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Since I have writer's block and a lot of homework left, I decided to make a story where my main OC, Kamiko, is living with Vongola 1st generation. This is part of a big series I plan on making soon, so this is like a preview.

Anyways~ Enjoy!

P.S. There's cursing, (G)

There Was a Spider



The poor guardians and boss came running full speed towards my bedroom, dismissing their no-so-important meeting.

It was hell when they saw me.

Face flushed, I wave at them with a grin, ignoring my half destroyed room.

"Yo, Giotto! How are you doing?" I asked cheerfully, earning a glare from that damned G.

"Woman. You better explain what happened to us," he snapped, pointing at the destroyed items in my room.

I glared at him.

"There was a spider in my room so I went mode attacco, but it escaped."

I earned multiple looks from the guardians.

"I loved that teacup..." Alaude muttered, looking at a broken teacup on the floor.

"That painting was my favorite one," Daemon said, his fingers twitching as he stared at a ripped painting.

"My plant..."

"My vase..."


"The Bible!"

I started to pale.

"That mirror..." Giotto whispered, making me wince.


Crap! Crap! Crap!

"Uhh..." I blinked nervously, secretly hoping this is only a dream. "I'm sorry?"


G's words were making me feel more guilty.

As if I don't feel guilty enough.

Alaude came up to me and cuffed both of my hands.

"You are arrested for destroying my teacup," he stated with an unusual cold tone and begin dragging me to god-knows-where.

"W-wait! Wait! A-alaude! I can fix everything in my room!" I shouted, trying to back away from him and the dark aura he was emitting.

He could be a blond Satan.

But! That's not the point right now. What's more important is my life.

Maybe my life isn't that important. No matter how I die in a parallel world, my main soul is still in my world. That way, I can be revive over and over again, but it might get harder and harder, and it might take more time for me to wake up.

It's a completely different story when another parallel world creator kills me.

I actually die for real.

Anyways, back to reality.

"If you can fix it," G's voice was unnaturally small. "THEN FIX IT RIGHT NOW, SHIT ASS WOMAN!"

I would be deaf soon. R.I.P my ears.

G is really angry. I can tell. Giotto was kneeling over the broken pieces of his mirror, crying anime tears.

I don't really feel bad, but that's my sadist side.

It was all the spider's fault!

[ "stupid humans, always blaming others," a little brown spider said, dangling from a string in a corner. "But she's not completely human. I have to check on that." ]

"Ok, ok, I'll fix it."

Alaude release the cuffs on my hands.

Sighing, I walk towards the broken mirror and slash myself with a knife. I let my blood dripped on it, and after a few drops, the mirror glowed and returned back to normal.

I repeat the process over again with the others.

After I finish repairing, I wrapped the cut on my arm, wincing every time the cut was touched.

I ignored the happy cheers from the guardians and flopped down on my bed. Closing my eyes, I relaxed and fell asleep.

I didn't even feel the kiss on my forehead, or that someone tuck me in my bed.

I had a nightmare that because of all the cursing from G.

Who did you think kissed her forehead and tuck her in?

*Hint hint: It wasn't Alaude.*

I wrote this on another website, so I just copy and paste, but it turned out wrong so I retyped it.