9:31 Drakonis 5th

Nia sighed overlooking the gardens of the palace. It has been a long journey since her time in Highever. Being at court was a welcome rest but one that she found to be long. She thought of the one who joined her in her spirits of the festivities. A man that would never once again return to her side. Nia wondered if that man will ever once again-

"Leliana what did you write? This is nothing that I experienced! I was out helping the people of Ferelden, not sighing like a girl in love. Not only that, Zevran is still here." I said, reading over Leliana's journal after she had mentioned she had one. Leliana giggled.

"Well it makes for fine reading, no?" I laughed and shook my head. We were waiting at the front of the Palace grounds for a carriage to lead her to the small army of Templars and priests that all gathered to go to the Urn.

"Oh Leliana never change…It's going to be quiet without you here. Wynne has been creating some flack now that the Circle is free. It's already been a month and people are already starting to question it. Poor Talen has his work cut out for him."

"It is true but he says he enjoying meeting all the new mages that have come from all over that are studying there. Irving has already made him a Senior Enchanter."

"Wow that quick? Poor Talen, Senior Enchanter, Grey Warden, him and Jowan constantly traveling to Soldier's Peak to find out about Avernus' potion." Leliana chuckled.

"He is doing remarkably well. He has wrote to me in a letter that he will join me as soon as I reach the Urn."

"I'm glad you two are doing fine." I heard the clacking of horses hooves against the ground and the carriage to lead Leliana away came in front to me. "Don't forget to write ok? Even though I'm going to be traveling as well. Just send everything here." Leliana chuckled.

"Of course. I will miss you my sister." Leliana said.

"Me too." We put our foreheads together and she closed the door to her carriage. I sighed and went to the stables. I recognized Lily as Alistair put a saddle on her.

"Oh, Leliana has already left?"

"Yeah, gone to her own adventure. I'm proud of her. She's going to do wonders over at the Temple of Sacred Ashes." I said, leaing against the carriage.

"Of that I have no doubt." Alistair said.

"Ah there you are mi niña Hermosa." Zevran said, coming up next to me.

"Hey Zevran. You got all your stuff ready?"

"Of course. Traveling will give the crows pause as they eventually figure out my ruse."

"Do we have to take the assassin with us?" Alistair whined.

"Yes Alistair, we're taking Zevran with us. It's going to take more than just the two of us to hunt down the darkspawn camps over in the Southern Hills. Then off to Orzammar, the Circle to see Talen, and anywhere else in the Bannorn where the darkspawn have settled after the battle." I said, listing off the places we needed to go. "Besides, it's going to take a while for the Arling of Amaranthine to pass down to you, Warden Commander Alistair." Alistair chuckled bashfully. Eren was going to stay in Denerim to rebuild it along with Anora which made Alistair the Warden Commander. Derek was busy joining people in Orzammar and Talen can't keep in one place.

"I had hoped to catch you before you left." Eren said, Anora with him.

"Hello my liege, and your Queenliness." Anora gave me a small smile. We grew close over my month stay in Denerim.

"At least that sounds better than Queen Annie."

"Queen Annie rolls off the tongue though." Eren said. They got married through the courts although the real wedding will be later.

"Here are your papers that you will be needing on your journey." Anora said, giving me a cylindrical container.

"Papers?" I wondered. Anora looked to Eren and he chuckled.

"You have not told her?"

"I was hoping for it to be a surprise?"

"And what is that mi amigo?"

"Go ahead Nia. Read them." I shrugged and opened it. I took out a roll of papers that shocked me slightly. They were enchanted with minor magic. I read through the script and began laughing.

"What, what does it say?" Alistair wondered.

"I am…surprised at your reaction." Anora said.

"Oh because this is priceless!" I cleared my throat. "Ok, ok, I'm good."

"Well?" Eren said.

"What does it say?" Alistair asked. I took the papers and hung it up in front of both Zevran and Alistair.

"Read it and weep boys you are now looking at Nia Cousland, Princess of Ferelden."


9:31 Drakonis 19th

Dear Eren,

So far the bands of darkspawn we've been encountering haven't been numerous, thank God. Southern Hills had quite a number of them since this is where they were most concentrated after Lothering fell. We were able to reclaim some of the farm land, no doubt Anora would love to hear that. Talen and Jowan have been using their combined talents in order to make something of a purifier for the ground. Ok not much of a purifier but Talen can move the corruption to something else. Talen said that some of the things in Avernus' research could help them. If that's the case, we might be able to save Lothering. A few of the Dalish elves, after the battle in Denerim, have settled in the Korcari Wilds. Some of the farmers are apprehensive while others are accepting. I've been trying to get them more on the accepting side.

Nerion has been helping with that. You remember him right? He was a skilled Dalish hunter that sounded the horn during our battle against the Archdemon. He fought with the Redcliffe guard and his opinion on humans got better. He and I are trying to make sure the relations between his clan and the farmers stay at a relative peace. It's amazing how people change when they start understanding each other.

So far Zevran and Alistair haven't been wanting to kill each other, thankfully. Mostly because I'd probably wring their necks if they even tried. They've seen what I could do to a darkspawn skull, I don't think they want to be at the end of my fist. After cleaning up the farms, we're going to be heading over to Orzammar. Derek wrote that he got a lot of volunteers that would go through the joining. He was thinking of calling their group the Keepers of Orzammar. It flows off the tongue rather nicely don't you think? He's also very interested about the underground farming that I mentioned back in the party. Well what I can remember about it anyway...

Anyway I've heard that Anora and you are making preparations for the Royal Wedding? Can I be the flower girl? No I would suck as a flower girl. It would be my luck that I would fall face first on the rug.

Give plenty of treats to Alfred for me.


P.S. I think people are starting to wonder about this whole Princess thing, there are a few rumors going around. It's kinda exciting.

9:31 Cloudreach 14th

Dear Eren,

Would you believe it if I said that Derek tore down all the old houses in Dust Town to make it the official place of the farms? Well he did it. Oh and thanks for the fertilizer, horse shit is the best for the soil. Derek went to the assembly about the whole farming thing I was telling them about. After they heard about what I knew, they all jumped on the chance. Dust Town has been cleared away and all, I mean ALL, of the casteless have been helping on getting the fields ready. Also thanks for all the seeds, we'll need them.

There are a few bronto tamers in the city and they have been helping us plow the field and fertilize it to make it ready for the first few seeds. Not to mention the diggers that have been looking for the underground rivers to lead into the farms. After I did my explanation on what were irrigation systems, the dwarves immediately picked up on it. It's amazing what happens when these guys band together. Derek has also been telling and showing the dwarves my phone. Unfortunately I couldn't help in that aspect but we'll see what they come up with on that end.

Zevran and I have been training a few of the dwarves that have survived the joining. These guys will be the first wave to push back the darkspawn that have settled in the Aeducan Thaig. Bhelen wants it cleared. If the farm system goes right, they'll need a lot of space. Oh and yes the soldiers that you've sent came here have been helping as well.

Alistair also wonders when are all the papers for the Amaranthine post is going to go through? I've heard a few Grey Wardens have already stationed there in Vigil's Keep. He's getting a little ansty in the pantsy to get going and start on rebuilding the Grey Wardens. Weirdly enough since he hates being in a position to lead.

Anyway, we're going to be staying here for a while. I'll need to lend Derek all the help he needs to train and to get the farming project on its way. After this, we'll be going over to the Circle. Talen wants to see if Alistair can train the Templars to use their abilities without lyrium. That's going to go over well, I'm sure. Can you tell I'm being sarcastic?

Fergus sent me a letter to know where we can put a memorial for Duncan. I haven't been to the city recently. I think he wants to put it where the old kennel master was. Remember? That small spot of land away from the city that had a nice over view of a valley? I think that would suit Duncan. It would make Alistair happy anyway.

Shale and Wynne send their greetings. They came by for a while as Wynne is trying to find more information on helping Shale regain a body. I don't know how they'll do it but I'm hoping for the best.

Also that thing that happened in the Pearl? Never mention it again. Ever or I will smack you. Yes I remembered you evil, evil person.


9:31 Bloomingtide 1st

Dear Eren,

The Circle is so vastly different! They fixed it up really, really good. I mean there are still a few scars and some meaty parts in the upper levels but those spots are super high and hard to reach. The atmosphere is also brighter than what it used to be. Talen did a system of visitation. Mages can have their family visit on occasion and even stay, for a small period of time. Greagoir had a fit when he learned about it though. He can't say much though since the Circle is technically free and Talen and Irving are in charge of most of it already.

You remember that one Templar in that weird magical cage and stuff? Cullen. They sent him away to the Free Marches in the city of Kirkwall after he almost had an altercation with Talen. Speaking about Talen, he is totally embracing his Senior Enchanter name. He's teaching all the people who are studying the creation tree with his own brand of unique blood magic healing. The Templars got worried with that one. Alistair had to calm them down by showing that this type of blood magic is not influenced by demons. Nonetheless, only those who have been harrowed are allowed to practice it. They also need to have constant supervision. These mages don't have a fighting bone in their body though.

Talen is trying to get all of his practice down into a series of tomes. He said that it would have to go through the College of Enchanters and see if it would be able to be sent out to other circles. He doubts it of course. Taking a patients blood, mixing it with your own magic, and then pouring it inside to figure out what exactly is wrong with the person on the inside, wouldn't be seen as healing as he said. He's taking all my knowledge that I know of the human body and brain and fusing it with his brand of healing. You can't call it creation anymore at this point but he can't figure out a name for it yet. We'll see.

Jowan isn't allowed in the Circle of course. He's been staying at Soldier's Peak for now. Oh speaking about Soldier's Peak, we had to go there after we saw a meteorite (that's a rock falling from the sky) make a crater in the ground. We had it sent over to Soldier's Peak and Mikhael made a beautiful great sword with it. He says that the wielder will eventually come. I don't know anything about that though. Jowan and Talen have also been experimenting with the joining potion. Talen said that if he's successful, he can make a joining potion that will have a ten percent chance of killing someone. That means one in ten will die and the rest will join. Much better odds don't you think? The experimental fertility potion is in the works. Talen said that he would send it to you once he tries it out. He hasn't told me about that yet but Leliana assures me that nothing is going to happen between them. Maybe on other Grey Wardens people? I'm not sure. He didn't explain all of it to me.

I hope the court is treating you well. I know that the nobles have been asking about me, trying to make you rescind my position. Who knew that you adopted me before you became king? When were you going to tell me this? You're a good secret keeper at least. The nobles do know that it's just a title right? I have no power, no say, no right to the treasury and stuff. Well just be careful.

Say hello to Queen Annie for me (don't mention that to her).


9:31 Solace 8th

Dear Eren,

Can you believe that the dwarves did their first harvest? It was completely successful! I'm so happy! Bhelen said that all the casteless that helped with the farms are now part of a new caste: the Farming Caste. Derek wrote to me that I also share half of the profits from what they're getting. That wasn't my idea either. I didn't know anything about it before he sent me a letter. I wrote to him why would he do that and he reasoned that the only reason we were able to raise the farms was due to my knowledge. We are now co-owners of the farms. Good thing too since my title is in name only and Queen Annie doesn't let me take out of the treasury.

Zevran left as well. After we got through some of the darkspawn in the Bannorn, he told me that it was time for him to go. It's only me and Alistair traveling now. We're doing good so far. We're thinking on heading to the Temple. I heard Genetivi's research finally has been confirmed by the Chantry. Leliana says that the Temple looks absolutely stunning now that they have swept away the ice. It's going to be an experience for sure.

Oh and I've heard that the potion was successful. I'm going to be an Aunt! This is awesome! I think you've heard but we're staying in Redcliffe now. Redcliffe has changed since we left it. It's amazing how the people have rebuilt it. It's almost completely different from what we first saw. I heard that Eamon gave his title to his brother Teagan. He likes having Alistair around the Castle. They've been catching up after all the time Alistair has been away. It's good. Alistair has a sort of family to return to. I heard that Arl Eamon has been visiting his son in the Circle. Connor has been learning a lot although he is hesitant about his magic. Teagan said that he's been getting nightmares about what really happened in the village. We'll have to tell him the truth one day.

I've heard that Anora has been using my name around ever since the success of the farms in Orzammar in order for the people to accept a commoner princess with no noble blood. I've been reading the things she's approve and many farmers and merchants have talked about me. At least they don't recognize me for now. Also thanks for that small tidbit on the Amaranthine Arling. We'll be over in Denerim soon enough to collect the papers and the person you've chosen to become a Grey Warden after scouring through the Hinterlands for more bands of darkspawn.

I hope to see you soon.


I told you there was a reason why Eren became king. So we have reached our end. I couldn't have done it without all of my readers, my followers, and visitors. When I started this in october, I didn't think I would be continuing it beyond Origins and then I played Inquisition and everything changed. Now 8 months later, Days of Our Lives has been concluded. Over 300 reviews, 30k views, and many followers and favorites, this is by far my most popular story of all.

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