Hi! I love This Is The End and I noticed that there aren't many stories for it. So, I wrote this! It's not much, but I noticed that you don't get to see what happens about Jay's leg so, I thought why not write about it? So I did anyway, here we go...

Seth's P.O.V

Well that just happened. Craig went outside to try and get into Franco's basement, becuase apparently there's some water down there. When he came back though, he hadn't managed to get into the basement. Oh, and something was chasing him. The cord around his waist allowed the 'thing' to pull him back to the door. Only when this did happen Craig, in his panic, grabbed me and Jay and pulled us back to the door with him.

Jay, being the one with the clearest head out of all of us, shouted for someone to throw him a knife; so he could cut the thick wire. So Jonah, having a not so clear head, literally threw a knife to him and an unexpecting Jay was hit in the leg with the blade and he was silent for a moment before screaming in pain. Everyone was screaming, Danny was under the table, Jonah was freaking out about the knife in Jay's leg, Jay was freaking out about the knife in his leg, me and Craig were still screamng and James was trying to keep the door shut. Craig pulled the knife painfully out of Jay's limb, with a shout of protest from the limb-bearer, and cut the cord. Then James gave us the idea of going through the floor when he said how the water was right underneath us.

"Right, let's do that," I agree when Jay suggests we 'mine' through the stone part of the floor. There are murmurs of agreement from everyone else.

"Good idea, Jay" Jonah says. Jay just glares at him. "What?" Jonah asks.

"You threw a knife at me, you motherfucker!" Jay shouts, angrily.

"I didn't mean to hit you!" Jonah retorts. Jay goes to push him but ends up falling due to the wound in his leg. He hits his head on the table and blacks out.

It wasn't that long and I wish it was longer. Hope you enjoyed! Review please. - Cale xx