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Chapter 16: Miyako Arc - Part 1

(Flashback - 7 Years Ago)

Fire. He saw fire everywhere. The crackle and popping sound of wood scorched by the heat entered his ears, black smoke covering the entire night sky, and he felt the blistering heat everywhere.

Terra could only stare in horror as he watched the buildings and homes surrounding him, and the screams of the villagers running away from the danger. Explosions of fire was everywhere, and Terra looked around frantically, trying to see if everyone is safe. Thankfully, everyone managed to make it out, some where injured, but nothing of a serious loss.

However, another explosion occurred nearby, making Terra turn his head towards the source.

"Oh no!" Terra said with widened eyes, as he made his way towards the source.

As he made his way through both fire and wreckage, he found a a villager lying on the floor heavily injured due to the fire. Terra immediately made his way to check on the villager, which is a young woman, and checked on her vitals. Terra sighed in relief, seeing that she isn't too far. However, he grimaced a the state she is in.

"Where is she!?" a voice shouted with an enraged tone. Terra looked up, only to see a bald man wearing a dark robe on him. And he held a staff in his hands. And from the looks of the man, he looked mad and insane.

"Where is that bitch!? I want to pay her back! Make her regret that she ever separated from me!" the man shouted as he looked around.

Terra's body stiffened a bit, before he reached down towards the woman and lifted her up and tried to carry her away. However, just as he took a few steps, his instincts screamed at him as he felt something coming towards him.

"Earth Dragon's Protective Wall!" Terra formed a wall of earth between him and an incoming blast, resulting in an explosion upon impact of his wall. Terra raised an arm to shield himself from the explosive wind, before his eyes widened in alarm when the man finally noticed them.

"Where do you think you're going!?" the man shouted as he raised his staff once more, and magic energy built up at the tip of the staff at a rapid rate, before firing it once more at them.

Terra formed another wall to protect them, and used the opportunity to run away to get the woman to safety. However, his eyes widened when he looked up and found a rain of energy falling towards them. Terra could only brace himself when multiple explosions occurred around him and sent him flying. Terra's body rolled on the floor, all the while coughing heavily upon the smoke around him.

Before Terra could pick himself up, he screamed in pain as he felt someone stomp on his chest heavily.

"Damn brat! You attempted to get her away! Are you one of the bitch's son or something!? HUH!?" the man screamed while continuously stomping on him, while Terra kept giving out noises of pain every stomp he is given. However, Terra put the lasts of his focus as he placed his hand on the floor.

"Earth Dragon's Pillar!" Terra then formed a pillar of earth to slam onto the man's sides, making the man scream in pain while being pushed off. Terra winced to himself as he clutched his upper body, and struggled to pick himself up on the damage he sustained.

"You god damn brat! Shit stains like you should be punished for being so rebellious! So you're grounded...permanently!" the man shouted as he pointed his staff at Terra once more, and blasted magic towards him.

Terra's eyes widened when he barely had enough time to form a wall around him, and it only served to lessen the damage somewhat. His body was sent flying, and he felt himself bounce and roll on the ground.

Terra could only gasp out in pain as he struggled to retain his consciousness, black starting to engulf his vision. The only sight is the man merely sneering at him while backing away from him.

"I'll deal with you last you brat. Right now, I'm going to kill that woman. It's her fault for not obeying my every order." the man said, before he walked towards the downed woman.

"Please...Please no! I'm pregnant! I have a child!"

"You deserve to burn in hell after what you did to me!"

"Did to you...!? You...You abused me! You used me!"

"And you'll continue to do so! But instead, you chose this! You deserve this you bitch!"

"No...please no...!"

Terra could only hear the screams of fear from the woman, and he struggled to stay conscious, wanting to save that woman from the harm. He didn't know what the relationship is between the two, but the man it about to take a life. And he wouldn't allow such pointless killing.

'...C'mon...C'mon...C'mon...need to...stay...strong...!' Terra thought to himself, forcing his body to move, gritting his teeth while at it.

'More...I need...more power...to save...her...!' Terra thought, channeling his magic into his body.

'Power...Power...Power...Power...!' Terra's mind repeated to himself, all the while subconsciously letting the anger enter inside his psyche. He soon felt intense heat around his body, but didn't become bothered in the slightest.

'I need power!' Terra's mind screamed, before a heat inside Terra burst out.


The only thing he could remember was an intense heat around him, his vision going red, the sounds of pained screams, and his consciousness going dark...


Terra's eyes snapped wide open as he jolted up awake. He breathed a bit heavily, and clutched his chest trying to calm his rapidly beating heart. He wiped off the cold sweat on his head, and looked around to see his surroundings.

Currently, he and his group were all sitting in the train, and they were all asleep. On one side, it consisted of five people: him, Yorokobi, Mittelt, Leone, and Shiroe. On the other side of the train is Ragna, Joshua, and Kougyoku. On his left side, he saw Mittelt leaning on him while she was cutely snoring. He sighed as he softly stroked her head, making Mittelt lean in further onto him.

Terra sighed in quiet relief as he slumped back onto his chair, looking a bit tired. His lips trembled a bit while clutching his head.

'...It's just a dream.' Terra thought to himself. '...That's right. Just a dream of a memory...'

Terra slightly narrowed his eyes as he realized something about it.

'...A particular memory that isn't pleasant.' Terra thought to himself, his mind that can still remember that particular day in his past, and continues to remind him what he has done.

Terra then turned to the window, looking at his reflection on it. He could only give a small regretful look on his face.

'...That's right. It was that day...' Terra thought while clenching his fist upon remembering it.

'...I abandoned my ideals.'


After going through the experiences in Yamagata, Terra decided to search at a more scenic location. Seeing how his group is constantly fighting at one location and another, he decided to search for his father at a location where he thought nothing could go possibly wrong. Even though he doesn't mind the events going on around him and even welcomes it, he knew that his group couldn't keep up with him most of the time. So he decided to give them a sort of break while searching.

And that is none other than the Miyako Islands, a rather popular area for enjoy the beach and natural environments all around. The place is a bit isolated from the mainland of Japan, so chances of the supernatural going to that island seemed rather low on Terra's assumptions. Plus, he gets to explore an island while he is at it. It's a win-win for him and everyone on his group.

So now, Terra and his group of friends were now on a ferry that was on a trip to the Miyako Islands.

"Amazing...! I never knew the ocean of this world is so pretty and vast!" Kougyoku said with amazement in her eyes as she leaned forward on the rails to see the vast blue ocean around her. The Angel next to her merely nodded at her.

"Hm hm hm. Indeed. I remember when Father has formed this world from nothing but water. Looking at this reminds me of our Father's creation." Joshua merely stated with a knowing tone.

"I have to admit, being out here is a rather nice change compared to the stuffy labs in the Grigori." Mittelt commented.

"Have a change of scenery is rather nice after being stuck in home after such a long time." Leone agreed.

"So much water...!" Yorokobi said in awe.

Shiroe was busy looking through the travel brochures to know what they're going to see at the Miyako Islands, Ragna merely lied on a lounge chair while crossing his arms and closing his eyes, not looking a bit interested in seeing the ocean. Terra, on the other hand, just had a distant look on his face as he stared out into the ocean. Kougyoku noticed his look and merely tugged on his sleeve.

"Terra? Are you alright?" Kougyoku asked, making Terra snap out of his look.

"Oh, I'm alright. I sort of lost myself with the ocean view." Terra said while chuckling.

"Oh, I see. Well, I'm kind of curious Terra. Why on earth would you think you would find your father here?" Kougyoku asked with a curious tone.

"Meh, I just go where the wind takes me. And I was in the mood to explore islands." Terra answered with a shrug, making Kougyoku sweat drop at his answer.

"I-I see..." Kougyoku said.

"Well, since we're going to explore islands, you know what that means, right?" Leone said as she ringed her arm around Terra's shoulder.

"What is it?" Terra asked.

"The beach!" Leone chirped as she scooted herself a bit closer to Terra while giving him a sly look. "You know what that means? We're all going to be in swimming suits!" Leone told him, trying to at least have Terra imagine them (specifically her), in bathing suits.

"Ah, you're right." Terra said with recognition, and then nodded. "Who knows? We might have to go underwater to search for clues. Who on earth would go in the water with their regular clothes on?" Terra said while chuckling.

Both Mittelt and Leone gave him flat looks when he heard his rather dense answer, Shirou held back a chuckle, Ragna face palmed, Kougyoku looked confused as well, and Joshua gave an amused look towards Terra.

"I swear, your denseness is going to be the death of me..." Mittelt muttered as she rubbed her temples.

"What was that?" Terra asked, looking confused.


(Miyako Island - Secluded Location)

In a secluded part of the island lied a figure on beach towel while sunbathing, content with the situation at hand.

"Ah~! This is the best!" a voice moaned with content and relaxation. "Nothing beats being on a tropical beach with tropical waters, and also note the nice sun rays." the voice said, before making some grunts to make some stretches.

"Being up their with the others is fine and all, but sometimes someone like me deserves some R&R. And sometimes, my brother can sometimes work us to the bone. But enough of that!" the voice said with an energetic tone, before standing up.

"I'm on vacation! And I better enjoy it to the fullest!" the voice shouted out with energy, before going a bit quiet.

"But...I honestly don't have any clue what to do here other than relaxing. Is there something to do here?" the voice said with a wondering tone.

Before the figure could ponder on what to do, the ear picked up a faint sound.

"...Hm? What was that?" the voice said while turning to the source of the noise.

(Another Location)

Heavy breathing and panting was made as a young woman was struggling to stand up. She hissed in pain as she held onto a tree while holding onto her leg.

"Curses all to Hades...!" the young woman cursed as she kept struggling to get away. "I needeth to hie, ere that bastard catcheth up!"

Ignoring the pain as best as she could, she forced herself to move further on, hoping to escape her pursuers.


"Well well, seems like the traitor has nowhere left to run, and your most proud "speed" has reached its end. Well, this makes thing a lot more easier!" a voice with a cocky tone called out.

The young woman lets in a sharp intake of air, and her head snapped towards the source of the voice. Her eyes soon saw a gigantic fist coming in towards her.


(Miyako Island Port)

"Wow...! This island is a lot more amazing when you're on it!" Terra said with amazement as he eagerly looked around the area around him.

The main and largest island of the Miyako Islands is Miyako-jima, has every tropical quality that anyone could expect. The warm atmosphere, the cool breeze, pure white sand, sparkling blue waters, and the sound of seagulls' cries ringing through the air. All these qualities perfectly make up the dream vacation spot that anyone is hoping. But for Terra and his group, it seems that it will partly come true.

"Amazing...! This place is so amazing compared to the books I've read!" Kougyoku said with similar amazement as Terra's as she looked around with sparkles in her eyes.

"Makes me wish I had a vacation here..." Mittelt muttered, before she went into a thoughtful look. "Maybe after this whole mess, I could finally get a vacation. Sounds pretty nice."

"While it sounds rather nice, we must not forget why we are here in the first place." Shiroe reminded everyone.

"I highly doubt we'll find an overgrown lizard here." Ragna muttered while looking a bit bored.

"Aw cheer up Ragna! Can't always be Mr. Broody pants all the time." Leone said while patting Ragna on the back.

"Piss off."

"Oh my, such a crass language. And here I thought all vampires were quite dignified." Joshua said while giving out his what Ragna calls his "prissy" smile.

"Shut up prissy boy." Ragna replied with an annoyed tone.

"Oh my..." Joshua said with amusement.

"Alright, alright everyone, settle down." Terra said to everyone while clapping his hands together, getting their attention. "Now, I understand that all of you are expecting to go on a search for my old man on these islands. That is true. However, I can tell you this. After we've expected some unexpected events-"

[No doubt.] everyone responded, knowing the experiences they went through. Terra didn't really take in their responses, and just continued while giving out a small grin.

"-I've decided that we'll do the search at a more slower pace. After we're done with our searches for the entire day, we can enjoy the rest of our afternoon on this island. What do you say?" Terra told everyone, making Mittelt brighten upon this.

"R-Really!? We can actually relax...I mean, actually relax on after this?" Mittelt asked with an excited tone. Terra simply nodded at her. She then pumped her fist in succession.

"Well this is a rather nice change in pace. What brought this on Terra?" Shiroe asked while pushing up his glasses. Terra merely shrugged.

"Well, after all the stuff I put you guys through, I figured I'd give you a break before we go into even more events in the future." Terra told him, making Shiroe sweatdrop at Terra's words.

'You mean we're going to face even more trouble in the future?' Shiroe thought while being a bit troubled by it. However, it seems Terra didn't notice Shiroe's troubled air around him.

"Hold on a second." Leone spoke up, raising her hand to get the group's attention. "How are we getting our lodgings? If I remember correctly, hotels at islands like these cost a fortune, especially with all eight of us." Leone pointed out. Terra merely gave a grin as he reached into his backpack and brought out eight tickets.

"Oh, that's easy. Back in Yamagata, Ventus and I won these tickets off of some lottery during the festival. We both won five tickets, and Ventus gave me three of hers since she wanted to keep two. I wonder why though..." Terra said while scratching his chin, much to Mittelt's ire and the interest of Leone.

'Wait, that bimbo planned on taking Terra with her to this resort!?' Mittelt thought with indignation.

'Wow, point one to Ventus.' Leone thought while impressed.

It was unknown to them, however, that Terra knew exactly why Ventus kept those two tickets. He decided to keep quiet about it, since he thought that his love life was not really his friends' business or interest.

If only he knew.

Not noticing the air around the two blondes, Terra turned his attention towards the island before him. He then pounded his fist against his palm.

"Yosh! Now that we're here, let's go explore the island!" Terra told his friends.


It was decided that they'll split up into groups, and have each group explore a particular island of the Miyako Islands.

Terra decided that he and Yorokobi will go together to the Irabu Island, second largest island of the Miyako Islands. He decided to pair Mittelt, Joshua, and Kougyoku together in a group and have them explore one of the outer islands named Minna. Shiroe, Leone, and Ragna will go together explore Kurima island, one of the closest islands near Miyako itself.

Terra hummed to himself as he walked along the forest trail of Irabu, looking around while taking in the tropical nature of the island. Terra took in a deep breath of the air, and exhaled in contentment.

"Ah~...exploring islands is one of best explorations in the list. And I'm enjoying every single moment." Terra said with an enjoyed expression.

"All these flours smell nice~!" Yorokobi breathed out in refreshment while sniffing the flowers nearby.

"Tell me about it. The nature and fauna here is so clean and fresh compared to the cities we've gone to." Terra said, before he made his way deeper into the island, which had tall trees all around. Yorokobi followed in a casual pace.

Terra then decided to take another deep breath of fresh air, expecting another whiff of crisp air and the scent of nature. However, something unexpected hit his nose.

"Hm?" Terra made a confused noise, and sniffed the air once more, focusing on the details.

"Wait, this is...explosions and blood?" Terra muttered, before he turned his head towards the right. Yorokobi made a confused look, but looked a bit surprised when Terra broke out into a sprint.

"Where are you going Terra!?" Yorokobi exclaimed while spreading his wings.

Terra didn't respond as he made his way through the trees. Jumping and waving through them, he leaped off of a branch and into a small trench. Landing in it, he looked around, and his eyes widened a bit when he saw someone.

It appeared to be a young woman clad in verdant green. She appeared to have cold, sharp eyes containing a beastly glint. Her long forest green hair is stretched out long and unkempt, and it is completely lacking in the silkiness, even among average woman. She almost looked like some form of girl who was meant to be raised in nature.

She gave shallow breaths while leaning onto the trench walls, and the light in her eyes were barely staying in. She looked forward as she looked at Terra, and her body trembled a bit. She didn't even bother saying anything, but stumbled forward and tripped on a rock.

As her body fell forward, Terra caught her in his arms and gave a slightly troubled look.

"Aw crap, this isn't good..." Terra muttered while looking at the young woman's condition. She had cuts, bruises, and blood stains all over her body. It's as if she just got out of some intense battle that nearly costed her life.

"Whatever she's been through, she needs help..." Terra muttered, before looking around. "I wonder if this island has any herbs that can heal the body. Better yet, I could really use Shiroe's potions..." Terra told himself.

"Terra! What happened!?" Yorokobi called out to him as he flew towards Terra, and his eyes widened in surprise to see a green haired woman unconcious in his arms. "Who is that?" Yorokobi asked while worried about the young woman's condition.

"Questions for later Yorokobi. Right now, we need some..." Terra said, before his ears picked up something. He looked behind him, only to see missile like energies launching towards him.

"...Well that ain't good."


Kurima Island wasn't as full of plant life like Irabu, but it did have nice long beaches and some flat lands and elevated lands to go around on. It also had a nice town around at one edge of the island.

Currently, Ragna, Shiroe, and Leone were looking around at the opposite edge of the island, and were standing at the edge of the beach, standing on the ground before the sand.

"This is honestly the weirdest spots to search for a dragon..." Ragna commented while looking around the beach. "I mean, what kind of dragon will come here of all places?"

"Who knows? I doesn't hurt to try. Besides, this is a place that is nice to explore and look through." Leone told him with a grin.

"That's partly it." Shiroe said while nodding. "Terra understood that he must have put us through some rather intense actions as of late. He decided to slow down the search pace, and allow us to give us a breather once we're done on this island. Plus, Terra is an adventurist at heart, so he'll want to explore the islands while we're at it." Shiroe explained to Ragna, making Ranga merely grunt at this.

"I guess..." Ragna merely responded. It was then Leone patted Ragna on the back while holding up her optimistic attitude.

"Oh cheer up and enjoy the sun Ragna...wait, that came out wrong, you're a Damphir." Leone said with recognition, making Ragna look at her with eyebrow's ticking.

"Just because I'm a Damphir, it doesn't mean you have to be careful with me. I couldn't care less about race jokes, unless it involves me in it." Ragna told her with an irked tone.

"Got it, got it." Leone said while gesturing him to calm down. "What I mean is that you shouldn't always be so serious all the time Ragna. I understand that you want to get revenge on the old Maou, but you shouldn't put all of your energy and time into finding them. That will make things honestly boring if you ask me. So why not take a few breaks once and a while?" Leone suggested.

"You say it like it is so easy..." Ragna said with a deadpanned look on his face, before he just sighed and turned around, and began walking away. "Don't worry about me. I know what I'm doing." Ragna told them as he walked away.

"Geez, Ragna really wants to get his revenge..." Leone commented as she watched Ragna walk away from them.

"Give him some space Leone. I'm sure Ragna has been through a lot. I know it'll take some time and effort to get to him, but right now, we should keep this pace. It's good enough that he is with the group and not alone most of the time." Shiroe told her.

"I know. But honestly, Ragna can be a bit too broody..." Leone told him.

"But at least it's not enough to be much of a bother...at least." Shiroe told her.

"I guess..." Leone said while crossing her arms underneath her bust, before she caught a particular scent in the air. "...Hm? What's that smell?"

"What smell?" Shiroe asked.

"It smells like...boar?" Leone said, a bit confused on that particular scent.

"Boar? I didn't know that this island had-" Shiroe said, but was soon cut off by a large noise.


A loud roar run through the air as Shiroe and Leone covered their ears from such an earth rumbling noise, and turned their heads towards the source. Their eyes widened when some giant monster literally popped out of the ground, sending debris everywhere. It stomped on the earth, causing tremors to be felt everywhere. The giant monster came in form of a boar with dark fur with purple patterns all around it. It had golden wild eyes and dark tusks that looked sharp enough to pierce through anything.

"What the-!?" Leone cried out in surprise, stepping back in surprise. "Since when did these islands have this!?" Leone exclaimed in surprise.

"Whatever it is, it's clearly on a rampage!" Shiroe said, summoning his staff. "Leone, is that some form of youkai native?"

"No! I know all the youkai by heart, and I have never seen a youkai in this form!" Leone told him, her lion ears and tail coming out of her body, and her hair grew longer and wild.

"I see...wait, where is Ragna!?" Shiroe said, realizing that Ragna went to that particular spot.

"YOU! HAVE! GOT! TO! BE! SHITTING! ME!" a familiar voice yelled out to the two, and both Half-God and Youkai looked up towards the source of the voice. Their eyes widened when they saw Ragna literally riding top of the boar, and looked like he was in some kind of rodeo.

"...Found him." Leone told him while sweat dropping at Ragna's luck.

"Indeed we did..." Shiroe muttered while sweat dropping as well.

"Will you idiots stop staring and help me kill this stupid pig!?"


The island Minna is one of the small islands that make up the Miyako Island. While being small, it was known for its nice lagoons that it has. Currently, the members of the Three Factions were on the beach while looking around their surroundings.

"I highly doubt we'll find any dragons on this island..." Mittelt commented with a dry tone while kicking away a pebble and into the waters.

"Well, we might find clues in the most unexpected places, so it doesn't hurt to look." Joshua commented while looking closely at the plants before him, seemingly more interested in looking closely at it rather than looking for clues for a dragon.

"The atmosphere is so fresh compared to the Underworld..." Kougyoku commented to herself, before she turned around and looked out towards the ocean. "Hey guys..."

"Yeah?" Mittelt asked.

"Do you feel like...something is going on with the others?" Kougyoku asked.

"Hm? Now that you mentioned it..." Joshua commented, and turned his head towards the same direction Kougyoku is facing. "I did feel a faint pulse of some...divine energy of sorts." Joshua commented.

"...Aw shit." Mittelt quietly cursed to herself, before she face palmed.

"I knew this was too good to be true..." Mittelt muttered. "I'm REALLY starting to hate Terra's dragon affinity. Stupid dragons and their attractions for power..." Mittelt muttered bitterly as she stomped away while spreading out her wings.

"I'm starting to wonder what Mittelt went through..." Joshua said with a curious look.

"Me neither. But we should probably go check it out. We've searched this island enough." Kougyoku said to him.

"True. Flying to another island won't take us too long..." Joshua commented.

(Another Location)

"...What is this...? Why am I picking up such a familiar feeling around the island? Back at those days..." the voice muttered in surprise.

The person of the voice could only wonder and become confused on what is going on. In a short mere moments, the person has begun sensing a large energy burst out of nowhere, as well as picking up two familiar things that are around. It's almost like something has come back from the past and made its way towards the present.

"...I better go check it out..." the person said with a focused tone, and took a step forward. However, the person soon stopped when tremors were made in the ground. The person was confused, feeling this.

"An earthquake...?" the person muttered with confusion, before the person screamed out in surprise when a hand popped straight out of the ground.

When the hand popped out, the ground soon began to give away, and soon formed a hole big enough for a person to come in or out. The person stared in surprise when Terra came out of the hole while holding another person in his other arm, and Yorokobi holding onto his shoulder.

"Whew, that was a close one..." Terra muttered to himself, not noticing the bystander. "The explosions just didn't stop. And with her being injured, running in the surface is not a smart idea..." Terra commented, before he looked at the injured woman with a concerned look.

"Enough of that, now I need to get her fixed before..." Terra said to himself, before he noticed the person before him, who just kept staring at him with widened eyes.

The person appears to be a little girl or a teen. This female figure had a small frame of 4' 7''. She has roundish blue eyes and light-black hair tied into two twin tails. Her hair reaches down to her mid thigh. The two twin tails are held up by bows that resemble white and blue flower petals and two rectangular "bell" shaped ornaments. And for some reason, despite her small frame, she has unusually large breasts for her frame. She currently wore a white bikini with blue outlines, and a pair of white flip-flops.

The two kept staring at each other in silence, before Terra just blinked at her.

"Urm...you wouldn't happen to know a medic nearby, would you?"


Surprisingly enough, the young girl seems to have accepted Terra and him popping out of the ground with an injured woman in his arms and led the three to her vacation home, which is a wooden lodge with a nice hearth built.

The injured woman was lying in the bed provided by the young girl, while the girl held some sort of golden liquid in a small cup. The young girl then tipped the drink into the woman's lips, allowing the golden liquid to enter her mouth. Terra blinked in surprise when the small amount of golden liquid seems to have healed her wounds in a fast pace.

"...Honestly, what brought her into this state?" the girl asked herself while giving a worried look towards the now healed woman, before she turned to Terra with a raised eyebrow.

"Do you know how she got into this state?" the girl asked. Terra shook his head.

"No clue. I just found her injured while I was walking around the place." Terra told her. The girl frowned as she looked towards the woman in bed.

"I see..." the woman muttered. It was then Terra gave her a curious look.

"You know, you seem to accept the fact that I just popped out of the ground with my good buddy Yorokobi-" Terra said while jabbing his thumb to a waving Yorokobi, "-and you just fed her some kind of liquid, which I'm also curious of. So I'm going to assume you're well aware of the supernatural?" Terra asked. The girl then gave a small sly smile as she heard this.

"Well, you can say that." the girl said, before she offer a small smile towards Terra. "Based on what I saw, can I say that you're a Magician?"

"Yeah, you're right on that one." Terra said while offering a grin. "The name is Terra Tachikaze, Earth Dragon Slayer Mage."

"Oh my, that is quite an impressive title." the girl said with an impressed tone, before she stood up and offered a kind smile.

"Well then, since you've introduced yourself, I suppose it is appropriate that I should as well." the girl said, and the fire within the hearth brightened more.

"My name is Hestia, Goddess of Greek Mythology."

And thus begins the Miyako arc!

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