Gibbs's New Girl

By Rena Mason

Chapter 2

Ali had heard the first knock but ignored it figuring it was just one of those door to door solicitors or one of the neighborhood kids trying to get her to come out. The second came a few minutes later, so much harder and louder that Ali knew they weren't going away. So she saved what she was working on and got up to go to the door not giving her appearance a second thought.

She had been home for the last few days and hadn't been feeling her best so she was wearing only a diaper and an oversized t-shirt. When she reached the door she looked through the clear cut glass inset, sighed deeply and leaned her head against the door.

"Damn!" said Allison quietly under her breath.

With all her other cases she had forgotten about the NCIS case that Sec Nav had called her about, telling her that she would be working with Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his team. She had given him her standard reply and then promptly forgotten about it, until now. Now Agent Gibbs and Dr. Donald Mallard stood at her front door with her in her "baby" mode and Gibbs once again raising his hand to knock on her door.

Oh well, she never really cared what people thought of her and if she believed what she had heard about Agent Gibbs and Dr. Mallard they wouldn't tell anyone what they saw or heard here. So with another deep sigh she pulled open the door to face an irate Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

"Please come in Agent Gibbs, Dr. Mallard." smiled Allison as she stepped back to allow both men to enter.

Gibbs recovered his composure quickly and moved past Allison to enter her spacious foyer. Dr. Mallard followed suit and Ali closed the door then turned to face the two men who had just entered her house.

"You know who we are?" asked Gibbs as he looked over the woman that stood before them.

She was only about 5" 3' maybe 5" 4' and probably about thirty or forty pounds over weight, but it didn't look really gaudy on her. Her hair was light brown, cut really short in almost a female version of a marine buzz cut. She wore slightly thick glasses, and was bear foot.

"Of course I do. You are Senior Special Agent in Charge of the Major Case Response Team Leroy Jethro Gibbs, former marine snipper, rank gunnery sergeant." said Allison as she faced Gibbs.

She then turned to face Dr. Mallard. "And you sir are Doctor Donald (Ducky) Mallard, Chief Medical Examiner of NCIS"

Allison then moved past the two men and went into a very spacious and comfortable living room.

"Would either of you like something to drink? I think I have some tea in the kitchen some where, but I'm afraid I can't offer you any coffee Agent Gibbs. I don't drink the stuff and was told at work never to even try and make it again."

"Thank you. that would be wonderful Allison" answered Ducky as he gently pulled Gibbs over to he couch and sat him down.

Allison left towards the kitchen, then a little while later returned carrying a tray with an old fashion tea pot covered with a cozy and two sets of cups and saucers. She placed the tray on the coffee table in front of Gibbs and Ducky.

"If you will excuse me, while the tea is steeping I'll go upstairs and change. Feel free to explore the house since I know your dieing to profile me Dr. Mallard."

"My dear I would never ..." stammered Ducky.

"Please don't insult my intelligence Dr. Mallard. I know your psychological profiling is the reason Agent Gibbs asked you to accompany him. I give you both permission to search the house just please try not to upset my mother cat, she just had kittens and is still really nervous when people get around the kittens." with that said Ali took one more look at the two men sitting on her couch and then almost ran towards the staircase taking two at a time to the second floor. She was gone about twenty minutes, during which she showered, changed her diaper, then changed into another set of clothes.


While Ali was upstairs Gibbs and Ducky did a preliminary search of her house. They soon discovered that Allison Grayson was nothing like the gossip portrayed her. She was a very private person with a very strong sense of family, also engaging in very mild Adult Infantilism. Mostly just wearing diapers and drinking from a baby bottle.

When Gibbs and Ducky returned to the living they found Ali sitting cross legged on the couch drinking iced tea from a large coffee mug. They each sat down in the chairs across from her, watching her for a few minutes until she leaned forward placing her cup on the coffee table.

"Now that that is out of the way, let's get down to what you both are really here for? I know that both of you have read my personal file, so lets just cut to the chase. I am 49 years old, oldest daughter of Admiral Douglas Grayson and Adrian Abrahams. Sister to Senator Devon Abrahams, daughter of Robert Abrahams. I have six younger siblings ranging in ages from 35 to 21. I am the lead agent of the special Cipher and Decryption department, a position I have held for twenty years now. I am fluent in 25 different language, and special attache to at least 18 different foreign embassies."

"Well that is certainly informative, but not exactly the reason we are here" said Dr. Mallard

"And that would be?" asked Allison as she leaned forward to retrieve her cup from the coffee table.

"Sec Nav has assigned you to my team because of the possibility of copied documents from several foreign embassies." said Gibbs.

"I'm well aware of the nature of the case Agent Gibbs. Did you bring the documents with you?" asked Ali as she put her cup back on the table and extended her hand.

Gibbs looked at the woman sitting in front of him then stands to retrieve the evidence crate from the car. A few minutes later he returned and dropped the crate on the coffee table in front of her. Allison uncrossed her legs and stood, quickly rummaging through the crate. After a few minutes she looked up at the two men, then grabbed the crate and headed towards the back of the house.

"I'll let you know when I have something" called Allison as she kicked her office door closed.

Both men stood transfixed for a few minutes then slowly began to make their way out of the house and back towards Gibbs car. Gibbs and Ducky both got into the car but neither man make an effort to leave.

"Well, now I see how she got her reputation." said Ducky quietly.

"But what is your profile of her?" asked Gibbs.

"Well she is a very privately driven person, who has to be in control at least in her work. At home she craves to be taken care of and uses the Adult Infantilism to go back to a time when she was loved and taken care of. Before she was forced to become the adult of the family and take care of her brother's and sister's."

"So you think she would benefit if I treated her like I do the rest of the team?" asked Gibbs questionably.

"Not exactly the same way you treat the others, with Allison it would be more of a nurturing relationship with discipline when needed. Remember at age ten she was forced to take care of her younger brother's and sister's. Her father was deployed several times, for lengthy periods of time which her mother didn't take well. She started drinking and pretty much abandoned the children for Allison to take care of. When her father returned he blamed Allison for his wife's condition, also abandoning her."

"But what about all of this? I doubt a ten to eighteen year old could take care of six younger siblings without the city becoming involved?"

"Don't forget Jethro he's military, a marine. He may have abandoned his responsibilities for the upbringing and care of Allison and her younger siblings, but he knows he still has a financial responsibilities to take care of them. I'd bet he set up an account where some or all of his military paycheck went so Allison could take care of them. She obviously learned at an early age to take care of them financially, so it wasn't that difficult for her to just take over permanently."

"What typed of father would just abandon his children?" asked Gibbs with a wonder in his voice. He knew for a fact that he could never have abandoned Kelly.

"I don't know enough about him to even make a guess Jethro" answered Ducky sadly.

"Then venture a guess" pressed Gibbs.

"Well I'd say that he was probably married very young and it was a set up married. Allison probably wasn't planned and when her mother was left with a baby while her husband was away, she just wasn't able to cope. So she turned to alcohol and he blamed Allison."

"Well what do you think I should do?"

"Give her the time and space she needs to do what she does best. She doesn't trust easily, and remember she's been hiding this for a long time. When she is ready she will let you into that part of her life, until then we should just treat her like any other member of your team."

"I'll give her a few days then we will see" said Gibbs as he turned on the car and then pulled away.


Gibbs few days actually turned into all most a week in which Gibbs tried very hard to control his growing fury towards the progress or lack of progress that they were making on the case. The case had pretty much come to a halt because they needed verification that the foreign documents had been copied.

He had called several times and even resorted to leaving several messages each one getting a little more animated in his response. After leaving more messages than he probably had in all his life he decided to send DiNozzo and McGee to Allison's house.

Everyone was sitting at their desks in the bullpen trying to look busy when Gibbs stormed in. The foreign embassy's were beginning to put pressure on Director Vance, and in turn Vance was putting pressure on him.

"DiNozzo, McGee. I want you to go to Allison Grayson's house and find out what progress she's made on those documents." barked Gibbs as he sat down at his desk and started rummaging through his desk.

"Allison's house, boss?" asked DiNozzo.

"Yes DiNozzo, Allison's house. Try and find out what progress she's made on those documents and when we can expect some answers."

"But boss, why can't..." started DiNozzo, but stopped when he saw the look Gibbs was giving him.

"Come on DiNozzo, let's go before you get yourself in more trouble than you already are." said Tim as he grabbed his gun and then pulled DiNozzo out of the bullpen as fast as he could.

The drive to Allison's house took a good half hour even with DiNozzo driving and McGee checking the GPS several times. When they finally got to Allison's neighborhood it took them another few minutes until they found the house and pulled up in front of her Victorian Mansion.

"Wow, nice digs!" said Tony excitedly as he got out of the car.

"Calm down Tony, remember we have a job to do." said McGee as he headed towards the front porch.

Tony ran up behind McGee and just reached the front door as McGee was knocking. They waited a few more minutes but no one answered so McGee turned around and started towards the car, when Tony grabbed his arm.

"Hold on McEasy, do you want to be the one to tell Gibbs that we didn't talk to Allison." said Tony as spun McGee around and once again knocked harder on the heavy oak door.

It was another few minutes before they saw the distorted figure of a woman walking towards the door.

"See McGee, all you had to do was knock harder and she finally comes."

When Allison heard the distorted voices through the door she stopped and put her head against the door and said quietly. "Damn, not again!"

"Allison Grayson, it's very special NCIS agent Anthony DiNozzo and special agent Timothy McGee."

She raised her head to looked into the distorted face of Anthony DiNozzo. "I know exactly who you are DiNozzo, and you both can go away." called Allison through the glass while taking a step back from the door.

"But you don't understand ma'am Agent Gibbs sent us to ask you about the progress you were making on the documents for our case?" called back Tim.

"You tell Agent Gibbs that I said I would tell him when I had something and not before." said Allison and with that began to walk away from the door toward the back of the house.

As DiNozzo watched her retreating back he turned and muttered under his breath. "Come on McGee, were so screwed" then left the porch and walked slowly back to the car.

Tim took one more look at the door and then followed Tony back to the car, not really in a hurry to return to NCIS and face their fate.