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BOOM! "We're hit!" Yelled Shen with extreme worry in her voice, the left engine of the ship had been completely torn off.

"How are we still in the air!" Shen once again yelled trying to get response from her ghost,

her worry grew when instead of speaking, it just hurriedly fixed the damage inside the cockpit.

"Ghost!" she yelled directly at him, "Speak to me! Damage reports anything!"

Her ghost reluctantly started to speak, "The warp drive is severely damaged, the main ship hull is breached, we're leaking fuel, the ships going down."

Shen stared blankly at him. He had given up.

"Is there anything we could do with any chance of survival?" Shen asked frantically hoping for a way out of this mess.

"We could make a blind jump, but with the warp drive so damaged we could end up anywhere,"

"whats the chance of survival?" Shen asked hopefully, hopeful that this wouldn't be the end. She had faced enormous odds and come out on top fearlessly. But when all that was about to end, she felt fear. True primal fear, ready to jump at any chance of survival.

"There is a 0.01005679% chance that the warp drive won't implode and kill us, and if that doesn't happen there is a 0.0000000067482% chance the ship won't collapse in on itself from the pressure of hyperspace, so over all there is a 0.0000000000671009338% chance of survival, but those are the best odds by far out of all our choices." Her ghost replied in a worried voice,

"Do it." Shen said sternly as more Fallen ships engaged them,

Shen prayed to the traveler that they would survive against all odds, the last second, she thought she saw a light coming from the Last City, maybe it wouldn't be the end after all.

Shen didn't have time to ponder that as they shot out of hyperspace and into a huge raging battle. The ship was still a couple thousand feet up, but the battle was still clearly way behind in technological prowess.

"Ghost! where are we!" Shen shouted still staring at the medieval battle below,

"No idea! Its not on any maps, we're somewhere out in uncharted space, but a quick scan using the last of our power suggests level 4 technological advances, or the medieval era in human history."

"Well, i probably shouldn't use my gun too much, if i can't refill on ammo, but maybe there will still be ammo drops from dead enemies."

"Hopefully, but for now ill try and steer the ship away from the masses of people," her ghost replied as the ship came into controlled dive away from the battle,

"we'll have to eject at the last mome-" her ghost stopped as it stared out the window,

"What are those," it asked as Shen turned towards where Ghost was looking, two massive beasts were locked in combat. On closer inspection they were revealed to be just larger than an ogre and had people on there backs. Shen could look no longer as her ghost ejected her and the ship crashed into the ranks of the ones in red.