Hey, this is just a short story about Dick's & Babs's first impression of the birds and bees! I don't know about you guys but I always thought it was funny when you first learn about it all, well my reaction to it was funny now looking back on it; so I thought I would explore it!

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Birds and Bees

Chapter 1

Dick walks out of his first class feeling relieved that the bell had finally brought Mrs Millers speech to an end. He grabs his books and races out of the class room.

A small Barbara Gordon leaned against her locker waiting patiently playing with one of her scarlet-red big-tails. She looks up as Dick approaches, her faced turns to worry as she noticed his expression.

"That bad?" She asked.

The 10 year old boy avoids eye-contact with his friend as he opens his locker, putting away his books and grabbing his recess. He starts to walk down the corridor while the persistent Barbara bombards him with questions.

"Spill! You know I hate surprises! Surely it can't be that bad? Dick? Was it what we thought? Did you watch a video? Do we get lollies at least? Play any games? Why did we need to bring fruit? Say something! DickDickDICKDICK Dickie! Shorty! Smelly-poo-bum Grayson! Richard answer me!"

Dick stops abruptly, sighs, and turns towards his friend. He puts his hands on either side of her innocent shoulders, watching her stunned and curious face. He still feels shocked and disgusted by what he just witnessed, so he wasn't about to explain it to Barbara; he would rather avoid that awkwardness if he could. He sighs again as he can see she is getting impatient by his lack of response.

"All I am going to say is, good luck, you're going to need it." With that he walks way leaving a confused and now worried girl in his wake.

Later that day…

Dick cautiously approaches Barbara sitting on the schoolyard steps; their usually meeting place for lunch.

"Soooo…. Thoughts? Gross, right?" He says as he sits beside the girl, who was staring at the ground.

Barbara looked up from the ground, feeling extremely uncomfortable from the class beforehand. She gives him a stern expression and answers,

"I am profoundly disguised. I went in there thinking the worst part about growing up would be boobs but now, now I realise that is the least of my problems! I can't even!"

"You can say that again. I am grossed out to the max… Hey on the plus side when we are adults we can go to movies by ourselves?" He said trying to cheer up the angry red-head.

"EASY FOR YOU TO SAY! EVERY MONTH DICK! Every month." Dick cringed as spit hit his face as she yelled.

"Yeah… well on the bright side… mm the beauty of new life? You can have a baby?"

They stared with blank expressions for a few moments.

"We are never doing that." Barbara states.


Thoughts? Review, pretty please?;) Okay it isn't amazing but it is my first short story! Let me know if you have any other ideas or if you feel like sharing your own experiences with how you discovered the wonders of "life" haha Of course now I am older it is all good and I think it is a natural and wonderful part of life, but when I first found out... I was horrified. haha