Gibbs's New Girl

By Rena Mason

Chapter 18

Three days before Ali was scheduled to return to work she asked Gibbs is she could have a sleep over with the whole team. After consulting with everyone and getting their confirmation, Ali spent the rest of the time cleaning the house so that everyone's room was ready for the weekend event.

On Friday night between 5:30 and 6 everyone began to arrive at Ali's with food and an overnight bag. By the time Gibbs and Ducky arrived at 6:30 Ali was literally bouncing with excitement over having everyone over again.

During the week Mrs. Travis had a hard time keeping Ali from over doing things and finally had to threaten to call Gibbs is she didn't calm down and take a nap every day. In three days' time she cleaned six bedrooms plus the whole house from top to bottom only slowing down after Gibbs mentioned that she might be working too hard.

She knew the team didn't really care about how clean the house was but her Adult Allison had kicked in so she was in full fledge cleaning mode. At 2 o' clock Mrs. Travis had finally called a halt to all of Allison's cleaning insisting that she clean up and take a nap before everyone arrived. When she finally woke up a little after 5 o' clock Mrs. Travis changed her and then gave Ali a snack and left her waiting in the living room.

When Gibbs and Ducky arrived Ali ran out to meet them in the driveway wearing a knit sleeveless sundress and tennis shoes.

"Ducky, Ducky! You came, you came!" yelled Ali as she ran up and hugged the older man.

"Of course I did sweetheart, you didn't think I'd miss the sleepover did you?" asked Ducky as he hugged the woman back.

"Well I wasn't sure since you….." stammered Ali then stopped when he gently raised her chin.

"Allison my sweet, I may not be able to sleep on the floor but I will certainly have use of one of your rooms. If that's alright with you?"

"Oh yes! Of course. I knew you and Daddy wouldn't be sleeping on the floor anyway" said Allison happily as she started to pull Ducky towards the house.

"Oh thank you very much little one!" answered Gibbs with a playful swat to her bottom as she passed.

Ali had blossomed so much since that first weekend they'd spent together. Now she was openly affectionate with him and the whole team and seamed very comfortable in her "baby Ali" mode when she was home. She still reverted to Allison when she was in public but at home she was just Ali.

She'd started physical therapy and she was making great progress with very little limitations to her shoulder or side. So her doctor and said she could go back to desk work Monday, but she was still restricted from going out or actively working any cases. Which was actually fine with Ali because except for working with Gibbs and his team she preferred the behind the scenes desk work to the active stuff anyway.

So now everyone was her to help her celebrate her last weekend of being on medical leave. As they entered the house they were greeted by the rest of their team getting the food ready and placing it on the table.

"About time boss, thought we were going to have to reheat the food before you got here" said Tony as he came out of the kitchen carrying a plate of food.

"Watch it DiNozzo, we stopped by the bakery and got a surprise for Ali" said Gibbs as he pulled a box from behind his back.

"A surprise for me! Really daddy, really!" said Ali as she started bouncing around Gibbs.

"Calm down little one. You need to eat your dinner before you get the surprise" said Ducky his voice ringing with authority.

"Yes sir." Said Allison she calmed down and finished helping Ziva and Abby set the table.

Gibbs passed the box Tim who took the box into the kitchen for desert later. When everyone was sitting at the table eating Abby finally asked how her last doctor's appointment had gone.

"Great! On Monday morning I'm officially off medical leave! I just need to be careful with my shoulder and side but except for that he said I'm healthy." Answered Ali with pride.

"That's my girl! How about I call Sister Mary Margaret and ask if you can come bowling with us again?" asked Abby.

"Oh I don't know Abby. My arm still gets sore when I lift something heavy." Said Allison. And to be truthful it was a little sore now.

"That's ok Ali, you can still come and watch if you would like. We can work up to you throwing a ball slowly."

"I'd like that Abby, thank you." Said Ali with a smile. She had been afraid that because of her shoulder she might not be able to go bowling with Abby and the sisters again.

After that the conversation varied and soon everyone was eating and just enjoying everyone company. After dinner was through Tim and Ziva cleared the table while Gibbs went into the kitchen to get the desert. He and Ducky had stopped by a bakery close to NCIS and gotten Ali her new favorite cake. It was one that Ziva had tried to teach her how to bake but it never quite came out right so when they found the bakery that made it they placed an order. After work they picked up the cake and soon were headed home with the surprise.

Gibbs put the finishing touches on it and soon was carrying it into the dining room to be greeted by a squeal of delight from Allison.

"Oh daddy! Ducky! Thank you! Thank you so very much!" Said Allison as she hugged Ducky, then threw herself into Gibbs's arms as soon as he placed the cake on the table.

It was a two layer tres leches cake with strawberries and pineapple chunks around the edges with the words "Welcome Back Allison" written in cursive script.

"You're welcome angel. I know how much you like tres leches but had a hard time making it the last time you tried with Ziva" said Gibbs as he returned Ali's hug.

"Don't worry Ali, we can keep trying if you like. Even I have to keep practicing." Said Ziva.

"Yes please Ziva, and thank you." Said Ali as she moved out of Gibbs's arms and sat back down at the table.

After that desert was served and everyone ate their cake then helped cleaned up the kitchen. While they'd waiting for Gibbs and Ducky Tony and Tim had set up the DVR and television so the living room was waiting for them as they moved there. Gibbs made a fire while Palmer moved the coffee table and Ziva and Abby got the comforter and pillows out of the hall closet. After a few minutes the living room floor in front of the couches was a bundle of soft blankets and pillows that Abby, Ziva, Ali, Palmer, Tim and Tony spread out on with Gibbs and Ducky on the couches behind them.

As the movie started Ali looked behind her, then scrambled into Gibbs's arms giving him a quick hug. "Thank you for being my daddy Gibbs" whispered Ali as she squeezed his neck once more then returned to the comforter on the floor between Ziva and Tim. Before he could say anything the movie started and Ali was caught up in the latest DiNozzo classic.

As the first movie ended DiNozzo jumped up and said "Alright, who's up for some popcorn?"

"I am Tony, but..." started Ali but stopped as she blushed.

"It's alright sweetheart, why don't we go upstairs and take care of you while Tony makes the popcorn." said Gibbs as he stood up.

"Daddy may I have a coke with my popcorn please?" asked Ali as she stepped over everyone and came to stand in front of Gibbs.

"Sure baby girl, you've earned it. Now let's get you taken care of before Tony finishes with the popcorn." answered Gibbs as he swatted Ali's bottom and then headed quickly towards the stairs.

"Hey Daddy!" called Allison as she quickly followed him.

Five minutes later Allison and Gibbs returned downstairs with Allison in the lead, flopping down in her space on the comforter.

"I will, I win!" cried Ali as raised her arms in victory.

"Good job princess" laughed Gibbs as he sat back down on the couch.

Just then Tony returned with a tray of drinks and a large bowl of popcorn.

"Who's ready for some popcorn!" called Tony as he passed around the tray with the drinks then placed the bowl in the middle of the comforter. A few minutes later the second movie started and for the next two hours everyone watched the movie.

About halfway through the movie Ali moved from sitting against the couch to laying down on a pillow between Abby and Tim. As Ali's eyes drooped Gibbs reached over and handed Abby her pacifier and a blanket. Abby looked over at Ali, then smiled and took the pacifier gently pressing it to Ali's lips, then covered her with a blanket.

At the end of the movie Gibbs silently signaled that he wanted them to leave so carefully everyone got up and climbed over Ali trying not to wake her.

"I'll get her things for you Jethro." said Ducky quietly as stood up and made his way to her room. A few minutes later he returned and handed Gibbs Allison's night things. "Tell her goodnight for me Jethro." then patted Gibbs's shoulder and headed back towards the stairs.

"Thanks Ducky I will, and goodnight"

Gibbs slide off the couch and moved over to Allison's side quickly checking to see if she was wet. Since she was he gently rolled her on her back, quickly and efficiently changing her diaper then putting on her night clothes. Once she was ready for bed Gibbs rolled her back into her sleeping position and covered her with a blanket.

As everyone returned Gibbs pulled them to the side warning them "Don't stay up to late and wake Ali"

"Don't worry bossman we won't. Tim has a copy of her sleep music on an IPAD so she should be able to sleep" said Abby.

"Thanks Abs, and goodnight everyone." said Gibbs as he gently kissed her head then headed upstairs.


The next morning Ducky and Gibbs made their way downstairs to find their six younger team members laying intertwined on the comforter under piles of pillows and blankets. Tony and Ziva were laying together with Ziva's head on Tony's chest, while Tim and Abby were laying front to back in each other's arms sharing a blanket. Palmer was on the right side edge of the comforter while Ali was squared in the middle where Gibbs had left her.

"Well looks like our young ones had a good time" said Ducky with a laugh.

"You think, Duck" smiled Gibbs. "Well I need to check Ali so their going to have to leave."

"Don't worry my friend, I'll take care of it." said Ducky then took a deep breath and called loudly. "Anthony! Timothy! Palmer!"

A few seconds later Tony, Tim and Palmer quickly jerked awake sitting up or jumping to their feet.

"Huh...What?" called Tony as he looked around quickly.

"Anthony, Gibbs need to change Ali so we need everyone to leave for a while." said Ducky.

"Ohhhh yeah sure Duck. Come on guys, boss needs to take care of Ali" said Tony as he literally dragged Ziva towards the stairs. Tim helped Abby up and as he passed nudged Palmer with his foot.

"Jimmy! Time to get up!" called Tim loudly.

Jimmy jumped up and staggeringly followed the others out of the room.

Ducky once again handed Gibbs the necessary item then headed towards the kitchen calling. "I'll start some coffee."

As Gibbs gently turned Ali over she opened her eyes and smiles at Gibbs around her pacifier.

"Morning angel"

"Morning daddy...daddy do you think everyone would be mad at me if tomorrow night we slept in our beds. I know it was my idea for the sleep over but I think I'm getting to old to sleep on the floor." said Ali as Gibbs finished changing her then helped her up off the floor.

"Of course not angel, I'm sure the others wouldn't mind." said Gibbs just as the younger members returned.

"Mind what Gibbs?" asked Ziva as she reached for a coffee mug that Ducky was carrying in.

"Ali was wondering if you would mind not sleeping on the floor tonight?" said Gibbs.

"Of course not Ali!" called Abby as she came over and hugged the woman. "This is your special weekend and we can do whatever you like. Do you want us to stay?"

"Oh yes Abby please! I'm just not sure my back can take another night on the floor" laughed Ali

"Then tomorrow we have our sleep over in our beds"

"Thanks Abs, now can we get breakfast I'm hungry"

"Sure thing angel as soon as we straighten up the living room" answered Gibbs.

"Daddy, can I fix breakfast for everyone, there's something I'd like to make" asked Ali

"Sure thing Ali. How about you girl's fix breakfast while the guys straighten up the living room" said Gibbs.

"Thanks daddy! Come on Abby, Ziva. It's the one thing I can make from scratch"

"Then by all means show us Ktantonet" said Ziva as she took Ali's arm and lead her towards the kitchen.

The guys quickly pick up the pillows, blankets and comforter off the floor and then replaced the furniture. Ten minutes later Ali called "Breakfasts ready" then everyone converged in the dinning room just as Ali, Abby and Ziva brought a platter to the table.

"Smells wonderful Allison" said Ducky as he sat down at the table.

"What is it squirt?" asked Tony as he picked up a plate and sniffed.

"DiNozzo! They are called breakfast burrito's and there quite good" answered Ziva as she took the plate from him and smacked the back of his head.

"Hey!" yelled Tony as he rubbed his head.

"Thank you Ziva. DiNozzo behave yourself" said Gibbs as he sat down beside Ali.

"It's ok daddy. I know I'm not known for my cooking but this is the one thing I do actually pretty well" said Allison as she made a face at DiNozzo then put two burrito's on her plate and started eating.

Tony reached over and took a breakfast burrito from the platter then took a bite. "Sorry squirt, these are actually pretty good" said Tony as he took another bite then grabbed another burrito from the platter.

After that talking stopped and everyone enjoyed Allison's breakfast. Since the girls cooked breakfast the guys cleaned up as Ali, Abby and Ziva showered and dressed. After everyone was showered and dressed they spent the rest of the morning doing the chores around Allison's house and after lunch they spent the rest of the day playing in the backyard. Dinner was another joint effort and then they spent the night watching college football. That night everyone retired to their bedroom. Sunday was a carbon copy of the previous day except that Abby and Ziva made breakfast and the household chores were done at Gibbs house.