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Mars could not stay still. She was beyond exhausted into a zone where everything looked hazy and voices sounded strange, buzzing on stim drinks. After the effort of closing the breach and then waiting for hours as the Justice League and the Titans hunted down the last invaders they could find and returned them to the nonexistent mercy of Raven's grandmother she should be flat on her back and unable to move. That must have been Superman's expectation when he ordered her and the rest of the Senshi to stand down before exhaustion-fueled carelessness killed them ... or worse, someone else. Certainly, that was what had happened for the rest of the Senshi — when everyone had proven too punch-drunk for planning they'd accepted Belldandy's offer of blankets and futons (Moon and Tuxedo Mask's futons next to each other, of course, holding hands even as they slept). Everyone except Chibi-Moon that is, since she hadn't been part of the ritual, and she was sitting next to her sleeping friend.

But for Mars, instead she couldn't stop moving, pacing the lawn underneath the portal to Raven's childhood home, the looping memory of her last sight of her girlfriend flying into a portal to Hell with Starfire right on her heels before her mind's eye. Not even the holy peace the portal above her radiated could calm her ... she didn't want to be calm, if she calmed she'd collapse and not wake up for hours.

In an attempt to distract herself, she thought about Zatanna's bombshell. Immortal ... they were all immortal now. (Except Chibi-Usa, maybe, and who knew how long until the blonde spore gained her own mortality?) Mars didn't know what it had come as such a shock — they'd visited their counterparts ruling Crystal Tokyo in the thirtieth century, and the most likely way for those counterparts to get to that era was to just live long enough — but it had. At least Raven won't have to worry about me dying of old age on her.

"Here they come."

At Belldandy's statement she looked up to see Heaven's Valkyrie sweeping towards them in a 'V' formation on their battle brooms. (She'd found the concept of 'battle brooms' immensely amusing, even considering how stressed she'd been at the tail end of her life as Akane when she'd been training for her suicide run to rescue Ranma. After seeing the performance the Valkyrie got out of them, that was no longer the case.) As they got closer she could see that a number of those brooms were carrying several riders, some because they'd lost their brooms and some injured and being held in their seat by other riders. The Valkyrie might be Asgard's elite warriors, but the invaders had still gotten in some lucky hits.

Mars wondered how the Furies had done. From what little she'd learned about them (mainly from Raven) they weren't as fast or as durable as the Valkyries, being embodied mortal souls between lives instead of infernal beings, but thanks to their wings they were more maneuverable, just as highly trained, and even less killable.

As they approached the Valkyrie shifted their formation into double lines, dropping to disappear through the portal like an assembly line. Except for the last, Lind, who instead dropped to land beside Belldandy — someone Mars was very glad to see. The Valkyrie's commander's lips tightened. "Is there a reason you're still awake?"

"It's Raven, and Starfire. They had to go through the portal, to bottle it up so we could close it. We need to plan a rescue."

Lind had stiffened at her daughter's name, but relaxed again as Mars continued and by the time she was finished was shaking her head. "No, we don't. Hild didn't give Asgard the details, but she was expecting a coup attempt using the breakout as a distraction. Urd and half the Furies stayed behind to help deal with it. Urd won't allow anything to happen to our daughter or her friend, I expect Raven and Starfire just got caught up in the aftermath. But I'll go check."

She hopped back on her broom and moments later vanished through the portal. In less than a minute she was back, Hild (an apparent teenager, this time, dressed incongruously like an American cowgirl right down to the chaps, Stetson, and six-guns on her hips) right behind her on a high-tech broom, followed by Urd swooping through with white and black wings spread, then —

"Raven!" Mars was bouncing since she couldn't fly, but that only made a split-second difference in how long it took Raven to slam into her, wrapping her in a hug strong enough to make her ribs creak, knocking her off her feet to send the pair rolling across the lawn. But Mars didn't care. The pair came to a stop with her on top, and she shifted her arms up underneath Raven's shoulders, her lips eagerly pressed to her girlfriend's, feeling Raven's horn buds softly brushing against her forehead as tears ran across her cheeks and dripped down onto Raven's gray skin.

When she finally, reluctantly pulled away to better see Raven's face, her's weren't the only damp eyes. Raven whispered, "You were really that worried about me?"

"This is the second time I've watched you vanish into Hell, of course I was worried!" Then Mars frowned as what she was seeing completely registered ... the pupils of Raven's also-moist eyes were almost pinpricks.

Mars was sure that there were any number of possible causes for that, and she had no idea how Raven being a demon might decrease or increase that number, but if her girlfriend had been mortal the cause would be obvious. "Raven, are you drugged?"

"Yup! I'm on some good stuff!" Raven caroled, suddenly grinning. Then her smile turned gentle. "But I might not need it long, with this memory to help. I think that's the best greeting you've ever given me, in two lives."

Mars stood up, then offered a hand to Raven to help her to her feet ... well, hooves. But her hands were shaking, she was suddenly lightheaded, and it was Starfire's turn to keep the pair from tumbling back down onto the lawn. As she steadied them, the hovering alien asked, "Friend Mars, are you injured?"

"Nothing a few days sleep won't take care of, now that Raven's back. Uh ... I'm happy to see you're all right, too," Mars hastened to add, afraid she'd given offense with the way she'd ignored Raven's teammate.

But Starfire merely smiled. "I can see who you first ... 'have eyes for'? But that is as it should be."

Mars blushed, making Starfire giggle. Ignoring the first of the Senshi to stumble out of the temple, rubbing their eyes and yawning, she turned to face Urd and Hild. Doing her best to keep her voice level (these were Raven's beloved mother and grandmother, as well as the commander of the Furies and daimakaicho of Niflheim, after all), she asked, "So, drugs?"

Urd blushed, but Hild just shrugged. "Infernal magic, not drugs, though the effect is much the same." She paused for a moment, then sighed again and rubbed at her face, her shoulders slumping. "When Raven and Starfire came through the portal, Urd and I had already dealt with the ringleaders of the attempted coup and the Furies that stayed behind had broken their followers' resistance. And Moloch had the most powerful of his supporters follow him first, so all that was left there were the dregs. We were at the mopping up stage, but Raven ... completely cut loose. She cast aside all restraint on her anger, or even direction. That was fine as long as there were any Canaanite minions still in sight, but once they were all dealt with ... it took both me and Urd working together to subdue her without injury."

Mars' eyes had widened as Hild's explanation progressed, and now she dropped her gaze to Raven to find her girlfriend staring intently at the lawn — if the young demon had still had feet, she would have been tracing a toe through the grass. Mars reached under Raven's chin to tilt her head up. "Raven, you're really all right?"

Raven was blushing furiously, but she forced a smile. "Yeah, Mom and Grandmother outrank me enough that they could be gentle. But I'm still powerful enough that I'm gonna need some limiters when it's safe for me to come home."

"Safe," Mars repeated, her heart clenching. If Raven meant what she feared —

"Yeah, Grandmother says I'm gonna need a few months a' ... well, anger management lessons, demon-style ... before I'll be safe around anything as breakable as mortals." She abruptly pulled Mars into a rib-creaking hug. Burying her face against Mars' shoulder, she whispered, "If I lost control and ... and hurt you, I'd ..."

Mars sighed and returned the embrace. "I know — believe me, I know all about having a temper. Though yours is worse than mine, now." Raven's laugh was watery but sincere, and Mars continued, "However long it takes, I'll be waiting. Just don't make me have to finally storm Hell to get you out."

The pair broke apart and looked around, and blushed again at the smiles and grins of those around them. While they'd been caught up with each other the rest of the Titans had arrived, Zatanna again with them, and the young man that had delivered Venus — Norihide, Raven had said? — along with a younger girl obviously his sister whose name Raven had also mentioned but Mars couldn't remember. (She was definitely Norihide's sister, from the way she was rolling her eyes at the way the Senshi of Love was sidled up against her brother.)

Beast Boy shifting into a wolf and howling didn't make Mars and Raven's embarrassment any less, even when Terra boxed his ears.

Speaking in the Japanese they'd been using, Robin said, "To make it official, you will be off Earth for several months, and when you return will be joining the Senshi?"

'Uhhh …" Raven hesitated, then sighed. "I don't know, that'll be up to Grandmother." She hastily explained the deal she'd made to be allowed to return from Niflheim with what she'd learned about Moloch's plan to the increasingly horrified Titans and Senshi.

When she was done Mars whirled toward the Daimakaicho, hands curling into fists. I don't care how powerful she is, she ... she ...

She yelped when a hand landed on her shoulder — somehow, Urd was right behind her. The former Norn leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Calm yourself. Your anger is feeding Raven's; enough and not even my and Mother's restraints will hold." Straightening, she added loud enough for everyone to hear, "Besides, it's for her own protection."

At Urd's warning, Mars choked on the epic rant she'd been just about to let loose. Instead she turned to face the commander of the Furies behind her, literally shaking with the effort to fight down her fury. Through gritted teeth she demanded, "How?"

"As a free agent with family ties to both Asgard and Niflheim, she and those around her are in danger. As Hild's subordinate as well as her granddaughter — and my daughter — she has added protection from those that would use her in both camps."

"The middle of the road is for yellow lines and dead armadillos."

Everyone turned to stare at Tuxedo Mask. "Where did you get that from?" Mars asked, voice still strained but now because she was fighting down giggles as her anger was washed away by a flood of incredulous hilarity.

Tuxedo Mask shrugged. "I got it from a college friend from Texas. I have no idea where he got it from." He grinned. "Fits, though, doesn't it?"

Her giggles broke free, and a visibly relaxing Raven laughed. "Did he wear a cowboy hat and have spurs on his boots?"

"No, he wore the same clothes as everyone else." He paused, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "He did have a cowboy hat and spurs hanging on his wall, now that I think about it."

Now everyone was laughing, as much from relief as anything else. As the laughter died down, a greatly relaxed Mars turned to Hild. Ignoring the way Raven instantly tensed up, she asked, "So once Raven is safe for mortals, what will her first assignment be?"

Hild's smile sent shivers down more than one spine. "To hunt down the traitors that escaped here, whichever ones you Senshi haven't found first. After that ... my minions have gotten lazy, over the last century. Earth's exploding population has let them settle for the easy pickings, and the growing secularization has made those pickings even easier. After this, though — an outright demonic invasion — I expect something of a religious revival worldwide." Her smile turned even more dark. "And with slimmer pickings I'll need a Sheriff, to make sure my minions play by the rules — my rules." Then in the blink of an eye all hint of darkness vanished, leaving to all appearances a perky teenage cowgirl. "And of course my Sheriff will need deputies, and those willing to join her posse from time to time."

She glanced around at the Senshi and Titans and giggled at the wide eyes and dropped jaws, then looked over at Zatanna and grinned impishly. "So, any questions, or did I cover everything?"

The sometimes stage magician shook off her own surprise, and replied, "No questions, you've answered the Justice League's concerns and then some."

"And you actually believe me?"

Zatanna's gaze flicked to Urd and Raven, then back to Hild. "I think under these circumstances, yes." And with this audience, went unspoken.

"Oh, goodie!" Hild clapped her hands like a child half or less her apparent age, then sobered. "Raven, it's time to leave. By now Mara will have your old room ready with the additional shielding, we need to get you back before our restraints fail."

Raven nodded, hesitated, glanced around, then cupped Mars's cheeks and pulled her down into a deep kiss that left the Senshi of Fire panting. She whispered, "Just a few months. Then we'll have years ... decades."

"Centuries," Mars agreed. "Love you."

"Love you, too."

Raven reluctantly broke the embrace, then quickly darted from Titan to Titan, giving each bemused friend (and even Jinx) a farewell hug. She waved goodbye to the Senshi, Belldandy, and the Norn of the Present's children, then floated up with Mama Lind and Mama Urd on each side to vanish through the portal, followed by Hild.

Mars stared up at the divine portal, and suddenly found herself swaying on her feet. As she started to collapse Tuxedo Mask was by her side, sweeping her off her feet into a bridal carry. "I think it's time we put you to bed."

Mars hummed her agreement, and snuggled against his warm chest ... Usagi was a lucky woman, if Rei didn't have Raven she might have been jealous.

She was asleep before they reached the temple.

Author's Note: The chapter title is a play on John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet Plane." That song doesn't quite fit, but close enough.