"America? America?" Canada whispered as he slowly shuffled down the hall. He walked cautiously, trying not to run into something because his eyes were blinded from the darkness of night. America would always get mad if there were lights on at night so they had to make sure it was dark. The dark sorta scared Canada but he was always to afraid to tell England that. It was a miracle the young nation was even walking down the hallway. He was trembling and his eyes were bloodshot and large. He felt like some sort of monster would pop out and kill him. He was torn between running quickly to avoid them or walking slowly in hopes they won't notice him. He chose the later choice.

After what seemed like forever, Canada finally made it to the door of America's bedroom. It was already slightly cracked so Canada didn't have to worry about waking his brother up.

It took longer than it should have to get to America's bed. Canada had to grope through the darkness to find his way through the dark. But once he made it to the bed, he just stood there at it's side. He wasn't too bold as to shake the other boy awake. So he just stood there, waiting for him to wake up. But America was a sound sleeper. There could be a hurricane going on and America could sleep through it.

Canada's could feel his heart racing. He hoped America wouldn't get upset for waking him up. Then it clicked. He didn't necessarily have to wake his brother up. He could just climb onto the bed. So that's what Canada did. America, of course, was sleeping right in the middle of the bed so Canada had to lay close to to the edge. But that was okay. He was used to fitting around America. Besides, Canada didn't go there wanting to sleep in solitude.

So he slept close to his brother, resting his head on Americas chest. Oh would he be confused when he woke up. But at the moment Canada didn't really care. He felt so safe when he was with America. He always had. He knew it was weird. Maybe if he was a little kid it would be acceptable, cute even. But now that he was a teenager it was peculiar. But then again, Canada's feelings about America. For the longest time Canada just wanted America to notice him. When he was younger he thought of it only as a need for friendship. But now he wondered if it was something else. It was a very confusing realization, and one Canada didn't like. He knew guys shouldn't fall in love with guys. So he had to convince himself he just wanted a friend. Even though he was filed with doubts.

Canada woke up to the feeling of being poked in the arm. It felt like so much work to open his tired eyes. But he saw America sitting next to him, giving him a strange look.

"Dude, what are you doing?" He asked.

"I, um, I had a nightmare and I got scared, so I...yea." Canada answered quietly.

"Mkay." America replied as he lied back down. Canada just looked at him. He wasn't sure if he'd be welcomed to snuggle into his brother. But before he knew what he was doing, he found himself snuggling into his chest. For a moment America just laid there, obviously confused. But much to Canada's surprise, America returned the embrace and wrapped his arms around the other country. Canada smiled. He was no longer scared.

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