Author's Note: I went to a "haunted factory" last year with some friends and had a blast! (I never got a chance to post it last year.. ;P). It wasn't scary which was a shame, but running from zombies was pretty neat. ;D So I decided to toss the DMC gang into something similar.

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Title taken from an 80's movie of the same name (sooo much better than the remake -_-).


Fright Night

A high pitched squeal pierced the air.

"I swear, I don't know why we bring him," Lady sighed in exasperation.

Dante grinned, "Because it's so much fun to scare the shit out of him."

"I do not understand how one can slay demons for a living and still quiver in fear at poorly dressed humans," Vergil intoned, slight disgust in his tone.

"I-I'm not scared," Nero glared at the trio, eyes darting into the dark corners of the corn maze.

All three devil hunters smirked.

"Sure you're not."

"We totally believe you."

"Then you should not mind the undead mortal approaching from behind."

Nero let loose a girly shriek and barreled through a gap in the hedge never noticing that not a soul was actually behind him. The three stood in silence listening to Nero disappear further into the maze.

"You know we'll have to go find him, right?" Lady looked at the twins.

"Well if fancy pants here wouldn't have freaked him the hell out, we wouldn't have to," Dante glowered at Vergil's stoic form.

Vergil shrugged, "He knew the circumstances of this outing."

"Reap what you sow, eh?" Lady chuckled, elbowing the blue-clad devil and earning a sharp glare in return.

Vergil opened is mouth to retort when the sound of a chainsaw cut through the air followed by more unearthly screams of fear.

"We better go get him before he passes out or tries to actually attack somebody," Lady sighed, but a smarmy grin still tugged at her lips.

As they made their way through the same opening that Nero disappeared down, Dante fist pumped the air and crowed, "I fucking love Halloween."


Not long, but I didn't really want to drag it out. Lol

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