Sorry that I haven't updated The Bloody Rose recently. I've been super busy and I'm sorry. I've been having these bursts of inspiration that that have nothing to do with the story so I decided just to make this so I could just post any random one-shots that I think of. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think.

A Wish That Was Granted

Sawada Tsunayoshi. Vongola Decimo. Dame-Tsuna. He had compiled quite a couple of names in his lifetime.

He heard the thumping of his feet, the rapid thumping of his heart, the labored breathes and utter concentration that he held, begging himself to not trip. To make it in time. To not break down, even with his broken arm. Even with his sprained ankle.

Even though he was the most feared mafia boss throughout history, he still got tired easily and tripped over thin air, and at times still screamed when he saw small dogs. And he still found it incredible that no matter how embarrassing the situation, his friends still stuck with him.

Even after he had finally experienced his first kill, ordered deaths and kidnappings and interrogations, and horrible and disgusting things, his friends never left. They simply comforted him.

He could still remember the days when he had no friends. When he would pray every night and wish upon shooting stars, and throw coins in fountains. And it was the same wish. Every. Single. Time.

Just one friend. Just one person that cared.

And now, he had a entire family. Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Lambo, Mukuro, Chrome, Hibari, Dino's family, Enma's family, the Arcobaleno, the Varia, and so, so many more. Kami had listened to every single one of his wishes and now he had a better life. A life better than he could have ever asked for.

And that was why he was running. That was why he was standing in front of his friends when they were tied down. Why he was holding his arms out. Why he stayed in place even though his intuition was screaming at him to move.

And even when he felt bullets tearing through his body, he still had a smile on his face. And the tears falling were tears of happiness. And even when he heard the screams of his friends behind him, he simply smiled. Because he had done his best to protect his family. And protecting his family was more important to him than anything in else the world.