Gibbs's New Girl

By Rena Mason

Chapter 20

After that everything settled into a routine. Gibbs and Ali were able to contact several business which were willing to set up a standing order for her so all she had to do was call and lunch would be delivered between 12 or 12:30. If the weather was nice Ali sometimes ate outside in a small park that she'd found near her office. If one of the team members were free and in the area they sometimes stopped by and ate with Ali in the park. At the office they all kept their relationship very profession, so no one at the office found out.

In the upcoming months Allison's office worked several more cases with Gibbs and NCIS and even once with Fornell and the FBI but nothing as dramatic as the first case. As promised Tim took Ali to the Smithsonian, spending almost three weeks there before moving on to the other sights of Washington. Tony continued to introduce Ali to the movie classics even throwing in a horror flick until it caused Ali nightmares and Gibbs put a stop to it. Limiting her movies to nothing rated higher than PG. Working with Ziva Ali became fairly proficient at cooking several Israeli dishes and even began venturing to try cooking other things. With Abby Allison started volunteering with several of her organization and soon discovered her love of building things, which turned into another thing she and Gibbs could do together. With Ducky and Palmer Ali discovered an interest in physical medicine, in which both men were more than happy to help her explore. Encouraging and helping her take several online course in biology and chemistry.

As the holiday's rolled around Gibbs and the other's wanted them to be very special for Allison since this would be the first real holiday's she'd had with a family. So the house was cleaned, decorated and everyone came over and had a big Thanksgiving weekend with them pigging out on lots of food and fun.

Christmas was an all-out celebration with everyone converging on Allison's house the weekend after Thanksgiving. A major trip to store had them almost buying out all the Christmas decorations as soon as they were put out. Over the next weekend Ali's house was bedecked inside and out in the Christmas spirit. Christmas Eve was a big deal with the team converging once again at Ali's, moving their traditional Christmas celebration out of MTAC to Ali's house. The night ended with another sleepover, with Gibbs and Ali surprising them the next morning with a special Christmas breakfast. After breakfast Abby convinced everyone to go with her to Christmas morning mass at the Sister's church. After they returned home the presents were opened and rest of the day was spent enjoying family and friends.

On New Year's Eve once again the team was at Allison's having a cookout then watching the fireworks on Ali's patio even shooting off a few themselves. They stayed up watching the midnight countdown, toasting the New Year in at midnight then heading up stairs to bed.

As Ali integrated herself into the family Gibbs looked back at the changing dynamics of his little family. It wasn't often that such a wonderful thing came out of a tragedy but this time it had. When he'd gotten the call of a dead marine last year he had no idea that his little family would grow but it had. Allison had become such an important part that he couldn't think of them without including her. Everyone had grown and changed including Allison but the most important thing was that now she had a family. One that loved and accepted her for the way she was.


Author's Notes: In closing I just had to say a very big THANK YOU! To everyone who has read, favorite, followed or reviewed my little story. Most of the reviews have been very nice and I appreciate the feedback.

I'm sorry about this chapter being so short but I had already written everything I wanted to and I felt that if I tried to continue I would just be rambling. So I hope everyone enjoyed it and I hopefully will get the inspiration bug again soon.

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Rena Mason