Hello everyone! Welcome to my remembrance of the amazing game of SSX3. Now, this isn't going to be a typical SSX fic, this is only the first season on the Big Mountain, and it won't be the last. However, all of the rookies that come in the oncoming games will be included. Also, in this season, I will include all of the characters available in SSX3 except for two, one that retires and the other is absent for the season. The pattern of absentees and retirees (don't worry that won't happen often) will happen again in later seasons. I have also set up a points system of sorts to determine who takes the championship in the end, with all that said, I own nothing but my OCs, and enjoy the story!

DJ Atomika, The Supercross Hall

The crowds weren't due to arrive for another hour, and Atomika was busy putting the finishing touches on the opening. He spotted Rahzell and Ormstead, the two major directors and overseers of the entire project, occasionally, but he was putting together the music and reception.

It had been Ormstead's idea to put the SSX circuit on one mountain, to condense all of the racing action on three peaks, each with a wild and varying assortment of terrain and challenges. The recent success of the SSX circuit that had traveled all around the world had brought in both media attention and money. The organizers and heads of the circuit were determined to repeat that success.

"Mike, Mike!" Atomika called, "Put that on the other side of the room!"

This was the big introduction, the massive media spectacle that would make SSX the hottest series of events this year. All the racers, rookies and veterans both, were making an appearance tonight.

All except for two anyways, Kaori's countryman, Hiro Karamatsu, was going to be absent this year, for his own mysterious reasons. Jurgen Angermann was retiring, the injuries he had sustained the previous year had caught up with him.

However, there were still 17 elite action sports athletes vying for the crown of the SSX circuit, and they would definitely make it entertaining. The last two years of racing had created rivalries and friendships, both of which would find their way onto the slopes and create a certain amount of intrigue.

"Atomika!" It was Ormstead, "You got things ready on your end?"

The DJ turned, one of his hands still on the fat stack of records ready to go on his small table, "Yeah, we can start anytime."

"Good," The smaller, grayer man grunted. Ormstead was a retired snowboarder himself, this had been one of his lifelong dreams, to bring what he considered the greatest joy and sport on Earth onto the national level with full media attention.

"Don't sweat it Ormstead," Atomika said, "This'll go off without a hitch."

"As long as Psymon doesn't blow anything up," The director growled, his tone showing that he obviously didn't think highly of Sketchy.

"Don't worry about him, besides, he draws his own allotment of fans."

Ormstead only grunted in reply, he turned away to attend to something else, "Just be ready Atomika, we're going to be letting the crowd in soon!"

"Right," Atomika muttered, grabbing one of the records, considered it, and then placed it to the side, he would save some Royksopp for later, when they introduced the veterans and sophomores returning to the circuit.

For now, "Silver Screen" would be good for the opening of the Hall.

Zoe Payne, The Supercross Hall

They had seated all the competitors in a back room, where there were several small tables and fridges full of drinks. There were several screens in the room as well, so they could all watch the proceedings. Zoe was sitting beside Moby, both with cold drinks in their hand. Behind them were Kaori and Mac, to their right, was the cocky Frenchman JP, and beside him was the snowboarding whale, Luther Dwayne-Grady.

It was safe to assume that Elise was on the other side of the room, as far from Zoe the Bombshell could be.

"Well, well, they actually pulled all this rubbish off," Moby muttered, so quiet that only Zoe could hear him.

"A good idea, smart of them to put it all on one mountain, you remember all that traveling we had to do last year?" Zoe reminded him, also giving the Englishman a nudge with her elbow.

Another song kicked its way onto the speakers, "Jerk it Out" by the Caesars.

"And the tunes Atomika picked are pretty damn good," Zoe added. Moby only grunted. The roguish woman gave him an amused look. "You're still not impressed?"

Moby smirked, "Not at all, old Ormstead is going to have to put some real challenges in for me this time."

Zoe gave a bark of laughter, "You say that like you haven't been challenged at all, and don't say that, because I know that you had some trouble with Kilimanjaro last year."

"Trouble?" Moby chortled, his accent giving the word several new inflections, "What sort of trouble do you mean?"

"I mean the kind of trouble that leads to me pulling you out of a massive pile of snow."

Moby opened his mouth, and then closed it. He knew Zoe had won that little exchange. It was a couple more minutes before he spoke, "What do you think of the rookies?"

Zoe mulled over this, she had been thinking about the exact same thing, this year's set of rookies were small, only four, three guys and one girl. There was the "boy wonder" Griff Simmons, being taken onto the circuit at only 14 years of age, Viggo Rolig, the Swede who had spent all his life on snow, Nate Logan, the grizzled mountain man who definitely had the most experience of all of them. Lastly, there was the well-known hotshot, Allegra Sauvegess, who tore up the slopes with moves no one had ever seen before.

"They're… interesting, but I doubt they'll be any threat." Zoe muttered so that only Moby could hear her. She drummed her fingers on the table, "Sauvegess though, she'll be something this season I bet."

"Bollocks, she's too young to make any impression now, Logan is going to be the one who makes a mark, he has enough mountain experience." Moby argued.

Zoe shook her head, "It about who has the SSX skills, and Sauvegess definitely has them. Did you see her draft race in the Rockies? She cut the competition to pieces."

Again, Moby only grunted, "It was just a draft race Zoe, you can't make a solid reference from that."

Zoe made a small pfft sound, "You only need one look Mr. Jones," She slapped his nickname at the end of her sentence as a jab, some lighthearted teasing they both enjoyed. "Besides, you saw the tape, if you saw someone in a race, shredding it like that, wouldn't you consider them a threat?"

Moby mulled this over for a while, "Perhaps, it depends love."

She leaned forward, "Is that so? What does it depend on?"

"Well," Yet again, his accent gave such a plain word so many new textures and intricacies, "It depends on their experience, it depends on how good they are on a board. I would rest easy if I knew they were going to slip'n'slide'n'fall on the next patch of ice."

Before Zoe could prepare a response, JP called from the other table, "Hey, Zoe, having fun with your boytoy from Britain?"

This comment didn't ruffle her in the slightest, and she was ready with a countersally almost immediately.

"Yeah? What about you Jack?" Zoe sneered, "What about you and your beloved Titanic over there?"

Luther went flush with anger, and rose abruptly from his chair. Moby was breathless with laughter beside her, slapping his knee for exaggerated effect. When Moby recovered, they continued their conversation as if nothing had happened.

"That was beautiful love," Moby chuckled, "Couldn't have said it better me'self."

"Luther looked like he was about to combust, I think he was rather embarrassed that his little scandal with JP was revealed."

Moby chortled again, and whatever he was going to say was cut off by the abrupt announcement by Atomika that came over the intercom.

"Look sharp; you guys are getting the grand introduction in five minutes, form a line in this order!" Then he went on a long line of names, Zoe was second, Moby was third. Elise was up first, which made Zoe scowl.

Then it began, the music was turned down, Atomika called everyone's attention to where he stood at his small area. A massive screen to his left him erupted into life in a riot of blue and white letters: SSX Ultimate. "Go" began playing on the speakers.

"Hello everyone, I'm DJ Atomika, the eyes and ears of SSX for spectators and competitors alike, broadcasting live from my nifty little soundbooth with access to over 262 mountain cams." The screen behind him changed to show a massive mountain with three peaks, which increased in scale as they went, so that Peak One was very small compared to Peak Three. Words faded onto the screen: One Mountain, Three Peaks. A thread of gold flashed onto the screen and isolated the three peaks one after another, and then the images changed again to a shot panning over Metro City, R&B, and then the terrifying dives of the Intimidator. "It's taken event organizers two years to turn this mountain, into the Ultimate SSX Championship." The screen flashed to a course Zoe didn't recognize, the word "race" was in the top left corner. "Riders will be charging hard down these newly designed, never before seen racetracks where the terrain borders on the insane. New events like Slopestyle will be pitting riders against a host of constructs, where competitors will snake the best lines through the wildest tracks to perform legendary tricks. Without a doubt, abilities will be pushed to the max in the Big Air events, riders will be going harder and higher than anything seen before" The image snapped to the Super Pipe, the event that Zoe had been anticipating more than anything else. "This year's one of a kind Super Pipe will be like no other, riders are going to have to throw it up huge to win these babies." Atomika paused, and behind him, the major highlights, both from the rookies draft races and the preseason rides of the veterans, now played across the screen. There were audible cheers from the crowd whenever they saw one of their favorites.

A staff member, one of the Ski Patrol, looking official and important with a clipboard in his hand, came in from the stage. He looked slightly put off by the fact that they were in a formation that didn't even faintly resemble a line, but he shrugged and stood by the door to the stage. He beckoned to Elise, obviously meaning for her to be closer to the door when her name was called. The Bombshell arched a perfect eyebrow, but moved over to the door anyway.

"Now, it's time to introduce all of you to the riders vying for the SSX crown." Atomika announced as the crowd went ballistic. Royksopp's "Poor Leno" thrummed it's chorus through the speakers.

"Amazon Bombshell Elise Riggs-" He got no further, for Elise was already halfway across the stage and the crowd had exploded into cheers.

"Crowd favorite, Zoe Payne." Zoe, naturally, did her signature back-flip out of the doorway and onto the stage, with elicited a roar from the masses.

"The one and only Moby Jones." Another roar.

"The "Tricky" Nishidake." Kaori burst onto the stage, all smiles and cheerful waving. Zoe couldn't help but grin.

"Hype-man Mac Frasier." Mac popped from the back room, doing some absurd DJ routine.

"Psymon Stark, the-" Again, Atomika didn't make it any further. Psymon had already flown to the stage, screaming gibberish about his tattoo.

The DJ continued to introduce the rest of the veterans in this manner, with varying levels of enthusiasm from the crowd. They flipped out when Seeiah emerged, but Luther received a nearly silent welcome.

Atomika made a show of pausing, so that the audience was quiet when he spoke again, "And now, it's time to introduce the new riders coming to the circuit."

Now that certainly got a reaction, the crowd howled, and Overseer's "Screw up" began blasting its heavy industrial notes through the speakers as Atomika called the first name.

"Boy Wonder Griff Simmons!" Griff exited the small room all the rookies had been in and came walking down what could easily be considered a runway that led all the way up to the stage. He appeared to be simply stunned with all the noise he had evoked.

Zoe snorted; apparently, they wanted to show the rookies off.

"Style-meister Viggo Rolig." There was an alarming uproar of shrieks and screeches from a massive amount of teenage girls that crowded the line the audience couldn't cross, and they leaned over it desperately, reaching to touch Viggo as if he was the Messiah reborn. Viggo ate it up, giving the girls plenty of high fives and dainty kisses on the hand.

It made Zoe feel ill.

"Mountain man Nate Logan." This time, the noise came from a mixture of both squealing women and, what seemed like, massively enraged mountain men, or rather, ones that were feeling exuberant with so much alcohol in their veins. Nate looked as if he didn't hear them; he merely kept walking, looking exceptionally calm.

"And the uber-talented Allegra Sauvegess." If Zoe had thought the other rookies had gotten a good amount of noise, then the applause Allegra received blew the roof off the Hall. She soaked it all up, grinning cockily, and walking surely, her hands half-tucked into her pockets. Zoe noted that it was, interestingly enough, it was mostly women, young and old, and younger guys. She had heard about how Sauvegess was apparently the ultimate boarding "Betty", but she had never even considered that a rookie would have such an immediate and exuberant fan base.

The rookies took position in a small line next to the mass of veterans, who eyed the rooks warily, and the new riders returned the favor.

It looked like the first impressions were already underway. Zoe was staring hard at Allegra, who, to her credit, met her intense gaze with a cool confidence that seemed uncrackable.

Allegra, The Supercross Hall

Finally, it seemed they would never get out of that tiny room, where she had to endure Grommet's incessant ramblings, a side effect of the wracking nerves they were all suffering from.

The draft process had been stressful enough, all the races, all the waiting, even after her telling performance at Rabbit Run out West, she had to wait a full month before they decided to ultimately bring onto the SSX circuit. Then there was the preseason with all of the media attention that had been held back for the Draft, those pesky people in black with their cameras close behind, shoving a microphone in your face.

Of course, Allegra had responded in her normal way, with ironclad surety and confidence bordering on arrogance. However, the nerves were still there, tying themselves into knots in her stomach. She had the skills to back up her talk, but nerves went hand in hand with fear, and those nagging internal questions of "What if…?".

And now, here she stood, on the stage to the biggest snowboarding circuit in the world, having a staring contest with the legendary Zoe Payne. The other woman was even more intimidating in person.

Not like Allegra cared, no one was going to scare her.

Atomika said something else, but she wasn't listening, then Zoe looked past Allegra, towards the door the veterans had all came out from, and the spell was broken.

Viggo tugged on her arm. "Come on, we're going back into the back."

Allegra smirked, "Nicely said, scanner." The nickname was an added jab.

It didn't affect Viggo in the slightest, "That I am," He boasted, "I can't help that women are unable to resist."

"Yeah, I couldn't help but notice, but be careful Viggo, one slipup on the mountain and no girl will ever scream for you again…" Allegra taunted, elbowing him in the side.

"Ah, shut up Big Al."

"You know, I think I prefer the nickname: 'Champion'." Allegra laughed as they entered the back room. She halted almost immediately, since the Veterans had all formed a wall before the rookies, and were surveying them with unnerving interest.

There was immediate tension, promptly broken by some tribal roar from Psymon, and Mac's greeting of: "What's up dawg?"

Then they were swarmed, the veterans moving forward to introduce themselves. Allegra found herself getting the full attention of Tricky Nishidake and Mac, which was a flurry of Japanese and Mac's incomprehensible slang. Then Marisol chirped a greeting in passing, and Luther lumbered by and gave her a hello.

She turned, and suddenly Elise was there, with Eddie by her side. Allegra felt her aggression rise as the Bombshell looked down on her contemptuously; poor Eddie looked uncomfortable in the extreme, like he expected to have to break up a fight.

"Sauvegess." Elise said her name like a curse, "I hope you didn't think you would win this season."

Allegra grinned, "I had to beat plenty of little girls to get on the circuit, Riggs. What makes you think you can win against me?"

She became aware that everyone was becoming quieter, watching the hostility. Allegra thought she saw money change hands out of the corner of her eye.

Elise's eyes narrowed, "You think you're better? That's hilarious."

Allegra pushed out her bottom lip in a fake pout, "Aw, did I piss off the princess?"

There was a loud bark of laughter from Payne.

"The Queen actually." Elise replied, her words like ice.

"Queen of what? Looking pretty? Having perfect nails? That won't help you win." Allegra smirked.

"Funny you would mention the two things you cannot do." Elise replied smoothly, smiling coldly.

Now that stung, Allegra's hands balled into fists, and Elise spoke again before she could reply, "Aw, I didn't make you mad, did I?" Her voice dripped with false sympathy.

"So how'd you win before? Sleep with the race organizers?" Allegra spat.

Elise pursed her lips, "No, I would never steal your style Sauvegess."

"My style, is slamming your face into the snow and winning." She snarled, taking a small step forward.

"Why wait for the snow? Why not do it now?" Elise goaded, also taking a step forward.

Allegra was about to reply, but then Viggo had her arms by the elbow in a tight hold, Moby, with Nate beside him, forced their way in between the two women. "Now let's not get too hasty here." Moby said as he looked from Elise to Allegra. The young American yanked her arms out of Viggo's grip and stalked over to a table in the corner, fuming.

She hated that witch, had hated her as soon as she saw the profiles of all the racers during the Draft, she hated the Bombshell's pretentiousness, her arrogance. The Canadian had reminded Allegra of so many other high-minded girls she had surpassed and tolerated throughout her 18 years. Elise was her antonym, the one that clashed and grated with her own tomboyish attitude.

Viggo sat down beside her, "She wasn't right you know, you're, probably, the hottest girl I know-"

She cut him off with a loud scoff. "I know my looks aren't a problem, it's just that she just-" She slammed a fist onto the table. "gets to me, I can't stay in the same room with her without becoming furious."

"Don't worry about it rookie, that's a usual symptom of being in a room with Elise Riggs." Zoe Payne had slid into the chair across from Allegra, with Moby right beside her. "Though I must admit, I've never seen anyone get under her skin that fast."

Allegra paused, Zoe was grinning like a madwoman, and amusement was dancing in her brown eyes. "I, uh, well, I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or not…"

Zoe made a small, neutral, gesture, "Take it as a compliment, or not, I don't care."

"Is this is a 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' sort of thing?"

"Exactly love." Moby chortled. "Hit it right on the head you have."

Zoe shrugged, "I can give you a few tips and tricks when we hit the slopes on Friday. We're rooming together at the ground lodge anyways."

Allegra raised her eyebrows, "Really?"

"Yeah, the organizers like to put a veteran and rookie together, guess they figure the older will rub off on the younger."

Viggo cleared his throat. "Whom am I rooming with?"

Zoe only shrugged. "How I am supposed to know?"

Moby screwed up his face in concentration. "Last time I checked, I think you were rooming with the mountain man."

Viggo frowned, "But he's a rookie, just like me."

Allegra rolled her eyes, "You forget, apparently the guy has been on mountains all his life."

"So have I!"

Allegra snorted, "No, you've been on top of women more than mountains, Scanner."

Viggo cracked up, but Zoe and Moby watched impassively, both looking rather confused.

This was going to be a riot.