jungle tree house. This would be fun, sharing some of her secrets.

"Just wait till they hear me sing!" She thought.


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Chapter 3- Bombs Away! (The Lusitania)

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