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Hey guys! Keybladewielder97 here with a new story that I've managed to create.

I just watched some Fairy Tail not too long ago, and I had a strong urge to create a story with a Dragon Slayer in it. And then I was in the DxD mood. So I've decided to take the best of both worlds, and combine it into this!

No, this is not really a crossover, since I'm not using any characters from Fairy Tail and putting them into the Dxd Universe. Instead, I chose an OC with a Fairy Tail background, and put into the world of DxD. So I guess this is considered a slight crossover, but not that much. Mostly powers and stuff like that.

And without further ado, let's start this story!

(Land of Fiore)

In a land far far away lies the kingdom of Fiore, a small and peaceful nation of 17 million. It is a place filled with magic. Found in every home, and bought in marketplaces. For most, magic is merely a tool used for everyday life. For some, magic is an art, and devoted their lives to this practice...

And there are a selected few, who practice, train, and hone a particular set of skills at a very young age. The methods of learning this also comes around once in a lifetime.

And now, we focus on a young man as he casually strolled through the forest alone, while humming a tune. He had light skin, short brown hair, and brown eyes. He wore a light brown sleeveless hoodie, and blue cargo pants.

This teen is known as Terra Tachikaze, a young man who is at the age of 17.

As he kept walking, he look around his surroundings, and took a deep breath of fresh air, and gave a large exhale.

"Ah nature...it's sure is good to breath such good air..." the teen said, and then gave a tired sigh.

"Aw geez...the search for my old man is sure a long one. How long has it been since I last saw him? Oh yeah, about a few years ago. The old man just decided to just up and leave without a reason. But now that I mention it, it's more like old dragon. Could've at least told me before he left. Now I'm just wandering all over this place in search for him, and have him tell me the reason why he left me. Then I'll stop searching and enjoy life. But while searching, might as well enjoy life while wondering around. Best way to make fun. But..." Terra said, temporarily stopping his rant, and went into a thoughtful look.

"*Sigh*...this search is hard. Yet, at the same time, I'm having fun going off and adventuring.. Ah, the perks of a wonderer..." Terra said. He was about to continue walking, but something surprising happened.

The atmosphere had a 180 complete turn, and changed into something entirely different.

What he sense was something else.

"...Well what do we have here...?" he asked himself, and looked up to the sky. He then noticed something...that you don't see everyday.

"Hm?" Terra merely sounded through his mouth.

The sky suddenly became dark, and ominous clouds suddenly filled the air. It then took shape of a menacing hole, and this hole began pulsating with power. It was then it began sucking up the very ground Terra was on. He looked around him, and gave his surroundings with a raised eyebrow.

Now this was something new...


In another place, in another space, in another room - were people bustling around as they worked on something that seemed important. It was then a man spoke up from looking at screen.

"Sir!" shouted a man's voice

"What is it?" responded the man's superior.

"There seems to be an error within out system! We're not receiving energy directly to us! Rather, the output is somewhere else! Somewhere that we don't know!" the man told him.

"Well fix it! We need that magic, otherwise we'll jeopardize this land! Now get to it!" shouted out the man's voice.

"Y-Yes sir!" the man stuttered, and hurriedly tried to fix it, otherwise he'll get the boot.


Terra blinked as he saw the land around him began to float up into the air and into the sky. So...there is apparently a hole up in the sky, sucking up everything around him, with the exception of him, who just stood there just damn fine.

...This is strange.

Terra continued to look around his surroundings, as he watched the earth around him being taken into the hole in the sky.

"Hmm..." Terra thought, while staring at the hole in the sky. He then decided.

"Welp, maybe this is a clue to finding my old man." Terra said with a smile. "Maybe I can find him if I go through here!"

Terra then bent to his knees, and then jumped into the air with amazing strength, leaving a small crater as he jumped.

"Yosh! Time to go and see the beyond!" Terra said, as he hopped along the debris that was flying into the air. He got closer to the hole.

"Whoo! Later Fiore, cause Terra is taking a trip!" Terra gives a fun shout as he entered the hole.

It was at that moment, Terra Tachikaze is now gone from the face of Earthland, forever leaving that please and reaching for a new land.

(Occult Research Club)

Here we are, now on the planet Earth...

This is the place where everything is pretty much normal. Nothing isn't that special about it, except for their modern technology and their understanding of the world. But that's only the crust of the bread. No. What this world has is the supernatural. The supernatural such as Angels and Devils, and all other types of myological folklore and religions. They all exist. And they remain hidden within the world's eyes.

And speaking of remaining hidden from the world's eyes, we now take place at a certain place where it is certainly hidden from normal eyes, and witnessed through someone else's.

And that point of view is none other then the Devil, Rias Gremory.

Rias Gremory was a Devil, who was birthed from the Gremory clan, one of the 72 pillars of the underworld. She was also beautiful, and known for her crimson hair. The long flowing hair. Her figure also complimented her hair and her facial features. Yes, she was the epitome of good looks.

And right now, she was sitting in the Occult Research Club room, as she silently witnessed her newest Pawn that has been inducted into her Peerage: Issei Hyoudou.

She'll be quite honest. Issei is quite the special case. And by special case, she meant a really special one.

Issei Hyoudou, is in no doubt, a highly perverted teenager, and his excessive love for oppai. He is also quite known for his excessive reactions...75% of the time. The other percent is just ogling over the female body.

This boy is, in no doubt, the lecher and bane of all women's existence.

...It's quite sad and pitiful to see a teen of this generation like this. It really is.

And now, we focus on the current time right now.

As of right now, Rias just bluntly told Issei that he is now a Devil. As expected, he started going into disbelief and freaking out at this very fact. All Rias could do was just stare at Issei who was freaking out that he was a Devil now. She just sat there silently, and she was wondering on how to deal with his reaction now. The rest of the Peerage members just gave neutral stares at the newly reincarnated Devil.

Before they could so anything, another voice could be heard.

Something totally unexpected.

"HOOOOLLLLYYYY CRAAAAAAAAPPPP!" shouted out an unknown voice.


As if the universe (I'm not saying heavens because they're Devils) decided to mess with them, someone just crashed through the roof and onto their coffee table. A lot of smoke and dust clouds were made all over the place. Everyone became surprised at this, and had to shield themselves from the slight wind and dust that kicked into their face. As they did, they were immediately alerted at this new presence, and went on guard.

With the exception of Issei, who just sat there like a dumbass while gawking at his direction. They then heard a voice.

"Ow...maybe it wasn't a good idea to jump into a hole in the sky. Because apparently, a hole in the sky will drop you. No, wait, that doesn't make any sense..." said the voice, which appeared to be male. Everyone then noticed a figure in the clouds, and the dust soon cleared, and had a clear view of the man.

He was around their age, and just stood there while rubbing his head as he stood up from the crash site. He then patted the dust off himself.

"Welp, jumping into a hole in the sky was definitely something that I...actually, I never expected it and never thought I would do. Guess I'll go with it, and in and take out of my bucket list then." Terra said, while having an amusing moment to himself. He then noticed his surroundings. He blinked at the people around him, and looked at the setting he was in. He then looked at the roof and the mess he created.

Terra gave an awkward laugh at this.

"Ahahaha...Um...sorry?" Terra apoligized lamely while having an embarrassed smile etched onto his facial feature. Everyone just sweatdropped at his apology, while Issei kept gawking at him.

Rias stayed silent, and eyed the new uninvited guest in her room. The Peerage members stayed silent while keeping an eye on him. They were cautioned by this man's appearance.

Rias was the first to speak up.

"Oh, don't worry about the damages. They can be easily repaired..." Rias said, which was true. She can call in some help and have them repair the place in a snap. "But more importantly...who are you? And what are you doing here?" Rias questioned.

Terra blinked at her questions, and simply rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah, um, sorry about popping out of nowhere like that. That was completely unintentional. As for who I am, the name is Terra Tachikaze. I'm just a wonderer and adventurer. And as for me being here...I'm not really sure. Like I said before, this was completely unintentional..." Terra told her honestly. Rias narrowed her eyes at his answer, and decided to use a hypnotizing spell to make him tell the truth.

However, Terra sense the magic that was coming from him, and merely shook it off.

"You know, using a spell to get me to tell you the truth will just make things harder, longer, and complicated, right?" Terra told her, which completely surprised her. Her eye's widened at this, and then narrowed once more.

"So you've managed to shake off my spell. Who are you? I can't sense that you're a Fallen Angel or other species." Rias questioned once more. Terra looked at her confused.

"Fallen Angel? Other species? I...really don't know what you're talking about, but I'm simply human." Terra told her, which made the other's eyes widened in surprise.

"Y-You're a human!?" Rias said to him surprised. Terra blinked at her, and gave her a confused look.

"I am. Why do you seem so surprised by this? I mean, aren't you human as well?" Terra asked. Rias shook her head.

"No. I am not a human. But let me introduce myself to you. My name is Rias Gremory, a Devil." Rias introduced herself, as she stood up proudly and displayed her Devil wings on her back.

Terra blinked in surprise at his, seeing this, and saw the others unfurled their wings as well.

"Huh...that's something you don't see everyday..." Terra commented. Issei took this reaction hard.

"EH!? How can react to this so calmly! They just revealed themselves as Devils! And you're just going with this!?" Issei loudly asked. Terra gave Issei a glance.

"...Would you be surprised if I said yes?" Terra told him, to which caused Issei to fault to the ground. He then turned to the others.

"Well, since I'm going to be here for a while, I might as well start explaining my situation." Terra said as he prepared to tell them what happened.

(Moments Later)

Terra told them everything. He told them how he got here, and how he found himself in this place. He especially have to explain to them about the Land of Fiore, because apparently, they were confused on what he told them. So he had to explain about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, the others were completely surprised that their new guest, now known as Terra, just crossed dimensions and arrived at this place. They also explained the Three Factions and the supernatural world, as well as this current world.

And so, we reach the end of this conversation...

"Huh...so I'm in a completely new dimension. That's...something I find completely surprising." Terra said, despite his town sounding so simple. The others just sweatdropped on how he processed this. His reactions are completely opposite to Issei's reactions: just simple and calm.

"Aren't you worried that you might not return back to your homeland?" a black haired girl known as Akeno asked. Terra just waved it off.

"Meh. If I came into this world, then there must be a way out, so I'm not in a rush." Terra told her. "Who knows? I might find my old man here..."

"Your father? Are you searching for him right now?" Rias asked with a curious face.

"Yeah, I'm currently searching for my old man. He is about as big as a mansion, tall as a hill, has these claws that can tears this building apart..." Terra described and listed, while the others looked at him with confusion and disbelief. As he finished his description, Koneko was the first to speak up.

"...You're father sounds like a dragon." Koneko bluntly stated. Terra nodded at her.

"It's because he is." Terra told her without any beat.

Silence filled the whole room as he told them that.

"...WHAT!?" were all the reactions, as they all looked at him with surprised reactions.

"Wait, so your father is a dragon!?" Rias asked him completely surprised. Terra nodded at her.

"Un. I've told others that my father was a dragon, but they didn't believe me. But somehow, my gut is telling me that you ain't lying, like you've seen Dragons before..." Terra told her.

"Well, I never met one. But Dragons actually exist, and they can be found in the right locations." Rias informed him, and then shook her head. "But never mind that. You mean to tell me that your father is a dragon? Does that mean you're a dragon as well, but in humanoid form?" Rias asked in disbelief. Terra shook his head at her.

"Like I said before, I'm human. The old man and I aren't even biologically related. He more or less took me in like a son." Terra told her, which caused others to sigh in relief. They weren't sure if they were able to handle a humanoid dragon.

"Oh, I see. Well that makes sense." Rias said, as she calmed herself down. She thought that Terra was like Ophis, a Dragon that is humanoid and can shape shift.

"Yeah. And since I entered this world, I might have a chance of finding my old man here. So I guess I'll use this chance to find him." Terra told her, as he stood up from his seat.

"Well, thanks for giving me info about this world. And again, sorry for crashing your roof." Terra said, as he stood up and was about to leave. However, Rias hurriedly stood up from her chair.

"Wait, Tachikaze-san!" Rias called out to him, which caused Terra to stop and turn to her.

"Yes? Something you need?" Terra asked. Rias nodded at him.

"Yes. Terra Tachikaze, I want you to join my Peerage." Rias asked with confidence. There is no way she'll let this opportunity pass, with him being raised by a Dragon. He must be strong!

"Hm?" was Terra's confused response. "Join your peerage? Why?" Terra asked with curiosity.

"If you join my Peerage, you'll be able to have access to the Underworld Archives, which as information to a lot of things. Even Dragons. However, you'll have to work your way up the ranks in order to get to it. So I offer you this chance to join my peerage, and possibly search for your father." Rias said to him, confident that he'll accept.

Boy, was she wrong.

Terra blinked at her for a few moments, and immdeatly responded.

"Nah. I'm good." Terra told her with a simple smile while rejecting her offer. The other had their eyes widened in surprise and shock at his rejection.

"W-What!? But why?" Rias asked, distraught and highly confused by this rejection.

"Eh, I'll be honest. I'm not the type of guy to be tied down in a single spot. I'd rather go off and explore. And to be clear with you, you're not the only one who tried to recruit. Multiple Guilds tried that...many times." Terra told her. "But I appreciate the offer though!" Terra said, wanting to turn the offer down as politely as possible. Rias looked at him with doubt.

"Are you sure? Like I said before, we Devils have the info..." Rias said, but was cut off by Terra.

"Hey, I'm going to have to find information in any way. So I'll find it my own way. And that's exploring!" Terra said to her. It was then Akeno stepped up and tried to help.

"Ara ara. Are you sure. We could make it your while..." Akeno said to him in a seductive tone. Issei immediately had a nosebleed at hearing and seeing her like this, while cursing Terra for having Akeno trying to seduce him.

However, Terra simply smiled at her, not being affecter by her charms at all.

"Nah, I'm good! Later!" Terra said, as he walked out of the room and towards the exit out of the building. Akeno blinked at his immunity to her charm, and pouted a bit.

"Aww...I thought I could lure him to us like that..." Akeno pouted at that. Rias looked at her friend.

"It's a shame that we couldn't recruit him now. But I'm sure I'll find a way..." Rias said, as she tried to think up of ways to recruit Terra.

(The Park)

After he left the building, he soon explored the new world that is introduced to him. And he was completely surprised by this. This whole city was different to the ones he visited. The houses and stores were different. There were rather large buildings that dwarfed some he visited. And most of all, he couldn't see any display of magic anywhere.

"Huh...so this world truly doesn't know magic, except for those who are in the supernatural world..." Terra said, as he kept walking. He soon found himself in a park. As he did, his stomach growled in hunger, to which made him clutch his stomach with his hand.

"Man, I'm hungry. I'm sure with my Jewels, I can-" Terra said, but his eyes widened in realization. "Wait...does this place even accept Jewels?" Terra asked himself, and his eyes widened in realization.

"Oh crap...I forgot this world's currency is different to mine..." Terra said, as his stomach growled. It made him whine as the hunger got to him. Terra then blinked, and then lowered his hand to the ground, and felt it with his hand. He frowned when he touched it.

"This is not even pure natural earth. This is concrete, which is man made. And this road's material is completely inedible for me..." Terra commented. He then looked around "...Wonder if there are any mountains around here..."

As he did look around, a voice spoke up from somewhere.

"Oh? What are you doing out here at this time of hour?" a feminine voice said. Terra blinked, and turned to the women who spoke to him.

She had long black hair down to her hips and had violet eyes. Her clothing consisted of a black, black straps of leather wrapped around and under her breasts, a thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps, gloves that run right up her arms with small lengths of chains hanging from them, shoulder guard-like objects on her shoulders with three large spikes sprouting from her right shoulder, and black thigh-high heel boots.

One might become easily flustered at this appearance, but Terra was an exception.

All Terra did was simply blinking at her current attire. Not even a blush or nosebleed crept up to him. Instead, he chose some other action.

"Hey, um, I don't mind to be rude, but aren't you feeling cold with your current attire right now?" Terra asked, pointing out the revealing outfit that she wore. Raynare looked at him with slight surprise, seeing that his reaction wasn't much with her attire. She didn't really care on what she wore, but she always enjoyed the reactions of seeing other males seeing her like this. She gave a small smile at him.

"Oh, I wouldn't really care about that. Though, could you do one thing for me?" she asked him.

"Um...what?" Terra asked, being confused by this.

"Please die for me." was all she said, and produced a spear of light into her hands and threw it. She expected this to be an easy kill, and smirked at seeing the spear coming to him. However, it fell on what terra did.

"Fist of the Earth Dragon." was all Terra said, as he encased his hand in hard stone. He then back handed the spear, which caused it to shatter into pieces. Her eye's widened in surprise, seeing her spear easily destroyed.

"Um, sorry. Dying isn't kind of not on my to-do list. Rain-check maybe? Like, if I get old and stuff?" Terra said to her, unfazed by her attack. Raynare broke out of her surprise, and glowered at him.

"What!? How can you deflect my spear!? You're nothing but a mere human! And you dare defy me and my command!" she screeched at him. Terra simply picked his ear with his pinky.

"Well, sorry, but I'm afraid you can't get everything your way. Even for me. Still, I won't just die just like that. Like I said, I can die when I grow old-" Terra told her once more, but this continued to agitate her.

"No! Die now you pathetic human!" Raynare screeched as she threw her spear, this time with more power. Terra just sighed at her, and simply side stepped her spear.

"Geez, and I just wanted to make things easier..." Terra said. "Oh well..."

Terra then raised his foot into the air, and stomped his foot onto the ground. "Earth Dragon's Pillar" was all he said. His foot stomped onto the ground, and it caused the very ground on him to produce a cylinder of earth to shoot out of the ground, and slam into Raynare's stomach..

"GAH!" was Raynare's painful scream, though much couldn't get out with the air knocked out of her. She was soon sent flying into a tree, and crashed into it. She soon slumped onto the ground, while she struggled to stand up as she writhed in pain

Terra just gave a sigh another tired sigh at her.

"*Sigh*...You know, I just wanted a peaceful entrance into this place. But apparently, people are either trying to recruit or kill me. Just like Guilds and Dark Guilds. Though, Dark Guilds don't get off so easily." Terra said to himself.

"And now, I just wanted to walk out of here without any sort of problems, but you chose to make it. So...yeah." Terra said to her. He then realized something.

"Oh, I just realized it. You're a Fallen Angel. And I just noticed that by now. Huh..." Terra said, taking his own awareness into account calmly. The Fallen Angel, who was still sitting on the ground, had her eye's widened at his statement.

"You just realized that now!?" she shouted out to him. Terra nodded at her, while he scratched his head.

"Yeah. I've been told about you. About how Fallen Angels are in an organization called the Grigori. Gotta say, that is a rather large organization, considering it has your entire race in it." Terra said to her. He then realized something.

"Hey, I've just noticed something. Is there any reason why you want to kill me? Cause I don't remember pissing you off." Terra said to her. She simply glared at him.

"I won't tell you anything, you trash! And how dare you tell me what to do!" Raynare said to him angrily. Terra blinked at her, and looked at the situation they were in right now.

"Lady, are you even looking at the situation you're in right now? Cause I'm standing, and you're sitting on the ground in pain. I'm not really sure about this, but I'm pretty damn sure that the one who is standing can make the decisions...or so I've heard." Terra said to her. She glared at him with pure intent to kill him.

"You little...!" she cursed at him. However, another voice entered the scene.

"Hahaha! He got your ass good there Raynare!" shouted out voice. Terra blinked, and turned his head to the source of the voice. There was another Fallen Angel, but her attire is different. She had blonde hair styled in twin short side ponytails and blue eyes. She wore a Gothic Lolita attire, which was black and had white frills, a large black bow on the front, and a green jewel embedded on the collar, white thigh-high socks, and black shoes. She also wore a large black bow on top of her hair.

Terra simply blinked, seeing this new appearance, and turned to the girl now known as Raynare.

"Friend of yours?" Terra simply asked. Raynare's eyes simply widened at seeing her fellow Fallen Angel appear.

"Yes! Mittelt! Kill him! Kill him for his insolence!" Raynare screeched, as she managed to stand up. Mittelt simply made an annoyed face at her.

"Yeah yeah, don't get your panties in a twist, drama queen." Mittelt said to her in an annoyed tone. She soon produced a spear of light, which was in different shape and color. It was light pink, and the design was more sleek and thinner. She then charged in on him, with spear in hand.

"Sorry, but I don't really hold anything against you. But if I don't listen to Raynare here, she'll just bitch at me." Mittelt told him as she closed in.

"Hey!" Rayanre yelled out to her.

"Earth Dragon's Pillar" was all Terra said, as he stomped his foot into the ground, and caused her to comically crash into the pillar.

"Ah!" Mittelt shouted out in panic and surprise as she crashed into the pillar, and fell to the ground.

"Ow..." Mittelt moaned in pain, as she rubbed her cheek. As Mittelt did, and Terra just standing there watching her sit on the ground, Raynare took the opportunity and produced a Spear of Light in hand.

"Die!" Raynare shouted out, as she attempted to stab him straight in the back. However, all Terra did was just stomp his foot into the ground once more, causing an earth pillar to pop out of the ground and slam into Raynare once more, knocking the air out of here once more. She was then sent flying towards Mittelt, who managed to recover herself. She then saw Raynare falling towards her, and simply side stepped as Raynare fell towards the ground.

As Raynare thudded onto the ground, Terra looked at them with the same plain expression.

"You know, attacking someone on from behind is not really considered a fair thing to do, and considered cowardly." Terra simply said to her. Raynare shakily stood up from the ground, and simply glared at Terra with a lot of hatred. If looks could kill, he was about to be killed 5 times over, and then turned back into the grave.

"You...! You!" Raynare shouted out with rage, with her face forming to a sickly rage. She gave a growl at him.

"Next time we meet, this will be different! With your head underneath my foot!" Raynare shouted out, as she threw her spear in front of Terra, causing the spear to explode, causing smoke to envelop the area. Terra simply raised his arm to shield himself from dust and wind. As soon as it stopped, he soon found that they weren't there anymore.

It looks like the fight was over. Terra looked around his surroundings once more, and couldn't find anyone else there.

"...Well...that happend..." Terra said, completely not bothered by the fact that there was attempted murder on him. He the gave a tired sigh.

"*Sigh*...Might as well get accustomed to this world..." Terra said, as he walked off into the night, and trying to adjust to this new world that he know explores.

And that is a wrap to this chapter! And the beginning of something new!

Terra now met the DxD cast, and fought the two Fallen Angels in a One-Sided battle. What a wonderful way to start of an adventure in the DxD universe.

Also, he actually held back in the fight, and truly didn't fight with his true strength. The power he used was only the small tip of the iceberg.

Terra's OC Profile:

Name: Terra Tachikaze

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Likes: A lot of Food, Earth, and Exploring/Adventuring

Dislikes: Transportation, bitter food, and pointless killing

Personality: Doesn't take things too seriously, but acts serious when the time calls for it; Calm; Mild tempered; Gluttony; a bit insensitive (mostly to trivial problems); non-perverted; sometimes analytical in some situations.

Skills: Earth Dragon Slayer Magic, and possibly a second set of magic (minor)

Power level: S-Class Mage, or High-Class Devil Strength (Currently in this chapter. Might power up later on in the story)


Originating from the Land of Fiore (Fairy Tail), he was taken in by the Earth Dragon of Earthland. Trained and raised under the Dragon, he has learnt Earth Dragon Slayer Magic, a rather powerful form of Earth Magic. But soon, like most dragon slayers, his Dragon, who was like a father to him, has up and left him completely alone. He wondered why he left him alone, saddened by this fact. But he soon wiped away his tears, and soon geared up and was ready to explore Fiore and find his father, and find out why he left him.

The Pairings:

I'm still thinking about it. Since he entered the DxD universe, then it means he'll get an eventual harem.

Spell List:

Earth Dragon's Pillar - Terra simply stomps his foot into the ground, and produces a pillar of earth to impact with the opponent. Though, the spell he used in the fight against Raynare was only a small about of power he put into it. He can actually make it bigger.

Fist of the Earth Dragon - Terra encases his hands and fore arm with earth, or hard stone. Due to his magic, the earth that he makes is as hard as steel, which makes it hard to break. Also add to the fact that Terra can pump in more power into the earth, making it more harder than steel.

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