His head throbbed.

The lights stabbed blades into his head, and so all the windows were covered and he stuck a blindfold over his eyes so that not even the tiniest speck of light would be able to get through.

Even the tiniest thump vibrated into his head, like a hammer pounding into his brain, and so he stuck a sign on the door politely asking others to be quiet and on top of that, stuck earplugs into his ears in order to ensure that no noise would get through to him.

He was cold and shivering, and so he had piled blanket on top of blanket over himself until he looked a little like a marshmallow.

He had probably inhaled enough painkillers and ibuprofen to knock him out.

He should have felt better. So why was it that he couldn't even take a small nap in order to get over this stupid cold? Oh yeah, it was probably because of his stupid famigilia that just wouldn't. Shut. Up.

He sighed pitifully to himself as heard Hayato shouting and throwing dynamite, Lambo screaming back and throwing grenades. Ryohei screaming his head off about boxing, Mukuro kufufu-ing, Takeshi laughing, Chrome trying calm the situation. And Kyoya… Just being Kyoya.

He sighed again. 'Why?' he thought. 'Just why?' He slowly pushed himself off from his comfy bed, and tried to reorientate himself as the world spun around and around in a circular motion, making him feel slightly nauseous. Stumbling off the bed, he wrenched the door open, the door making a rather ominous cracking sound as the something in the door broke. He inwardly winced at the thought of having to do paperwork to get the door fixed, but kept his expression blank as he fixed a glare at his famigilia.

In the most threatening sounding voice he could make, he glared at them with narrowed eyes.

"Shut up… Now."

Then, he slammed the door shut, inwardly wincing again at the ominous noise the door made (again), and crawled back into bed, trying to make himself comfortable.

On the other side of the door, his guardians exchanged looks with each other, trying to muffle their laughter. Their sky, Tsuna, looked ridiculously adorable with his flushed pink cheeks, fluffy bed head, cute pout, and the amount of blankets that made him look a little bit like a snowball. Then, they slowly edged away from his door, before bursting out into loud raucous laughter.

On the other side of the door, Tsuna sighed, hearing the laughter, before taking out the earplugs. Why bother. They wouldn't work anyways.

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